Saturday, December 15, 2012

“My wife instantaneously phased home and left me by a broken down car in the middle of nowhere.”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter Two)


I stayed up until dawn because I knew if I went to bed, I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep.  So I busied myself by doing laundry and cleaning out my backpack before storing it away in the attic.

For comfort food, I cracked open a jar of Nutella.  I curled up on the couch, spooning out the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread as I ate it straight.  Heart-aching moments like these made it a bitch not being able to drink alcohol so over the years I found replacements; like eating or hot scented bubble baths or loud music to temporarily deafen my sorrows. 

Tonight called for all three.  After I ate the whole jar of Nutella, I turned the music up even louder then I headed upstairs for the hot scented bubble bath.

By 4 AM as the sun came up, I finally felt tired enough to go to bed. Sleeping in daylight has never bothered me since hunting the night of a full moon, it was the custom for the tribe’s Werewolves to sleep in late.  When my eyes opened again, Declan’s digital clock read as 11.34 AM.

I didn’t bother to brush my hair after putting on some old ‘around the house’ clothes.  Instead, I traipsed downstairs and into the kitchen to make some scrambled eggs on toast.  Once the dirty dishes were stowed inside the dishwasher, I set up shop at the coffee table in the lounge room.  I turned on my laptop as I began to organize my next presentation on the topic of, ‘Female Deities in Ancient Mythology: Early Expectations On Women’. 

At 4 PM as I was writing up the section on ‘Goddesses of Fertility’, suddenly my front door swung open with the appearance of my husband.

I was sitting calmly on a cushion on the floor with my un-brushed hair, doing work.  Declan stormed into the lounge area and glared my way in fury.  I could tell he was expecting an apology or something with his demanding eyes, but I ignored him by returning to work. 

He dropped his backpack loudly onto the wooden floor as he stood over my position.  Still I ignored him, as I picked up my glass of root beer and drank from it.  Then casually, I continued typing up comparisons between Demeter, Isis and the Virgin Mary.

“Hi Declan, you’re home early from your six week holiday aren’t you?”  He cried out sarcastically as he began to have a two-way conversation with himself.  “Yeah, I was left stranded in China.  Oh really, why was that?  My wife instantaneously phased home and left me by a broken down car in the middle of nowhere.  Declan, that’s terrible!  Tell me about it!  I had to wait an hour by myself until the mechanic in his repair vehicle appeared and then I had to help him replace ALL of the frickin’ tyres when his motorized jack broke!  Then I had to drive to Leshan instead of to Yushu which was another long drive so I could catch the first available flight to Juneau.  From Juneau, I flew to Fairbanks, where I had to get another frickin’ rental car.  I RUSHED here so I wouldn’t be away from my mate for 24 hours, who ABANDONED me in a frickin’ foreign country!” 

I didn’t look up nor did I pause with my typing.  The enraged European Werewolf turned around to stalk upstairs.  I listened to him go into our bedroom when I overheard further furious snarling.  Then he stomped back down the staircase whilst holding up my mobile phone which was still switched off.

“B, I would like to introduce you to the 23rd Century mobile phone.  It was advertised when we bought it, ‘that the self-recharging battery in this model of phone means that you never run out of power and with our world-wide coverage, you’re never out of range’.”  He continued sarcastically.  “Now let’s just get this clear so we’re both on the same page here; you’re supposed to leave your phone switched on let alone on you at all times, so you don’t give your husband a frickin’ heart attack when he tries to call you over thirty times after you ABANDONED in a frickin’ foreign country!”

I closed my eyes as I inhaled and exhaled loudly, whilst trying to keep my cool.

He continued to rant; “And it’s nice to see you sulking with your bed-hair showing that you at least got some sleep in the last twelve hours as for me, it’s been two days since I slept a wink!  If I’m not staying up all night in our hotel keeping watch in case we’re attacked by Asian Werewolves; it’s me being ABANDONED in a frickin’ foreign country!”


Saturday, December 1, 2012

I was so angry that I noticed my hands were shaking.

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


Abruptly, I disappeared in a flash of light before I reappeared in another, inside my bedroom for a second time that night.

I dropped my backpack onto our Queen-sized bed then I carried my sword over to its sheath which was lying on the floor.  Once it was encased, I returned the two together to my wardrobe.  The master bedroom was dark, but the familiar smells were welcoming.

