Saturday, September 15, 2012

“I don’t think that was all of them, I think they’ve gone for reinforcements.”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


As soon as the Asian Werewolves discovered half of their pack had fallen from fighting, they began to back off. 

They released their sharp jaws from the European Werewolf’s hardened hide, to slowly back away.  Declan continued to growl threateningly, as he stood tall on his hind legs with his front claws ready.  His glowing green eyes with the black slits for pupils, didn’t leave our retreating enemy.

We watched the five remaining members of the pack, pick up their wounded and sling them across their backs.  After throwing us a parting growl, they slunk off defeated into the night.  But Declan and I didn’t move, not for the first couple of minutes anyway.

We stood with our sharp claws and teeth ready, as we listened to the Asian Werewolves paw-steps fade away into the darkness.  Their scent gradually grew fainter the further away they went.  After five minutes of sniffing the air continuously and watching the surrounding landscape in case they made a reappearance; I deemed it safe and looked away.

I gazed upon my enlarged mate, standing tall on his hind legs.  I saw the multiple bite marks in his hide were bleeding.  They weren’t deep thanks to his bulky muscle, so the Asian Werewolves couldn’t dig their teeth in, but still I hated to see him hurt.

My Lokoti Werewolf instinct guided me on what to do.  I placed my mouth over one of his wounds and ran my tongue over it, to use my saliva to speed up his regeneration process.  Declan whined softly in affection as he remained still and allowed me to treat several of the worst bite marks on his upper body.  When I stood back, I saw that he was no longer bleeding and new skin was there instead.

Next, my husband growled quietly and I think he was ordering me to stand still.  He put his heavy front claws on my shoulders before he too ducked his head.  I closed my eyes and accidentally giggled because his large, hot tongue tickled. The sensation became so distracting, it accidentally made me revert back to human which was too soon.  There was still a long claw mark going down my back.

“Oow! Frickin’ hell!”  I swore in pain.  My injuries felt a lot worse in my weaker body. 

Declan rolled his glowing green eyes and shook his head as if to say, ‘well that was a smart thing to do, change while you’re still wounded’.  Then he turned me around to begin to lick at the deep scratches in my back.  His saliva thankfully turned the stinging wound numb, as it began to heal.

After the husband had seen to his wife’s injuries, he began to shrink as he too reverted to his human form.  As soon as the reversal was complete, we hugged and kissed each other in relief.

“Are you OK?”  We asked each other at the same time.

“I’m OK.” I nodded.

He held me closely as he warily looked into the night, “That was too easy.”

I said incredulous, “What do you mean THAT was too easy?”

“They backed off too soon.”  He frowned.  “I don’t think that was all of them, I think they’ve gone for reinforcements.”

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