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(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


WARNING: this breed is both the largest and the strongest and coincidentally, the most dangerous.

~Physical Characteristics~

The appearance of a European Werewolf is a giant, hairless beast, part man and part wolf.

When they change from human to other, their height almost doubles and their width triples. Their weight is attributed to their strength, which is increased by a hundred fold and even in human form, its overpowering. Both men and women can turn into this breed; however, females are not as strong or as large as their male counterparts.

They have glowing green eyes, with their circular pupils changing into narrow slits. In Werewolf form, they can see infrared which aids in their hunting. Their hands and feet become claw-like, which are sharp and strong and can cut through metal. Their heads take on canine features with a short, stubby snout over jaws of razor sharp teeth. The colouring of the European Werewolf changes, depending on the hair colour in human form. For a person with blonde hair, their hairless skin becomes a light tanned colour; for a person with brown hair, they become brown all over; for a person with black hair, their hairless skin turns a black colour.

The European Werewolf’s sense of smell is almost a match to the Asian Werewolf and they are the second fastest of the species. Although this breed can walk upright, it runs on all-fours and can reach speeds up to 300 km/h. They have the highest body temperature of all the Werewolves, consistently sitting at 43 degrees Celsius, which in a human being would be fatal.

This breed is a man-eater and is capable of changing in between full moon cycles, to hunt human. Because of their large appetites, the bloodlust is the strongest in their kind, which causes them to constantly crave human flesh. Coincidentally, many turn into sociopaths since their dangerous cravings conflict with society's morals.

European Werewolves live the longest, up to 300 years old. With such a longevity they do not become elderly until they reach 250 years. However, since they are extensively hunted by European Vampires, it's seldom they reach old age. European Werewolves are superior healers of all the breeds and are able to regenerate from almost all kinds of injuries. It is for this reason that European Vampires hunt them, to drink their blood and temporarily take on their regenerative capabilities. However, like all Shape Shifters, this breed is severely allergic to silver. The few ways to kill a European Werewolf is decapitation, or to run a silver sword through its heart, or silver bullets through both its heart and its head.

It's postured that one of the reasons why European Werewolves have such a powerful regenerative ability, is because their enemy the European Vampire has poisonous fangs. Their poison will not kill the Werewolf, but it can paralyse the monster for up to seven days. However, European Werewolves can heal each other from poisoning by sharing blood. The ingestion of another's life force strengthens their body's immune system and adds to their own.


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(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


~Physical Characteristics~

This breed appears the most like a wolf when it shifts shape.

The body completely changes from an upright, bipedal human appearance, to a four-legged form of a large wolf, with a silvery-grey coat. The fur springs forth from the pores in the skin then retreats back into the body, when they revert. They have white eyes with small black dots, as pupils. In the dark, their eyes appear to be glowing white, by reflecting the light. In their Werewolf form, this breed does have night-vision.

Asian Werewolves walk and run on all fours, with their shoulder and hip bones contorting to adjust to the front and back legs. Indeed in their supernatural form, it's hard to distinguish an Asian Werewolf from a Grey Wolf, except for the white eyes, larger size and their front legs being slightly shorter than their back legs. With such a dramatic shape shift, the Asian Werewolf is the only breed which remains in their supernatural form if they should die as such, whereas the others return to human.

Their strength increases by twenty fold and both males and females, can change into this breed; with females just as strong and as fast as their male counterparts. Although Asian Werewolves are not as strong as the other kinds, they are the fastest, running up to speeds of 400 km/h. They are also the best trackers as their sense of smell is legendary. There are stories of victims being unable to escape a vendetta placed on them, even if they moved to the other side of the world.

The life span of this breed is up to 150 years and even if the Asian Werewolf is elderly, it's still strong and fast in its supernatural form. Like all breeds, the full moon triggers its bloodlust and causes it to shape shift. However, it can also turn without this influence, when it's tracking a target or to engage in combat.


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(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


~Physical Characteristics~

The North American Werewolf has the physical appearance of an upright wolf, which walks and runs on its hind legs.

The hands and feet are changed from a human’s five fingers and toes to four, with the small finger and toe conjoining. The North American Werewolf is completely covered in a reddish-brown fur, with a narrow snout and tall ears. Their eyes are completely black and although they cannot see infrared, they have night-vision. Their teeth as well as their nails, become elongated and sharp.