Our two-bedroom home was a small, two-story, dark brown painted, wooden house with a stone chimney and a front veranda.  We had a European style garden with a gravel driveway and a separate garage.  Inside the house, our furniture was predominantly constructed of pine in country style, except for our sleigh bed or the red, over-stuffed, suede couches in the living room.

I was so angry that I noticed my hands were shaking.  But to get my mind off things, I turned on my bedside lamp and then the Internet Radio feature in Declan’s digital clock.  I blasted my ears with loud music whilst I unpacked. 

Alanis Morissette played, as I separated my clothes into the clean and dirty.  I put away the clean clothes but the dirty clothes I dropped into my laundry basket.  Lastly, I picked up the basket to take down to the laundry, when my mobile phone started to ring. 

Whilst carrying the basket on one arm, I fished my phone out of my pocket with my other.   Declan’s name appeared on my screen and in a temper, I switched it off and slammed it down on top of the tallboy!  It almost broke but I continued on with what was doing.

He can go to hell… or remain in China alone for all I care.  I didn’t even mind that we’d be apart for longer than twelve hours.  It’s not like I was leaving him in danger.  I had seen to his safety, which was what really pissed me off about his behaviour tonight. 

Declan’s always shaking his head and telling me that I behave too much like a ‘Light Person’.  When I thought I heard the voice of the Lokoti Wolf, my people’s spirit guide, talk through me again tonight?   I thought that was what I did do, behave like a Lokoti Werewolf to ensure my mate’s safety.  I didn’t care if a foreign breed now knew that I couldn’t have kids!  It certainly wasn’t a secret around here.

I saw the quiet pity in my tribe’s eyes whenever they looked my way.  But that was nothing to what I heard instead.  Once with my supernatural hearing, I picked up whilst shopping in the supermarket in Alma, two women whisper behind my back.  They weren’t Lokoti but they were used to seeing me around.

“She’s definitely had work done, how else does she stay looking like that?”  Bitch One hissed.

“She may be pretty but I heard from Shana that she can’t have kids. I guess looks aren’t everything after all.”  Bitch Two gloated.

Afterwards, I refused to go grocery shopping off tribal lands for twelve months, although I didn’t tell Declan why.  Usually I enjoyed the experience of visiting the supermarket in Alma.  The huge shelves and the wide range of choice they offered, seemed like a special treat to one who has memories of when food was a precious commodity after the War.   My husband knew this, which is why he couldn’t understand when I either refused to shop with him or I started ordering our groceries online, to be delivered instead.

I sensed that the Asian Werewolves who were low on females, wouldn’t want one who couldn’t breed for them.  So what was sharing this fact with a bunch of sniffing strangers, for the safety of my mate and tribe?  And Declan has the gall to act like HE was the one who was insulted tonight…?  Screw that for a joke!


Friday, November 16, 2012

This disturbed me, I didn’t want my mate to be known in the supernatural world as a cannibal.

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


I walked over to our rental car and opened the boot to put my sword inside.  While I was there, I opened up my backpack and took out a towel and a bottle of water.   Next, I opened the passenger’s side door and sat down on the seat to put my shoes and socks on again.  Lastly, I pulled on my zip-up sweater over my torn t-shirt.

When I stood up again, I noticed that Declan hadn’t moved.   He was still standing in front of the car and his huge, hulking, hairless form looked intimidating in the headlights.  He was growling hungrily at the night, like he was hoping that the Asian Werewolves would return.  This disturbed me, as I didn’t want my mate to be known in the supernatural world as a cannibal. 

I approached him with the towel which I began to dampen with my bottle of water.   I held out the wet material, “here.”   My husband turned his beastly head my way, as his glowing green eyes narrowed.  I said casually to hide my knotting stomach, “to wash the blood off.” 

Declan shrunk back into his naked human body, to use his hands to take the towel and wipe himself clean. 

As I walked a little away, I looked about at the sliced open or half-eaten bodies of the Asian Werewolves which were lying around. 

To my surprise, they simply looked like a bunch of dead wolves on the ground.  They didn’t revert to their human bodies when they died, like the other breeds did.  Oh well, at least we wouldn’t have to explain the carcasses of dead humans to the mechanic, when they show up in their repair vehicle.

My mate walked past as he went over to the car for his clothes.  He didn’t look my way nor did he speak, as he dressed.  Then he moved to sit inside the vehicle to use the rear-view mirror to check his mouth and face and make sure that he had removed all traces of blood.

