Saturday, January 23, 2016

Is this why he’s so afraid of creating anymore European Werewolves, even as children?

  (Small Fry Chapter 1)

            “Why are you so adamant that you want a girl?”  I wondered aloud.
            “Because they’re not as strong as males!"  He flared.  "Female European Werewolves aren’t as strong as males, just as female Lokoti Werewolves aren’t as strong as their male counterparts!  Besides, I don’t trust other European Werewolves!  A son of mine would no sooner knock his Lokoti Werewolf mother out of the way, to attack the human she was trying to protect!”
            “But you were a young male European Werewolf and you didn’t hurt your mother…” I began to argue back, but his guilty expression stopped me.
            “What was that?”  I thought I had misheard.
            Declan’s face paled, "Once I did when I was three years old, when the full moon triggered my first change.  Luckily, your Dad, Grandpa and Grandfather were there.  Your Dad caught my Mom before she hit the wall and your Grandfather caught me before I smashed through the locked front door.  I would have made a run at a human, but the male Lokoti Werewolves were able to stop me.”
            At first I was startled into silence, but then I tried to console. 
            “But Declan,” I began, "it was your first change and you were only three years old.  You had to be trained.”
            “I know, but it took years for my training to come into effect."  He reminded.  "Your Dad caught my Mom.  But from the force I used when I threw her out of the way, I could have harmed Derik whom she was pregnant with at the time.  Your Dad never trusted me because of it, which was why he hated the idea of you ending up with me.” 
            At first I found it hard to imagine a three year old boy, throwing his mother against a wall when she tried to restrain him.  But then I could, if the three year old was in his European Werewolf body.  Since they expanded so much with supernatural muscle, he was probably as tall as an adult human, let alone stronger than one.  Is this why he’s so afraid of creating anymore European Werewolves, even as children?
            “Hang on,” I shook my head in disagreement, "don’t forget that our baby will be half Lokoti Werewolf as well, like its mother.”
            “And what if it’s also a Circulator, like its mother?”  He arched a wary eyebrow.  “Then it could have my strength and your speed!  Just imagine if it snuck out of the house by instantaneously phasing, to go snacking on human that way.  A Circulator – slash – European Werewolf; we could be creating an almost unstoppable murderer!”
            “Declan!” I walked up to hold his head in my hands, to force him to look into my eyes.  “I just did create a Circulator – slash – European Werewolf!  And I have faith in YOU!  Just as I have faith that we could train our child to respect life.”
            “B, you’re not listening to me.” He put my hands over his heart.  “When I first turned at the age of three, the bloodlust almost ate me inside out!  Night after night, your Grandfather sat with me.  I tried so hard not to hunt human, for the sake of my Mom and my little brother.  But just as much as I loved my family; sometimes when the pain got so bad, I would even crave THEM!”
            I shook my head again, “I don’t believe you.”
            “That first year that I changed, there was a reason why your Grandfather stayed with me night after night, to train me.  Sometimes I'd stand in Derik’s room and watch him sleep in his cot.  At first I'd look on my little brother with love, but then my stomach would rumble, my mouth would water and the bloodlust would be saying, ‘do it, feed your hunger!  He'd taste so good and he'd take the pain away.’  Then my Mom would come into the room and stroke my hair, thinking that I was acting all brotherly?  Her soft hands smelled like the tenderest steak you've ever tasted in your life.”
            “Declan!” I cried out in alarm, as I pulled my hands back sharply.
            “THIS is why I don’t want to risk a son ever thinking that way about you!”  He grabbed hold of my arms.  “I may have fought the bloodlust to protect my loved ones, but I WILL NOT abide another threat to come along and destroy everything!”


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

“B…you’re pregnant.”

  (Excerpt of Small Fry Chapter 1)

   3rd November 2363

            We sat at the dining table in a tense manner, nursing our coffees.  Declan sat on one side as I sat on the other.  Our legs jiggled nervously and I think together we stared into our beverages, rather than consumed them.
            A thick silence filled the living room, as I sensed my husband was trying not to look at his wife, whom he inadvertently impregnated. 
            Normally, a married couple may celebrate this sort of thing?  But not when they were a 300 year old European Werewolf, who just had his elderly body reversed to his twenties by his 297 year old wife, who was called the Last Circulator.  Now the said European Werewolf was a Circulator too, it put a new spin on things. 
            Not only was I a Circulator, but I was the tribe's first female Lokoti Werewolf.  We've been mates for 273 years and where he had aged slowly, I did not.  He got to show off a youthful wife however, the drawback was that I couldn't breed.  With my bio-electromagnetic field in temporal flux, it not only stopped me from aging but also reproducing. 
            Now that I've turned my elderly husband into a Circulator too; his sperm matched my eggs bio-electromagnetic frequency and then… ta daa! 
            “B…you’re pregnant.”  Declan uttered in astonishment.
He immediately smelled the change in my hormones the morning after celebrating his transformation.
            I growled in frustration, as I rubbed my face from stress which caused my long, dark hair to flop over my dark blue eyes.  This made my mate look up sharply, with his bright blue eyes, wide with concern.  His previous white hair was back to his youthful, dark blonde colour and it looked particularly spiky this morning.
            How could I have been so stupid?  I knew the reason why I couldn’t breed was because of the whole temporal flux/ bio-electromagnetic frequency thing!  Why didn’t it ‘click’ inside my mind, before my newly-youthful husband, pounced on his always-youthful wife to celebrate his change? 
            I guess Declan decided to take affirmative action, or try to get a grip on our situation. 
            He took a deep breath before he spoke; “OK, so you’re pregnant.” 
            I gave him an unimpressed look for stating the obvious. 
            “Shut up.” He smirked at my expression.  “But let’s come up with a plan of attack, instead of sitting here in shock like a bomb’s gone off.”
            “What plan of attack?”  I said unhappily. “We’re not planning a battle against a coven of European Vampires.”
            “You’re 24 hours pregnant, B.”  He frowned.  “24 hours means it’s still just a bunch of cells inside of you.”  I gave him a peculiar look, wondering what he was trying to say?  He went on, “Remember our first time together?”
            “It may have been 279 years ago Dec, but yeah.  I still remember our first time.”  I said dryly.
            “Right.”  He cleared his throat.  “Then do you remember what happened right after it?  What I did to you?”
            Abruptly I straightened, as if he had thrown a glass of icy water my way.  “No, you don’t mean…?”
            “I’m 300 years old and yesterday I nearly died of old age!  You turned me into a Circulator, so we could evolve to the space time continuum together.  You and me having a baby, would be like an elderly human couple having kids at the age of 70!”
            “But we don’t have bodies of 70 year old humans!"  I objected.  "We’re both physically in our twenties!” 
            “Two days ago, my joints would hurt just from going up the stairs!  Two days ago, I was on pain medication for arthritis! You may have reversed my biological clock B, but I have an old soul.  My mind still feels like it’s an old man!”
            “So what are you saying, Declan?  That you don’t want to have this thing? This child?  This baby?”  I asked offended.
            “B, we’re supposed to be evolving to the space time continuum, the way an elderly human packs up and moves to Florida for retirement!”   He said indignantly.  “I mean, can we take this thing with us to the space time continuum?  We’re supposed to turn into beings of light, so what’s going to happen to the child inside you?”