This breed doesn't have supernatural speed like the other breeds of Werewolves. However, they have exceptional hearing, detecting the slightest of noise. They are excellent trackers and can smell their quarry up to distances of a hundred kilometres away. Their physical strength increases by fifty fold when they change, like the Lokoti Werewolf. But unlike their supernatural 'brothers', both men and women can change if they are bitten and the female is just as strong as her male counterpart.

The North American Werewolf has the same lifespan as a human. Like other breeds, the full moon triggers their bloodlust and forces them to change. Even if they are elderly, they are still covered in a reddish-brown fur and are supernaturally strong. They are also allergic to silver, but this breed doesn't have the regenerative capabilities like the others do. This means they can be killed by normal bullets, if they were shot through the heart or head.

This species changes involuntarily every full moon and ‘black out’ during the process. In some cases, humans who change into this breed are not even aware that they are a North American Werewolf. As they have only been sighted during a full moon, it's conjectured they may transform only during this period.

When the moon is full, this breed will hunt human. It's because of this, they are often found living in the country. When they become aware of their supernatural state, they attempt to isolate themselves for the safety of others. However, due to the 'black outs', this attempt turns futile when the bloodlust takes control.


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(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


~Physical Characteristics~

This breed appears the most ‘human’ in supernatural form, because they maintain their humanoid shape.

When a Lokoti Werewolf shape shifts from human to other, their muscles expand in size as their strength increases by fifty fold. Their eyes glow a different colour, e.g. brown eyes turn blue or yellow. No member of the pack has the same coloured glowing eyes and indeed, a colour can be passed down to the next in genealogy. In their supernatural state, their sight can take on infrared qualities to assist in hunting. Their hand and toenails increase in size and thickness, to become claw-like, as their teeth become elongated and sharper; in particular their canine teeth.

This breed of Werewolf is always male, with fifteen in the pack - no more and no less. When a pack member dies, a human male from the tribe is ‘activated’, going through the change on the next full moon. It has become evident that the Lokoti Werewolf gene is inherited in all males of the tribe. The age a new Lokoti Werewolf is activated, is typically between 10 - 25 years old.

They have lightening fast reflexes, and can run up to speeds of 200 km/h. Lokoti Werewolves have a keen sense of smell and can track quarry up to 100 km’s away. After tasting the blood of their mate, they can track their female's scent over large distances, sometimes up to thousands of kilometres.

The Lokoti Werewolf pack is empathic and can communicate with its members by ESP. Although this breed isn't as skilled as telepaths, they can send out short commands to one another. They empathically sense when another of the pack is in trouble and the same when they take a human female for a mate. They become attuned to the other members and their mate, by feeling their emotions.

This breed no longer hunts human. They successfully placate their bloodlust with animal flesh. Every full moon, the pack hunts together to chase down their quarry on foot, and attack using their claws and elongated teeth. Lokoti Werewolves hunt large game in Alaska, such as caribou, moose, grizzly, black bear, Dall sheep etc. However, they are so attuned to their environment, they can sense when numbers are low and move on to hunt other quarry.

On this note, they are tied to their hunting grounds, so much so they can wane if they are away for long periods of time. They will also wane if they're separated from their pack or mate. When this occurs, the first sign is they can lose control of the bloodlust, although never turning on family or a human in the tribe. Their protective instinct even dominates their murderous inclinations. The second sign is severe depression where the Lokoti Werewolf may lose their will to live and die in their sleep, even if they're not elderly.

However, they have an unusually long lifespan, which can reach up to 200 years. They do not become elderly until surpassing their hundredth birthday. But even in old age, they retain their supernatural strength when they shape shift from human to other. This is due to the bloodlust, as they continue to hunt every full moon, until death.

This breed is supernaturally fast healers; however, like all Werewolves, they are severely allergic to silver. When a Lokoti Werewolf is wounded, another member of the pack will share their blood to aid in their regeneration. This breed can recover from most injuries, although not all. In supernatural form, if one is shot in the head and heart by a normal bullet, there is a fifty percent chance that they will recover. However, if one was riddled with a multitude of bullets, they can die.


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SSIT Report On The Different Breeds Of Werewolf

(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)

SSIT Report On The Different Breeds Of Werewolf


The following report by the Supernatural Scientific Investigative Team is an analysis of the different breeds of Werewolves in the world.