I sensed he was angry about something, actually he was infuriated about it!  So much so, it kept his bloodlust burning inside.  What was he angry about?  Was he pissed off that he didn’t get to eat the other thirty Asian Werewolves?  I watched him through the windscreen, as he wiped off the last of the blood on his hands and especially around his nails.  I sensed he was deliberately not looking in my direction. 

Oh, was he angry with me?  Why?  What did I do?  I just removed a vendetta against us by a breed of Werewolf which was known to never give up! 

Next, he shut the car door as he sat back into the driver’s seat.  He switched off the internal light and I watched him close his eyes and take several deep breaths to calm himself.  Warily, I walked over to the passenger’s door to climb in.  Once I was seated, I shut the door again to keep out the cold night air.

The silence in the car was palpable as Declan opened his eyes to stare angrily out the windscreen.  The road before us was littered with our fallen enemy, whose silvery-grey coats almost shined in the car’s headlights.  I caught him growl again under his breath, as he looked on the carcasses.  After two minutes, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“OK Declan, what is it?”  I looked on demandingly. 

Silence… He kept his lips pursed together whilst sitting in a tense manner as he refused to look my way.

“What’s wrong?”  I asked, annoyed.  “Are you angry that I interrupted your feeding frenzy?  Well guess what, I don’t know how many of them there were, but we were fighting more than one clan tonight.  If we had beaten that thirty then they would have come back with forty, then fifty and maybe even sixty as they pulled in the other clans.  We were becoming a vendetta to these people and they DON’T give up!”

“Don’t you think that I KNOW all of this, B?!”  He shouted, which made me look on in surprise.  “Don’t you frickin’ get it?  I was fighting for YOU tonight!  I was fighting for my mate!  I was fighting for your honour!” 

My stomach sank as I stared at my husband in shock.  He was truly upset that I had put a stop to his ‘defending’.  I thought his primitive bloodlust was so behind the times, it didn’t appreciate that his female stopped their attackers rather than him. 

Then I caught him glance my way in disgust before he vehemently bit out, “If a male yelled out what you said about yourself tonight, I would have shoved my claw down his throat and ripped out his still-beating heart!  You shouted out to your possible rapists that they shouldn’t want you because you’re barren like you were some common -”

But he stopped himself here as he looked away whilst blinking hard.

Like I was a common what…?  A common prostitute?  Hang on, prostitutes aren’t barren, or not that I’d heard anyways.  Why, was it a common trait for women who couldn’t have children, to become prostitutes?  Maybe I’ve been hidden away in my nice, little, safe world on tribal lands for too long…

“Like a common prostitute?”  I bit out.  “You think I yelled out that I was barren like I was a common prostitute or something?  Why do you think prostitutes are barren?”

Before I gave him the chance to answer, I swung open my door and hopped out.  I slammed it shut and walked around to the back of the car.  I popped open the boot so I could pull out my backpack and sword.  Then I slammed the boot closed, slung the backpack over my shoulder and carried the sword in my left hand.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?!”  Declan was quick to jump out.

“Excuse me, I think there’s a barren prostitute’s convention in Las Vegas that I’m due to make an appearance at.”  I said coolly.

I had to blink fast to try to hide my watering eyes, coupled with the sensation of my heart splitting into two.

“Don’t be stupid B -”

But I didn’t give him the chance to finish his sentence, when I instantaneously phased home to Alaska. 



Thursday, November 1, 2012

Through the darkness, I saw with my glowing turquoise eyes, the arrival of thirty more male Asian Werewolves.

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


I sensed Declan was battling to retain his control on the bloodlust, which made me stand a safe distance.  I wasn’t afraid of him turning on me, but I was wary of being knocked aside as soon as our enemy resurfaced.  After five minutes of standing there, I realized that my mate wasn’t trying to calm himself; instead he was waiting for them to come back.  I even caught his stomach rumble.

Frickin’ hell, was this fight going to go on ALL night?  How many Asian Werewolves were there in this part of China anyways?!  I just had to ask that, because I soon got my answer…

Through the darkness, I saw with my glowing turquoise eyes the arrival of thirty more male Asian Werewolves. 

What is this, tit-for-tat?  At first we beat off ten, then we fought twenty and now they’re coming back with thirty…?  Where the hell are they all coming from?!

