Saturday, October 4, 2014

“Computer, we need to research pregnancy in relation to European Werewolves.”

  (Small Fry Chapter 4)

“Circulate systems and Hodge Endeavor are operating within normal parameters.”  She promised, before she picked up what I was typing in.  “You are requesting to do a search using the Viewing Room?”
“That’s correct,” I replied, “the boys need to find out something.”
“Will Declan be running the search?”  The computer guessed.
“Declan, as a new member of the Circulate, I am aware you are unfamiliar with Circulate systems.  Should you require any information or have any requests, I also respond to voice commands.”  She offered.
He looked on in surprise, “Er, thanks.”
“You are welcome.”  The computer acknowledged.  “Would you like B to program the search parameters for you, or would you like to give the verbal commands?”
I gave him an encouraging smile to go ahead.
“Yeah alright,” he straightened with the responsibility.  “Um, I need to find European Werewolves in relation to pregnancy.”
“Please specify the time period you would like me to search,” the computer requested.
“Um, do I have to?”  He looked confused.
I took over again, “Computer, we need to research pregnancy in relation to European Werewolves.  We need to find out what happened to the mothers as well as the offspring.  The search parameters are wide with no set time frame.  From prior records when the different breeds of Werewolves were established, begin there and track through to the 24th Century.  Show us any and all European Werewolves in the area of procreation.”
“Working,” the computer began to process.  “Would you like to begin your research from the time European Werewolves were able to morph to and from human form?”
“Huh?”  My mate gawked.
I explained, “Up until 1000 BC, European Werewolves always remained in their supernatural form.  It wasn’t until then they were able to change between human and other.” 
Declan and Ki exchanged puzzled looks, not only by this piece of trivia, but at how I knew this?
Then I spoke to the computer, “Yes please.”
“The search is complete.”  The computer advised.  “Would you like to view as well as record, the following results?”
“Yes please,” I ordered.  "Download a copy of the report onto my laptop.”
“Your laptop?”  Ki looked around.  “But you didn’t bring your computer with you.”
“It doesn’t matter.” I told him.  “The Circulate Mainframe can send information to it via text message or email.”
“You can download through time and space?”  He looked impressed.
“Yup,” I stood up from the console and started to leave.
“Hey, where are you going?”  Declan wondered.
“I don’t think I want to see this.”  I said, to their further astonishment.  “I’ll be in the Observation Lounge waiting for you when this is finished.”
They watched me go as the computer chimed, “Declan, would you like me to begin the presentation now?”
“Um, yeah OK.”  He said uneasily once I had left.