Unlike Vampires, whose species can be found in most countries, Werewolves are localized to certain continents. No breeds were found in Africa, Australia or South America because other Shape Shifters or paranormal predators claim the African and South American region. Whereas with Australia, it is believed but not yet verified that before the continents divided after the Gondwanaland period, Werewolf migration had not spread that far.

From Elisha Worthall utilizing the Circulate’s 25th Century technology, she was able to see back into the Mesozoic era. The Circulator worked in conjunction with her Calculator Patrick O’Flannigan, to track the history of the ‘First Werewolf’ by homing in on the Werewolf’s DNA.

It is now documented that the First Werewolf was a hot-blooded creature, with teeth and claws similar to the Raptor. In fact, the Raptor was the most closely related to this creature in physical characteristics, but it fell short in height and surprisingly, in temperament. Indeed, the only predator that was game to hunt the First Werewolf was the largest of all carnivores, the T-Rex.

If the First Werewolf’s prey survived an attack, they would begin to develop many of the First Werewolf’s physical characteristics. This was from the dominant Shape Shifter DNA present in the First Werewolf’s saliva. The prey in turn, would spread these characteristics when they hunted. Even previous herbivores would turn into carnivores from their mutation. Thus, the Werewolf DNA was spread with each new breed of Werewolf developing.

When the meteor impacted and dust blanketed Earth in an icy darkness, the First Werewolf’s ‘followers’ managed to survive by going into hibernation. Then, as life on the surface of the planet changed, so did its mutated followers. To prevent itself from becoming extinct, the changed prey bred with another species that was the closest that came to a genetic cousin; an early form of the Canidae family. From this coupling, its offspring came to feature more canine aspects.

The First Werewolf’s offspring lost it’s hard, protective, reptilian-like scales that covered its skin, but its superior strength remained. It also began to decrease in size, with each new mutation through the eons. Today, the breed that most resembles the First Werewolf is the European Werewolf. The size, strength and temperament of this monster today, is in direct hereditary descent from its prehistoric forefather.

Werewolves are man-eaters, attributing their longevity from the bloodlust demanding fresh kill. The only exception to this rule is the Lokoti Werewolf, who started out hunting human, but for the safety of the humans in the Lokoti Tribe, they were able to curb their bloodlust towards animal. Interestingly, the Lokoti Werewolf is the only breed that is not directly descended from the First Werewolf. Similar to animal-spirit possession in other Shape Shifters in Africa; the Lokoti Tribe’s history indicates that they were created from both the sharing of blood and spirit between a Lokoti Wolf - a rare subspecies of Grey Wolf in Alaska - and a human tribal member.

With all breeds of Werewolf, four commonalities can be found:

* Allergy to silver; all species of Werewolves like Vampires and other Shape Shifters, are allergic to this metal. They can be killed by either a silver bullet to the heart and brain, or a silver sword through the heart.

* The change when a Werewolf shifts its shape from human to beast.

* The bloodlust which is the controlling urge to feast on fresh flesh.

* The impact of the full moon on the bloodlust, which can trigger a Werewolf to shape shift.

Scanning the cellular structure of several species of Vampire and breeds of Werewolf, it became apparent that both are Shape Shifters. They are able to alter their physical form to hunt or when engaged in combat. The basic ‘fight or flight’ instinct appears to be the trigger, which engages a Shape Shifter’s change. However, a Werewolf shifts their shape the most, particularly the Asian Werewolf.

After further years of extensive study and travelling, we came to realize that similar to human beings, Werewolves also had different physical characteristics. Just as with natural species, supernatural creatures also adapt differently depending on their environment. Some Werewolves were susceptive to meeting us under the strictest understanding that their names would be excluded and the reports would be made confidential. Others, particularly the more dangerous of the breeds, were studied under subterfuge.

Due to the predatory nature of the European Werewolf, when we filmed this breed changing, this was done covertly by Elisha Worthall acting alone. Since European Werewolves are man-eaters, Elisha Worthall was able to use her Circulator ability to instantaneously phase out of danger as soon as the Werewolf picked up her scent. Those who were open to our research were the Lokoti Werewolf pack and one of the Asian Werewolves, from the Hsu Clan.