Then my sense of smell detected some slight differences about these new Asian Werewolves - that they didn’t all smell alike.  I realized we were dealing with more than one clan here.  But they didn’t smell like Hsu’s clan, which was one small relief.  If they had, then we’d have thought that this whole thing had been a set up.

Declan roared threateningly at the new arrivals, who looked on with their glowing white eyes and tiny black pupils.  Next, they started to spread out to encircle us again.  Maybe that’s their plan, to keep fighting with their greater speed and numbers until they’ve exhausted us?

This made me remember something in the SSIT Report on our foe;  There are stories of human victims being unable to escape a vendetta placed against them by an Asian Werewolf, even if the human moved to the other side of the world.

Has my status as one of the few remaining female Werewolves left, become the males’ vendetta?  Not to kill but to capture? 

*Yes little wolf* I heard the familiar deep, rumbling inside my being.  This voice often seemed to pop up when I was fighting for my life.  *There is a reason why you as the first female Lokoti Werewolf are unable to breed*

Unable to breed… unable to conceive… unable to bear children…that’s it! 

Next, I whipped out my mobile phone from my pocket with my claw-like hand.  I opened it and quickly spoke to the small computer; “Access translation program.  Translate from English to Mandarin the words: I am barren. If you’re good trackers then track this, can’t you smell my womb has never been used?  Don’t you wonder why?”

“Processing your request.”  My computerized phone responded and within a second the words appeared on the lit-up screen.

Declan overheard what I was doing which made him snarl unhappily.  He was angry about what I was about to do and he roared furiously at the Asian Werewolves for making me do it.

In my thunderous voice I called out the message in Mandarin.  I hope I got the pronunciation right and I wasn’t telling them instead I wanted to become pregnant?  But whatever I said was met with silence…

The Asian Werewolves stood still as they looked on, with their glowing white eyes.  Standing here in the dark countryside which had turned so quiet, I held my breath in fear I might miss something.   The only thing that was audible in the night air was the sound of the Asian Werewolves sniffing; they were sniffing me.  

Declan flexed his two front claws, waiting for them to come closer.  However, one of the Asian Werewolves whom looked slightly bigger than the others, turned away.  Casually, it trotted away into the night and next the others turned to follow the one who must have been the leader. 

They all slipped quietly into the darkness as their glowing white eyes and silvery-grey fur disappeared from sight.   This time my all-knowing feelings as a Circulator, said that it was for the last.  After a minute, I reverted to my human body whilst lowering my sword.

“That’s it.”  I said.  “They’re not coming back.”


Monday, October 15, 2012

“Not only do I want you out of harms way, but I don’t want you to see what I do tonight.”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


Just then his head snapped around as his human blue eyes turned glowing green again.  I heard it too, the approach of more predators heading in our direction.

“Please B,” he looked on pleadingly with his glowing green eyes.  “Not only do I want you out of harms way, but I don’t want you to see what I do tonight.”

My heart pounded as I was touched by my husband’s honesty.  But the Lokoti Werewolf inside blindly refused to leave my mate in a time of danger.

“I have a confession too…” I laughed weakly, “…I’ve been holding out on you as well.  With my speed and strength – albeit it’s not as great as yours – there’s nothing that I can’t fight.  This is why I’m coming back for you after I’ve done this.”

Then I surprised him when abruptly I disappeared in a bright flash of light!  I instantaneously phased from the middle of the Chinese countryside, into my bedroom inside of my house in Alaska. 

I rushed over to my wardrobe and threw open the doors.  I went straight for my Katana, which was hidden behind a long, black, woollen overcoat.  I pulled the polished, silver sword from its sheath before I instantaneously phased back to China. 

By the time I re-appeared beside Declan in another bright flash of light, he had expanded back into his huge, hulking, hairless European Werewolf form.  It was just in time too, as twenty Asian Werewolves closed in on our position.

I changed into my stronger Lokoti Werewolf body before I growled at my mate, “I won’t hold back if you don’t.  Stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours.”

I think I caught him smirk with his razor sharp teeth, before he turned towards our attackers.   But this time Declan didn’t wait for the larger group of Asian Werewolves to make their first move… he made his. 

On all-fours, the European Werewolf barrelled his way into the circle of smaller and weaker creatures!   His hungry roars almost deafened.  I didn’t have time to stand back and feel horrified by the view of my mate not just fighting, but EATING his way through our enemy.  Ten of our attackers engaged him as I fought off the other ten.

