Wednesday, January 15, 2014


  (Small Fry Chapter 2)

“Yesterday you frightened her, by trying to talk her out of having the baby.”  Ki frowned at Declan before looking to Caesar.  “With our appearance this morning, she must have thought we were trying to do the same thing.  It’s the Lokoti Werewolf in her, which is acting defensive.  She thinks she has to protect her baby.”

“Well, do I?”  I hugged my stomach, as if I were hugging my daughter.

“What?” Caesar blanched, as did all of the male Lokoti Werewolves. 

Suddenly the room was full of guilty expressions, except for my husband.

“Aunt B, no!  We certainly haven’t come here this morning, to try to force an abortion on you!  We came here to scan you and the baby and come up with a strategy on how to see you safely through this pregnancy.”  Caesar promised.

“Oh really?”  I looked on skeptically.


“Seriously?”  I asked, still suspicious. 

“Aunt B, you’re going to need our help when it comes to the delivery.”  Ki spoke frankly.  “I’m willing to bet this won’t be as straight forward as a human delivery.  Caesar will be putting the entire pack on standby for the day you give birth, incase you need the blood of your kin to heal.”

“Are you for real?” I blinked in disbelief. 

“I’m going to scan you once a week and track your baby’s development.”   Ki organized.  “Your daughter will no doubt be bigger than a human child, but we’re unsure yet of her growth rate.  That, and I have to make sure your body is able to carry the child to term, or if you’ll make it to the last trimester.”

Then my husband surprised everyone, when he stood up to say firmly, “If B needs blood, it’s going to be me that gives it to her.”

“But Uncle Declan, we don’t know how much blood Aunt B will need -” Ki began but he was interrupted.

“B is MY mate and she’s carrying MY child.  If she needs blood, then it’s gonna come from me.”  He said determinedly.

Our Medicine Man opened his mouth to argue, but our First spoke instead.

“Uncle Declan is a European Werewolf and Aunt B is carrying a half European Werewolf.  It might be best for both Aunt B and the baby, if Uncle Declan does this.  Especially since European Werewolves are the fastest healers, of all of the breeds.”

Forrest pointed out to Ki, “Think of when Jenny delivered your three kids and how you opened your wrist for her.  Didn't you want to provide for your mate in that manner, let alone have another Werewolf do it?” 

“Fine,” he looked away, disliking that his medical opinion was being disputed.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Even the Council of Tribal Elders have called on you for your unique insight.

 (Small Fry Chapter 2)

I dropped to my knees on the floor beside the bed, to reach under and pull out my suitcase.  I tossed it open on top of the bed, when I attacked the tall boy next.  I opened the draws to pull out my clothes and had just thrown in my underwear, when the bedroom door opened. 

However, it wasn’t just Declan who walked in, but so did Caesar and Ki.

“Oh look, it’s ‘The Three Amigos’.” I said in a surly manner, as I continued.

“Oh look, as usual B is packing her bags.”  My mate responded in a similar tone, before he spoke to our First and Medicine Man.  “You see, at least once every fifty years, B says she’s gonna leave.  Now for human couples, this wouldn’t be seen as a major thing.  But when you’ve been married for 273 years, it adds up.”

“She’s done this that many times?”  Ki asked in consternation. 

“Hmm,” Caesar frowned, “this is worse than I thought.  Aunt B truly is more ‘Light Person’ than she is Lokoti Werewolf.”

“Don’t give me that crap about loyalty!”  I turned on them, before seething Declan’s way.  “I stood in the kitchen and told the leader of the pack to go to hell, for putting down my husband!  And he STILL sides with the pack over his wife!”

“Loyalty…?  LOYALTY?!”  Declan roared as his face reddened in anger.  “WHEN HAVE I EVER PACKED MY BAGS AND THREATENED TO LEAVE YOU, B?!” 

Next, the European Werewolf picked up my suitcase and hurled it against the far wall, scattering my things all over the place! 

“Er, maybe we should leave and let them sort this out…?”  Ki looked on uncomfortably. 

“We stay.” Caesar ordered.

“Fine!”  I retorted.  “I can buy new clothes!”

I started to walk over to my handbag, but Declan reached it first.  He picked it up and threw it out of the bedroom doorway, with Caesar coolly moving his head to the side.  He was acting like he was accustomed to my husband’s ferocious temper, whereas Ki looked nervous.

“Fine!”  I repeated.  “I can easily get replacement credit cards from my PA at Hodge Endeavor!”

“SIT DOWN B!”  My mate snarled.

He grabbed onto both of my arms, forcing me sit on the side of the bed.  I glowered back as my dark blue eyes burned turquoise.  He seethed in return, with his bright blue eyes momentarily glowing green.

“OK, now we’re going to talk about this calmly.”  Caesar began.  “Aunt B, although you outwardly have the appearance of a woman in her twenties thanks to being a Circulator; I acknowledge you as the oldest living member of the Riverclaw family.  I do not wish to offend you, nor do I want to downgrade your role over the many years.  Our families have always turned to you for counsel.”

I crossed my arms and stubbornly looked away, as the three males stood over me like they were trying to impose their will. 

“My father and I may share the titles of heads of the Riverclaw family, but you might recall the many times we've come to you for advice.  Even the Council of Tribal Elders, have called on you for your unique insight.  However, when you act more as a Circulator, it concerns us that you act less like a female Lokoti Werewolf.  It’s for this reason, we are worried about what kind of strain this pregnancy will put your body under.”  Caesar continued. 

Forrest agreed as he walked in, “I remember well, how much you and Uncle Declan were there for Maia and I, in the beginning of our marriage.”  He smiled sadly as he remembered his late wife with fondness.  “I remember how you helped her after her miscarriage.  I’m still grateful to you for saying exactly the right things she needed to hear, such as ‘it’s not your fault, problems with fertility happens to everyone’.”

Tyson walked in after, “When Samuel was born and Tania went through postnatal depression, I remember how you took her out for coffee all those times.  She would come back with renewed strength after talking to you.  She’d tell me, ‘Aunt B is nearly 300 years old and she still gets depressed from PMT every month.  If she can carry on then so can I’.”

“B’s PMT must be my worst enemy.”  My mate grumbled, as he sunk onto the bed beside.  “It’s thanks to those mood swings that I’ve nearly burnt our luggage set, to stop this nonsense of her trying to run away all of the time.”

This made the other males in the room chuckle in sympathy, thinking of their own war stories with the female curse.

“Aunt B, we know of the little things you and Uncle Declan do, behind the scenes for your families.”  Caesar continued.  “So now it’s your family’s turn to help you through this pregnancy.”

I arched my eyebrows, “Help me with it, or try to end it?”

This question made all of them look on puzzled, but it was Ki who cottoned on.

“Hang on,” the Medicine Man spoke up, “I think I can see why Aunt B is getting so worked up.”

“Then enlighten us, please!”  Declan cried out, exasperated.