For a tentative first meeting, Elisha Worthall met three members of the Lokoti Werewolf pack, who were on the Council of Lokoti Tribal Elders. An exchange of information was initiated; in return for SSIT investigating the Lokoti Werewolf, the tribe was permitted to learn about Elisha Worthall’s ability as a Circulator. She was instantly recognized as such, whom the Lokoti call ‘The Light People’.

A productive union was formed between SSIT and the tribe, as we shared our notes on the four breeds; Lokoti, Asian, European and North American Werewolves. It was from the Lokoti that my associate learned something new about herself; she was informed that Circulators have auras, which can be seen by Werewolves. In fact, we learned that Werewolves could also see a psychic's aura, as can other Shape Shifters such as Vampires.

The Lokoti Werewolves are highly respected by the human members of the tribe, and the secrecy of who was a Werewolf is closely guarded. Indeed, secrecy as Werewolves was a common theme in all of the breeds that were investigated. Just as human murderers must hide their crimes from society to avoid punishment; the Werewolves must hide their supernatural identities to ensure their feeding and therefore survival. This became apparent in every breed but the Lokoti Werewolves, who continue to hunt and feed on human.


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SSIT Reports

Published by K.R. Smith
Front Cover By Isabel de Sequera.

What similarities does an Asian Werewolf share with a European Vampire? Or a North American Werewolf to a Human/Animal Shape Shifter? Why are European Werewolves the most dangerous breed of Werewolf in the world? What do they have in common with a Lokoti Werewolf? Read about the physical appearances, history and methods of reproduction of the subjects in the reports. Discover who are man-eaters and who are not, or who is friend and who is foe.

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“I smell better?”

(Excerpt from Claimed)

I woke up properly at 6.33 PM or so my watch said, as I straightened and looked out the window. I still saw mountains, forest and highway in the bright ‘twilight’ of the Alaskan summer. The sun didn’t set until late here, and when we were camping, the sunlight up until 11 PM; threw my sleeping pattern out of whack.

“We’ll be in Anchorage in just under an hour,” Flint greeted.

“I slept for that long?” I sounded surprised.

“You’re very tired and your blood sugar is still a little low.” He sounded understanding.

But I wondered how he would know about blood sugar levels, or even mine?

“Do you have a relative who’s a diabetic?” I asked.


“Then how do you know so much about it?”

Flint smilingly shrugged, “I smell it.”

“You smell it?” I gave a peculiar look.

Then he changed the subject, “do you have somewhere to stay tonight?”

“Um yeah, I have a reservation at the Sheraton.” I told him, but then I paused. “Oh oh.”


“I did have a reservation at the Sheraton, but it was for a room booked under Steve’s name.” I frowned. “I wonder…?”

“Hmm?” He watched me take my mobile phone out of my bag.

“Yes, finally! I have reception again!” I cheered then I talked on the phone. “Yeah hi, can you please put me through to the Sheraton Hotel in Anchorage? Thanks.” Pause. “Hi, is this the Sheraton Hotel in Anchorage? Great! Um, I had a reservation tonight under the name of Steve Gingall, but I won’t be checking in with him. Is it possible to have a room of my own, charged to my credit card? You’re completely booked up?”

Flint watched my face fall, as he listened in.

“Right. Right. Right.” My expression turned grim, before brightening. “Oh really? Could you please double check? Uh huh. Uh huh. Oh you do? That’s great! I don’t care, just book it in the name of Jessica Tandy. Yep. Uh huh. Well, check-in will probably be in an hour. Yep, OK bye.”

Then I found my driver was half watching the road, and the other half was on me.

“You have a room?” He guessed.

“Phew! They were all booked up, but then they had a last minute cancellation. Yay! Oh Flint, this is good news! Tonight I’ll be sleeping in a comfortable bed, after a long hot shower, and ordering up a banquet from room service!”

“That is good news, as it’s just what you were hoping for.” He smiled.

“So what are you doing tonight?” I queried. “Are you staying with friends in Anchorage?”

“No, I’ll be driving home tonight.” He answered.

His reply hit me hard in the face, like a plank of wood. Immediately, I felt like an idiot! That’s me taken care of, but what about him?

“Oh no Flint!” I cried out. “You can’t do that! Look, I’ll call the hotel back and see if they’ve had another cancellation -”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Let me pay for your accommodation!” I raised the phone to my ear. “It’s the least I can do.”

“Jessica, please.” He kept one hand on the wheel, as he used his other to gently take the phone away. “I want to drive back home tonight.”