An Asian Werewolf tried to use its supernatural speed to leap onto my arm which was holding the sword.  But using my time manipulation as a Circulator, I saw him come towards me in slow motion.  This enabled me to move my arm away as I next spun around.  Then using my greater strength, I didn’t just slice my sword through the Asian Werewolf…I cut him in half. 

Two bloodied halves which once belonged to a whole, landed in the dirt.  The remaining nine paused in their attack, long enough to see a member of their pack fall to the ground in pieces. 

At that moment, my attackers and I were momentarily distracted from the blood-curdling whines, yelps and squealing. It was coming from the faltering seven who were fighting my mate.  I saw three Asian Werewolves already dead on the ground with either their heads, throats or their chests eaten out, thanks to his larger jaws.

The Asian Werewolves may have been faster than the European Werewolf, but their speed was showing no effect with his greater strength and size.  Watching Declan let loose his bloodlust, was like watching a Great White Shark be unleashed into an Olympic sized pool during a swimming event.  The victims saw their attacker coming but other than trying to escape, there was little they could do.  However, they didn’t try to run, instead they fought on to claim dominance over the strangers on their territory.

The remaining nine I was dealing with, returned their attention my way, which made me hold up my sword higher. 

One tried to leap onto my right side as another attempted to jump my left.  Moving in the speed of light, I was able to duck backwards.  I continued to fight as such, which made my movements look like a series of bright flashes with me suddenly changing positions. 

Whilst moving around, I swung my sword with my supernatural strength.  Another two Asian Werewolves fell to the ground, either missing a head or the bottom half of their body.  Their flesh which had come into contact with the silver, looked singed with small wisps of red smoke, snaking into the air. 

After I polished off my fourth attacker, I slowed down to real time when I realized the other six were now absent.  I looked over at Declan who was mangling his seventh enemy – slash – meal, where I saw my six were battling alongside his remaining three. 

My mate almost paused with his mouthful when I appeared beside him in another bright flash of light.  I swung around my sword and chopped the head off one of his opponents!  He dropped his half-eaten meal and together we faced off the remaining eight.

It was here we saw the Asian Werewolves begin to back away.  For a second time this evening, the enemy retreated due to the loss of numbers.  But this time I didn’t buy it.  Who’s to say that they’re not going to come back AGAIN? 

When one of the pack stopped to pick up its dead, it yelped in fright when Declan charged at it!  The supernatural creature bolted away and only just escaped by its’ greater speed.  Once more, we were left standing alone on the road, with our broken down car, panting with our bloodlust ignited. 

Asian Werewolf blood dripped from my sword as the same blood covered the European Werewolf’s jaws. 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

“The Asian Werewolves who attacked us, I think they’re the Hsin clan we were warned about.”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


My eyes widened in alarm.  I sensed he was right since he’s been proven correct before about other supernatural beings.  He was right about the European Vampires, just as he was right about the European Werewolves.  I guess being a predator, he recognized dangerous behaviour in others like us.

“I’m going home to get my sword.”  I announced.

“No, wait!”  He grabbed hold again before I instantaneously phased away.  Then my husband surprised me by what he next said, “I want you to go to Alaska but I want you to stay there until I call you.”

“Huh?” I asked puzzled.

“I want you to go back to Alaska and stay there.”  He repeated.  “I’ll be fine, I have to do this alone.”

“What the…?!”  I looked on as if he had lost his marbles.

“B, this isn’t up for debate!”  He barked out.  “I need to fight them alone, do you understand me?”


Declan took a deep breath as he tried to put it another way, “The Asian Werewolves who attacked us, I think they’re the Hsin clan we were warned about.  Somehow they got wind of us and they’ve come for you.”

“But why me?  I can’t frickin’ breed for them!”  I cried indignantly.

“You know that and I know that, but because of your pheromones THEY don’t know that.  They think you’re fertile because of how you smell.” 

I tried to pull away as my objection, but he held me firmly by the shoulders as he looked on demandingly.

“Now listen to me, B…” he said seriously, “…I have to declare my dominance. I have to fight them for you because if I don’t, they’re liable to track us back to Alaska and that would put the tribe at risk.”

“I know that Dec which is why I’m gonna fight with you -”  I tried but he interrupted.

