Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lokoti Werewolves aged slower than their human wives or members of the tribe.

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter Two)


The tribe was used to Declan’s and my extended youth because the fourteen other members of the pack could live up to 200 years.  Lokoti Werewolves aged slower than their human wives or members of the tribe.  Our people held the Werewolves in high esteem because of their history of protection.  In return, the tribe guarded the identities of the pack which included us. 

I turned away from the bed to pass my mate a haunted look, “Phoenix was my first cousin and he was the last family member from my childhood.  You and I are the only two left from our era!”

His eyes watered, “I know B, I know.”

Then I threw my arms about my mate’s neck as I clung onto him and cried into his shoulder.

“I still remember fighting with Phoenix when we were little.”  I sobbed.  “I remember when he used to call me bitch-features, how I would punch him for it.  I remember when he used to pull my hair, or once he kicked a soccer ball at my head but it accidentally hit Uncle Jules and the trouble he got into.”

My husband pulled away so his tearful eyes could meet mine.  “Then tell him all of this.”

He gently turned me around and sat me on the side of the bed, before standing closely behind to rest his hands protectively on my shoulders.  Gingerly, I picked up Phoenix’s cold hand and held it between my warm ones.  I looked on his aged face once more to reminisce.

“I remember the Christmas you ate all of the brandy butter before the plum pudding was served and it made you sick.”  I recanted.  “I remember when Phoebe used to read your mind and tell on you when you did something wrong.  I remember playing Monopoly with you and how you cheated by sneaking money and hiding it under the board.  That was until Phoebe told on you and you punched her on the arm.  I remember I punched you back and you tackled me for it and then we both got into trouble…”

Just then Declan chuckled, “Yeah I remember that night, it was when my family was having dinner with your family at Easter.  I was seventeen and B was fourteen so Phoenix would have been ten.”

Stone exchanged looks of amusement with his father at our unusual reminiscing.  Usually when somebody close died, people recalled the best things about the deceased.  However since my cousin and I fought like brother and sister, our best times were spent fighting.  I wanted to remember my cousin like that, in affectionate enmity.

Then I lightly punched the dead guy on the arm, “And that’s for all the times you called me bitch-features and ran away before I could hit you.”


Saturday, February 2, 2013

“We ran into some trouble with some Asian Werewolves.”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter Two)


Although the old Riverclaw home was just down the hill from ours, we still drove in Declan’s metallic black, plasma-powered, pick up truck.

The Lokoti Tribe lived in the World Heritage Listed, Lokoti National Park.  We were situated in the Alaska Range approximately 4.5 hours north of Anchorage and 1.5 hours south of Fairbanks.  The tribal lands looked like a small village of wooden houses along tiny streets.  We were surrounded by forest, snow-tipped mountains and interconnected river ways.  Every full moon I hunted with my mate and pack inside the vast wilderness, to feed on large prey such as bear, caribou, moose or else.  

My husband drove the short way and pulled up in the driveway of the large, two-story, log cabin which had been in the Riverclaw family for several generations.  The 19 year old Forrest Riverclaw, come out onto the front veranda to greet us. 

“Grandfather says you’re already back from your trip?”  He shook Declan’s hand before kissing my cheek.

“We ran into some trouble with some Asian Werewolves.”  My mate said shortly.  “But we’ll explain later.  Where’s your grandfather?”

Forrest opened the front door for us and we followed him inside.  As soon as I came into the house, I halted in surprise as I experienced the strongest sense of déjà vu.  Last year Declan and I came with the death of my Uncle Julian, whom was Chiron’s grandfather.  Then we saw the younger generations of Riverclaw’s mill sadly around the living room and today they were doing it again.

“Aunt B and Uncle Declan.”  Sharon nodded in acknowledgement.

She was Stone’s middle-aged, human wife.   Then the youthful appearance of Stone who was Chiron’s son, jogged down the stairs to shake my mate’s hand and place another kiss on my cheek.

“Thanks for coming so fast.”  He said gratefully.  “Dad is upstairs with my grandfather.”

Forrest sat next to his mother on the couch, as his little sister sat on the other.  He was the pack’s youngest Werewolf, as he turned after Uncle Julian’s death and he tried to be strong for his family.  We watched him put a comforting arm about his mother’s shoulders and pass a smile his sister’s way.  Declan and I noted this, before we headed up the stairs with Stone leading us into one of the bedrooms.

We found the middle-aged Chiron, sitting on the side of the bed that the elderly Phoenix was lying on top of.  My younger cousin whom looked much older; was fully dressed, showing he must have passed away in his sleep during an afternoon nap.  His son put down the deceased’s hand to stand up and face the arrivals.

“Aunt B and Uncle Dec.”  He nodded tearfully.

I rushed forwards and engulfed him in hug, as my mate gave an understanding nod. 

“Dad wasn’t the same after his father died.”  Chiron sighed sadly when he released me.  “The last twelve months, seemed like he was just waiting to rejoin his family and mate in the Holy Hunting Grounds.”

As Declan and I approached the bed to say our goodbyes, Stone came to stand beside his father and place a supportive hand on his shoulder.

My eyes stung as I stared down into the elderly man’s peaceful face which was framed by his long, white hair.

“Hi Phoenix, its bitch-features.”  I tearfully joked to my late relation.  “Say hi to Mum and Dad, Uncle Jules and Aunt Danika, Phoebe and Vincent for me.”

My usually obnoxious cousin of course didn’t reply, and seeing him like this was upsetting.