“But why?”

“I don’t like to be away from tribal lands for too long,” he shrugged.


“Because they’re my home.”

“But you’ve already driven four and a half hours, out of your way for me.” I said guiltily.

“It wasn’t out of my way.”

“Yes it was! I’m just some strange girl that stumbled into your bar, who nearly went into shock because of low blood sugar and a shitty camping trip…” I felt ridiculous as my eyes watered, “…and I must have looked like some social reject, with the crappy boyfriend. You took pity on me and drove me all the way to Anchorage!”

“I was concerned about your health,” he admitted, “but you smell much better, after the food and the nap.”

“I smell better?” My eyebrows rose. “Look Flint, let me repay you by shouting you a room in a nice hotel -”

“Jessica,” he growled out, as he gently cupped my face with one hand. It was so large and warm, somehow it warmed me all over. He looked away from the road, just long enough to pierce my light blue eyes with his dark brown ones. “I liked driving you to Anchorage. I’m happy that I got to spend four hours with the beautiful girl who stumbled into the bar, where I play pool. I watched your face while you slept, and I put my jacket over you to keep you warm. If you lived all the way in Barrow, I still would have seen you home.”

Then I don’t know what made me act this way, but I held his huge hand in my smaller two, as I kissed his palm.


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So I’m attracted to the guy, so what?

(Excerpt from Claimed)

Twenty minutes later, I found myself sitting on the front seat, of a blue pick-up truck and riding shot gun down the highway.

The vehicle was old, so the suspension wasn’t the best but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Every time there was a bump in the road, I practically went ‘boing boing boing’ on the seat. The leather seat was so springy, it almost served as the truck’s suspension in itself.

Our seatbelts were fastened and the tiny township of Alma, was a couple of miles behind. A comfortable silence filled the cab, as I didn’t feel obliged to talk and neither did he. Besides, I was enjoying the scenery of the dark green pines, contrasted against the majestic, snowy peaks.

“Oh,” he spoke after a while, “I got some snacks and drinks, in case you get hungry.”

His hand moved over my lap to the glove compartment, to show the goods.

I saw two cans of cola and a packet of plain potato chips; “er, thanks.”

My heart pounded, as his hand closed the compartment again and moved back over my lap, to return to the wheel.

“How about some music?” He turned on the radio. Country music filled the cabin and I held my tongue. However, Flint Riverclaw was a remarkably perceptive person, as I was starting to see. “You don’t like country?”

“Um, if you want to listen, I don’t mind.” I tried to be polite.

Instead, he moved the dial around to find something else but we didn’t have a huge range of stations, to choose from. There was more country music, old rock songs from the 1950’s, or classical.

“It’s a four hour drive to Anchorage,” I said guiltily, “if you want to listen to country music then go ahead.”

“You don’t like silence?” He flashed a grin, my way.

“OK…” I managed back nervously, “…I can be quiet.”

“I don’t mind conversation, either.” He chuckled. “I like silence, I like talking and I like country music.”

Just then I laughed at how he put that, as he made me realize that I was the one who was making me nervous, not him.

So I’m attracted to the guy, so what? I may as well as enjoy his company for the four hours I have it. After tonight, I may never see him again.

“Flint, I feel like I’m always saying the wrong thing around you!” I cried out, with a pink face.

“That’s a pity, because I like your voice.” He smilingly looked out at the road ahead.

“I like your voice too, it’s very deep.” I decided to give honesty a shot. “Why are you unmarried, Flint?”

“Why are you?” He returned. “I’ve never met the woman I wanted to marry.”

“And I’ve never met the right man.”

“Tell me Jessica Tandy, who is this ‘right man’?” He smirked.

“You mean what do I look for?” I guessed and when he gave a nod, I continued, “well somebody tall, somebody polite, somebody whose company is easy going. I’d like someone smart or intelligent, so I can talk about world news, instead of just sport… what kind of woman are you looking for?”

“I’m not,” he said simply.


“If I fall in love with a woman, I simply will. I can’t tell myself who I must fall in love with, as it doesn’t work like that. The person I end up with, will simply be the person I fell in love with.”

I frowned, “then why are you unmarried? If you haven’t found the woman yet, whose qualities you weren’t looking for anyway, you could have fallen for any old person.”

“I haven’t fallen in love.” He shrugged. “I haven’t met the woman whom I wanted to be with, for the rest of my life.”