“No you can’t!  What Leo and Marcus told me about the Asian Werewolves?  It was mostly a lie but a small part of it’s true.  Sure, there’s more than one female left but they are small in number.  The Hsin clan doesn’t appear to have any which is why they’re so interested in you.  Females of any breed of Werewolf including the Asian kind, are becoming rare in this world.  Think about it B, why were Hsu’s family afraid of letting their women near the Hsin clan?” 

I pushed his hands off, “How the hell do you know THAT much?!”

“Because I can smell it!”  He snapped.  “I can’t explain it, but I can smell it just as I can sense it.  My instincts are telling me since the Third World War, not many female Werewolves are created which is why they’re so rare.  The other breed’s females are dying out from old age with hardly any new ones created.  I don’t know why exactly, maybe it’s because of the underlying effects of the fallout?  Humans may have been able to cure the radiation sickness in the natural world, but what about the supernatural world?”

“But -” I tried to interject but he interrupted again.

“You’re unique, B.”  My mate cupped my face in his larger hands.  “You’re the first and only female in the pack of Lokoti Werewolves.  With your pheromones, you’re like a winning lottery ticket blowing down a street in the Depression era.”

I believed him but my stubborn Lokoti Werewolf protective instinct refused to abandon my mate in a time of danger. “Then I’ll fight with you.”

“No.”  He released his hold.

“No? What do you mean, no?”

“I’d fight better without you by my side.”  He said to my surprise.

“What?!”  I cried out, offended.

“B, when I fought those Asian Werewolves just then, I was holding myself back.”

“You were holding yourself back?”


“What do you mean you were holding yourself back?”  I put my hands on my hips demandingly. 

My husband said guilty, “I’ve always been holding myself back around you and the other Lokoti Werewolves, B.  I’ve been doing it ever since I was 5 years old and I first realized I was a different to the rest of the pack.”

My eyes widened as this new truth began to dawn on me, “You mean even on a hunt you hold yourself back?”

“Of course I hold myself back!”  He said incredulous. “You think that by hunting one or two animals a month placates my bloodlust?”

“Well…” I faltered.

“Remember when Derik died?”  He brought up the memory of his little brother passing away from old age.  “Do you remember when I came back from a spontaneous hunt and you smelled the blood of at least ten different animals on me?  I almost lost control over the bloodlust.  But that’s what it’s like for me, B.  Always.   I’m insatiable!  I want to hunt human and since I can’t eat them, then I eat animal.  My bloodlust would happily eat something supernatural instead, like these Asian Werewolves… which is why I was told never to return because Hsu’s clan can smell it.”

My heart raced with anxiety as I almost felt afraid of him.  I swallowed hard, “Does that mean that – that you want to – to eat me too?”

“NO!” he was quick to pull me closely against him.  Declan gently banged his forehead into mine as he inhaled deeply.  “You’re part of every fibre of my being and my bloodlust knows this.  You’re more part of me than Derik’s progeny is.  As I said once, if anything ever happened to you? Then I’d be the first European Werewolf to die of a broken heart than to have it pierced by silver.” 

I turned quiet as his words reassured and so did his body language.  We both momentarily closed our eyes as we enjoyed the feel of our hot, strong bodies pressed together.  I felt his fingers dig into my waist possessively. 

“Which is why I’m asking this of you now,” his eyes met mine again. “Return to Alaska and I’ll fight the Asian Werewolves and I won’t hold back.  And I’ll win because of this.”

The picture of my husband going on an insane, murdering rampage as he indulged his supernatural hunger for one night to embark on a vengeful feeding frenzy; ran through my mind.  It was like, ‘sniff at my wife like that and you’ll pay.’  The bloodlust in his breed was far more primitive than I gave it credit for.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

“I don’t think that was all of them, I think they’ve gone for reinforcements.”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


As soon as the Asian Werewolves discovered half of their pack had fallen from fighting, they began to back off. 

They released their sharp jaws from the European Werewolf’s hardened hide, to slowly back away.  Declan continued to growl threateningly, as he stood tall on his hind legs with his front claws ready.  His glowing green eyes with the black slits for pupils, didn’t leave our retreating enemy.

We watched the five remaining members of the pack, pick up their wounded and sling them across their backs.  After throwing us a parting growl, they slunk off defeated into the night.  But Declan and I didn’t move, not for the first couple of minutes anyway.