“Oh, so you’re looking for the thunderbolt?”

Now he passed me the peculiar look. “Huh?”

“You’re waiting for love at first sight?”

“No, I don’t believe in love at first sight.” He shook his head. “I believe in attraction at first sight, but I don’t believe in love at first sight.”

“OK Flint, you’ve confused me.” I sounded cross, but I was smiling which he saw. “Tell me how you see it then.”

“This ‘woman’ we keep talking about, I assumed I’d be attracted to her in the beginning. After I spend some time with her then I might fall in love. I’ve been attracted to a couple of women, over the years. I’ve spent time with them. But I didn’t fall in love, so I did not marry.”

“Just like that,” I tittered at his easy-going view. “Hey, why did you call Steve my mate, before? In your culture do you -”

“In my tribe, if a man and woman live together, they’re mates.” He shrugged. “Since you went camping with him, I thought you may have lived together.”

“So the woman you live with, will become your mate?” I asked in amusement.

“Yes, she will bear my young and we will be mates.”

“Sounds like the animal kingdom,” I said to myself, as I looked away.

“Which animal though?” He overheard. “Some animals mate to reproduce, then they separate. Other animals, like the wolf or the fox, take a mate and they stay with that mate, for life.”

“Really, do foxes do that? I didn’t know…” my eyebrows rose, “…I didn’t know wolves were old romantics either.”

“In a pack, the male wolves fight each other to become first, as do the females. Then the first male and the first female mate, and the other wolves help them raise the young.” Flint explained.

“Sounds like a lot of work, just to get laid,” I joked.

“Has a man proposed to you, Jessica Tandy?” He asked, out of the blue.


“Why didn’t you marry this person?”

“Because something just wasn’t right about him,” I sighed. “I mean, he was a nice guy but there was something missing.”

“Were you in love with him?”

“I thought I was, but now I don’t know.”

“Was it Steve?”

“Hell no!” I cracked up laughing, as did he. “It was two guys before him. I actually did live with this guy I nearly married, for about two years.”

“Do you have children?”

“No,” I shook my head, “good ole pregnancy prevention methods, protected me from that catastrophe. But funnily enough, it was the idea that I didn’t want to have children with this guy, which made me not accept his proposal.”

“He did not make you feel safe?” Flint guessed.

“Actually, I think it was something like that.” I looked his way, impressed again at his perceptiveness.

“Then Jessica, instead of looking for a man to talk about world news with, why don’t you look for one whom you feel safe with.” He said gently.

I stared out at the long road ahead, tiredly resting my head on my hand, which was propped up against the door.

“Maybe you’re right,” I said wearily, “or maybe I’ll just give up and grow into an old spinster, surrounded by cats?”

Flint laughed aloud, “with your pretty blue eyes, it would be a shame.”

“It’s not a bad life.” I shrugged it off. “I won’t be lonely, my best friend would never let that happen.”

“My friends don’t let me get lonely, either.” He smiled softly. “They have mates and young, but if they think I’ve been alone for too long, they come to visit.”

“So do you have an apartment somewhere?”

“I built a log cabin, which is as big as a house. It has three bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living area and front veranda.”

“You built a log cabin, by yourself?” I stared and he nodded. “It sounds like you don’t like to get bored.”

“Occasionally I had help, such as with the plumbing or electricity.” He explained. “But I built it myself, over two years. The land it’s on, has always been in my family. It’s away from the community centre of our tribal lands, so it’s quiet and secluded, amongst the trees.”

“It sounds peaceful,” I smiled sleepily, as my eyes started to close by themselves. “Tell me more about your house and your tribal lands, Flint.”

He paused, and I sensed he looked over and saw how tired I was. So he started to talk softly, as if he was telling a child a story. It suited his deep voice, which lulled me into a relaxed state.

“The Lokoti have always lived in the same place, in the Alaska Range. The majority of it is a large National Park, where my people hunt. We have always lived off the land and will continue to do so. We get our meat, pelts, timber and vegetables from the land. Our tribal lands are older than the township of Alma, and older than the state of Alaska. We follow our own ways, which were born from loyalty and love long ago. We live by the old traditions, because it protects our families and it protects the land. What your people call, ‘land conservation’ or ‘environmentally friendly’, is what we’ve been doing for thousands of years. By respecting nature and her gifts, we also learn respect for each other. The man who takes a woman as his mate, protects and provides for her, just as the male Lokoti Wolf fights for his mate, in the wild…”

Flint kept talking in a soft manner, it soon put me to sleep.