We stood with our sharp claws and teeth ready, as we listened to the Asian Werewolves paw-steps fade away into the darkness.  Their scent gradually grew fainter the further away they went.  After five minutes of sniffing the air continuously and watching the surrounding landscape in case they made a reappearance; I deemed it safe and looked away.

I gazed upon my enlarged mate, standing tall on his hind legs.  I saw the multiple bite marks in his hide were bleeding.  They weren’t deep thanks to his bulky muscle, so the Asian Werewolves couldn’t dig their teeth in, but still I hated to see him hurt.

My Lokoti Werewolf instinct guided me on what to do.  I placed my mouth over one of his wounds and ran my tongue over it, to use my saliva to speed up his regeneration process.  Declan whined softly in affection as he remained still and allowed me to treat several of the worst bite marks on his upper body.  When I stood back, I saw that he was no longer bleeding and new skin was there instead.

Next, my husband growled quietly and I think he was ordering me to stand still.  He put his heavy front claws on my shoulders before he too ducked his head.  I closed my eyes and accidentally giggled because his large, hot tongue tickled. The sensation became so distracting, it accidentally made me revert back to human which was too soon.  There was still a long claw mark going down my back.

“Oow! Frickin’ hell!”  I swore in pain.  My injuries felt a lot worse in my weaker body. 

Declan rolled his glowing green eyes and shook his head as if to say, ‘well that was a smart thing to do, change while you’re still wounded’.  Then he turned me around to begin to lick at the deep scratches in my back.  His saliva thankfully turned the stinging wound numb, as it began to heal.

After the husband had seen to his wife’s injuries, he began to shrink as he too reverted to his human form.  As soon as the reversal was complete, we hugged and kissed each other in relief.

“Are you OK?”  We asked each other at the same time.

“I’m OK.” I nodded.

He held me closely as he warily looked into the night, “That was too easy.”

I said incredulous, “What do you mean THAT was too easy?”

“They backed off too soon.”  He frowned.  “I don’t think that was all of them, I think they’ve gone for reinforcements.”


Saturday, September 1, 2012

“It’s just what we need; man-eaters!”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


Just then the dread which had been growing in the pit of my stomach became worse, as something else occurred to me. “The fence post with the nails sticking out of it was deliberately left on the road.  The Asian Werewolves who live nearby, use it to stop travellers so they can eat them.”

“Great!”  My mate growled as he began to take off his clothes.  “It’s just what we need; man-eaters!” 

I stood back to give him room as he quickly stripped so when he expanded into his European Werewolf form, his clothes wouldn’t be torn to shreds.  I too started to undress, as I took off my jacket as well as my shoes and socks but I left on my t-shirt and shorts.  My shorts would be safe as it was primarily my upper-body that bulked up, and my t-shirt was made of a stretchy material.

My mate completely undressed within seconds and he tossed his clothes and shoes onto the passenger’s seat along with mine.  Then he stood back from his wife and the vehicle to shape shift from his human body into his taller and wider supernatural form. 

Declan’s height almost doubled as his width tripled, whilst his skin turned into a tough hide over his muscle bulk.  The nails on his hands and feet grew longer, sharper and pointier.  I heard the soft cracking noises his bones made as his human skull morphed into a canine’s head with a short, stubby snout over razor sharp jaws.  In his European Werewolf body he could stand and walk upright but when he ran, it was on all-fours. 

I underwent a change of my own, as I felt my muscles bulk up and my nails grow longer and sharper on my hands and feet.  I felt my teeth turn elongated and sharp, which jutted past my lips.  The surrounding night lit up as if it were day, thanks to my Werewolf eyes as my dark blue colour turned glowing turquoise.

Although we were fairly sure the Asian Werewolves wouldn’t try to eat us, we didn’t trust man-eaters as they were dangerous.  With my night vision, I saw them come out from between the dark trees and bushes.

At first they looked like ordinary wolves, except all of their eyes were glowing white with tiny black pupils in the centre.  They all appeared alike; thin builds with silvery grey fur.  My acute hearing picked up the sniffing noises they made as they tracked our scent.  I counted ten of them appear from the night as they fanned out to surround us. 

The European Werewolf emitted a dangerously, low growl to warn them off.  He soon sniffed out who the leader was, as he stood on his hind legs to tower over his foe.  He moved to stand in front of me with his larger size to show the head Asian Werewolf that I was his mate and therefore under his protection.  The snarling in return from his henchmen or hench-wolves I should say, didn’t seem to appreciate this. 