A couple of times I opened my eyes, to make sure we were still on the highway and I wasn’t being kidnapped. However the long stretch of asphalt ahead, always greeted me. I wasn’t sure what it was about this giant called Flint Riverclaw; but in his company I felt warm, comfortable and most of all safe. The last time I opened my eyes, I found a man’s jacket resting over my bare legs, which must have been his.


Friday, August 19, 2011

“You’re just going to hop in your vehicle and drive me, a complete stranger, all the way to Anchorage?”

(Excerpt from Claimed)

Just then we were interrupted, when Steve carried over the empty beer jug to order another.

“Can I get another jug of Bud?” He asked the bartender. Simultaneously as I blanched at the idea they were drinking more; he looked over and noticed I wasn’t sitting alone. He fired up, “there you are! We were wondering where you got to.”

“I had to get an orange juice.” I spoke crisply. “My blood sugar was low.”

Flint’s eyes narrowed, “Jessica has been sitting here for the past ten minutes, she wouldn’t have been hard to spot from where you’re sitting.”

Steve’s eyes narrowed back, as he came over to put a possessive hand on my back.

“So you’re drinking orange juice with her?” He asked snidely. “Or is there vodka in yours and hers drinks?”

“I don’t drink alcohol,” Flint said warily, “and with Jessica being a diabetic, it wouldn’t be wise for her to drink either, until her blood sugar level has returned to normal.”

“Well thank you for baby-sitting her,” Steve said sarcastically, “but she’ll be coming back to sit with her friends again.”

“No,” I shrugged off his hand, “not unless.”

“Huh?” He uttered, as his breath reeked of beer.

“Not unless you stop drinking right now, and we all hop into the rental and drive to Anchorage!” I snapped.

“Jess, we have the tents! We can camp on the side of the road and get up at dawn, to finish the drive. Brian and I talked about it. You’re not gonna miss your flight.” Steve rolled his eyes, like I was the one being difficult.

My heart pounded as my eyes widened with fear that I could be stranded...

“I’ll drive you to Anchorage.” Flint said simply.

“What?” Both our heads snapped around in surprise.

“I’ll drive you to Anchorage, when you’ve eaten your burger.” He said calmly, as he held my gaze.

“What burger?” Steve tipsily looked around.

Perfectly timed, a hamburger with the lot and a side of fries, was carried out by a younger Native Alaskan man, wearing an apron.

He placed it on the counter before Flint, who slid the plate before me.

“Thanks Harry,” he patted the younger man, on the arm.

“No problem, Flint.” The youth smiled back, before he returned to the kitchen.

“Mmm yum!” Steve picked up a couple of fries, to jam into his mouth. “Good idea, Jess. I’m hungry!”

Flint didn’t like this and he stood up to tower over his opposition. With his height and width, he easily dwarfed Steve. He looked dangerously upon the male who was interfering.

“I bought the burger for Jessica, I didn’t buy it for you.” He almost growled out.

“Fine,” Steve drunkenly laughed, “if that’s the way it is, Jess is getting strange men to buy her burgers in bars? Then it’s fine with me! You can make your own way to Anchorage.”

“Wait!” I stood up frightened, as this situation went from bad to worse. “Steve, please just take me to Anchorage? Tonight? I’ll even get a separate hotel room, if you like. You can break up with me in Anchorage and we’ll never have to see each other again. Just take me to Anchorage?”

“Oh, now you want to be with me, huh? Burger boy doesn’t cut it?” He raised his voice. “Sure this guy is as big as a lumberjack, but I bet he’s not a Partner in one of Seattle’s top law firms! What’s his salary per year? One dollar per tree he cuts down?”

I thought I heard another growl come from Flint, as I tried to calm the situation down.

“C’mon Steve, it’s not like that! Flint was just being nice.” I said desperately. “He saw me shaking because of my low sugar level, and he bought me some food and drink. Please just take me to Anchorage tonight? Please?”

“Jess, I told you what our plans are tonight! Stop your nagging! Man, we’ve only dated for two months, and you’re already trying to tell me what to do?” He turned away, to pay for his jug of beer.