Oh oh, don’t tell me they’re attracted to my Lokoti Werewolf pheromones too?  Frickin’ hell, Declan was right; he really CAN’T take me anywhere!  My husband roared loudly at the Asian Werewolves to back off, but instead of moving away they began to circle.

Just then one of the Asian Werewolves tried to snap at my arm but Declan, in lightening fast speed, swatted the creature and sent him flying through the air!

The Asian Werewolf landed over twenty meters away thanks to my mate’s greater strength.  It whined in pain when it hit the ground however it was quick to return to all-fours and rejoin its pack.  They kept circling whilst snarling or sniffing, as if they were trying to smell a weakness in our defences.

The European Werewolf remained upright on his hind legs as he gently pushed me against the car with himself in front, to act as my shield. 

“Maybe we should instantaneously phase out of here?”  I asked in my deep, rumbling Werewolf voice.

But my husband shook his large canine head to say ‘no’ whilst his glowing green eyes never left his foe. 

The Circulator in me wanted to phase the both of us to Alaska, but my Lokoti Werewolf instincts stayed this thought.  They warned that the Asian Werewolves wanted to kill my mate and kidnap me, to try to force me to become their concubine or some nonsense.  I sensed if we did take flight the Asian Werewolves would pursue, thinking that they were the dominant because we ran away. 

I remember reading in the SSIT Report that Asian Werewolves were the best trackers of all the breeds.  If they pursued, we would have to relocate to a different time period to throw them off our scent!  If we did instantaneously phase back to Alaska and they came after us, it could put the humans of the tribe at stake, and that was something that my overprotective Lokoti Werewolf instinct was not prepared to do.  It was best to fight it out, here and now to declare our dominance. 

Besides, looking on my mate’s huge, hulking, hairless European Werewolf body, actually made me think that we were dealing with a stupid bunch of males anyway.  No matter how much they wanted to use me to try to breed, they were going to go up against Declan looking like that…?

My mate may have been bigger and stronger but unfortunately Asian Werewolves were faster.  They started to run around in a circle, speeding up so much that they began to look like a silvery blur!  As they ran, I noticed that they were beginning to move closer.  Declan growled fiercely and swung out his strong claw, but he missed… and then it was on!

Three Asian Werewolves leapt on the European Werewolf in lightening fast speed and the one in the middle went right for his throat!  Before I could come to his aid, another two leapt on top of the car and grabbed me from behind to pull me away.  They thought by separating us, it would weaken us.

My mate swatted off two of his attackers with his greater strength.  Then he lifted up the Asian Werewolf that was trying to rip out his throat and he looked like he was about to snap the creature’s back!  But before he could, another five leapt upon him!

“Declan!” My thunderous voice roared at the sight of the five Asian Werewolves all biting into and clawing at him!

Using my light speed reflexes, I managed to whip myself out of the two Werewolves jaws.  Next, I turned around and used my Lokoti Werewolf strength to belt them both so hard, they flew ten meters away!  Then I grabbed onto two of the Asian Werewolves who were on my husband’s large back.  I pried apart their jaws with my greater strength, to force them to release him.  Lastly, I too belted these two away.

They rolled away on the ground, but were quick to leap back to their feet.  By trying to use their faster moves to leap on top, they still hadn’t cottoned on that I was a Circulator too.  Moving in the speed of light with my self-defence moves, I ducked from one then I caught and flipped the other to the ground.

I continued to fight this way and the more I threw to the ground, or aside, or belted away; the weakened they became.  I was fighting four Asian Werewolves and Declan was fighting off six.  Two of his enemies went flying into a tree from one of his wallops!  They collapsed to the ground, bleeding profusely thanks to his larger claws.  My mate and I fought side by side, as our foes began to falter.

When I whipped one foe across the snout with my claw-like nails, cracking open its jaw, it yelped in pain.  Three down and seven to go…  As one tried to go for my throat, Declan caught it in mid-air as he roared in fury!  He lifted up my attacker into the air above and this time he did snap its’ back!  The Asian Werewolf dropped to the ground like a sack and didn’t get up again.  Four down and six to go… 

Next, I pulled off one of the Werewolves which were trying to bite into the back of my mate’s bulky neck.  I delivered several punches into its rib cage with my supernatural strength, before I flung it into the air and it landed fifteen meters away.  It too didn’t get up again.  Five down and five to go… or so I thought.