“The lady is frightened, especially when she’s unwell and she’s far from home. A real man would see to the woman’s safety first, especially the woman he supposedly has feelings for.” Flint spoke coldly.

“Oh is THAT what a real man would do?” Steve taunted. “I bet that you know a lot of ‘real’ men, all the way up north, cold and alone, huh burger boy?”

“Steve!” My face burned bright red. “Don’t be such an asshole!”

Now the bartender got involved, when he put down the new jug. However he moved it away again, after he heard the arguing. Indeed, the whole bar was watching.

“I think you’ve drunk enough, friend.” The bartender looked on warily.

“Excuse me?” Steve turned on him. “What kind of customer service do you call this?”

The older man looked from Flint to back to him, before he said calmly; “maybe you and your friends should leave.”

“I could sue you for this!” Steve said sulkily. “But you wouldn’t be worth the paper work.”

As he returned to the table to talk to Brian and Abi, I grabbed my handbag and prepared to go with him, in case they were driving to Anchorage now.

Flint calmly looked down into my face with his great height; “I’ll drive you to Anchorage Jessica, after you’ve eaten.”

That gave me pause, as I looked on his face which seemed open and kind.

“Why?” I wondered. “Are you going to Anchorage yourself?”

“I’ll drive you there and make sure you don’t miss your plane,” he said seriously.

“You’re just going to hop in your vehicle and drive me, a complete stranger, all the way to Anchorage?” I asked in disbelief.

“I think it’d be safer than if you remained with your friends, who’ve been drinking.” He said then he leaned in closer and when he did, I got a whiff of whatever aftershave he was wearing. Man, did this guy smell good! He spoke softly, “you have nothing to fear from me, Jessica Tandy. I will make sure you don’t come to harm.”

I don’t know if it was from how deep and gravely his voice sounded then, or his addictive aftershave, or even if it was just his handsome face? Maybe it was all of the above, but my strong attraction made me believe him.

In the corner of my eye, I noticed Abi and Brian get up from the booth, and she looked uncertain. Whereas Brian and Steven went over to the door, she walked over to where I was standing at the bar, to speak to me direct.

“Um, Jess? We’re leaving for Anchorage now. Are you coming?”

“Jessica has a ride to Anchorage,” Flint answered for me.

She looked over the tall stranger warily, before she leaned in to speak quietly; “look, I know Steve can be a bit loud when he’s drinking. But we are driving back to Anchorage tonight, for our flights tomorrow. I don’t think it’s a bright idea, to get a ride with a stranger you only just met in a bar, Jess.”

“You’re only driving to Anchorage now, because you’ve been kicked out of the bar, Abi.” I replied curtly, offended at how she just made me sound!

“Jessica can call her parents in Seattle, and give them my name, address and my number plate. If anything happens to her in Anchorage then they’ll know how to contact me.” Flint organized.

Abi looked on in distrust, “we’re out of range for our mobile phones.”

Instantly, he called on the bartender; “Charlie, can we use your phone?”

“Here we go Flint,” the bartender who I now knew as Charlie, immediately lifted it up from behind the bar.

Flint told him, “Jessica needs to call her parents in Seattle, to tell them I’ll be driving her to Anchorage.”

“It’s the safe thing to do, Miss.” Charlie gave me a nod. “I mean, I can speak for Flint, since he’s a good man? But if anything happens to you in Anchorage, at least your parents will know where you are.”

“Er, my parents are actually in Michigan, I live in Washington State.” My face flushed at their attention. “But I have a best friend I can call, in Seattle.”

“Go right ahead,” Charlie pushed the phone closer.

“Jess!” Abi looked guilty. “Just come with us, we’re leaving now.”

“I’ll get Jessica’s things from your RV, while she makes the calls.” Flint told her. “Then she’s going to eat her burger and afterwards, I’ll drive her to Anchorage.”

“I’ll speak to the guys and see if they can wait, while you eat.” She said annoyed.

Now SHE was getting annoyed at ME? That’s it, I’ve had it up to here!

“Oh, I’m so sorry for having low blood sugar that I need to eat instead of just drink beer. I’m sorry I couldn’t cook over an open fire, so I’ve practically been starving all week! Especially since everybody who’s been camping before, didn’t offer to help! I’m sorry my college education didn’t include putting up tents! I’m sorry I made such a fuss about using a tree for a f***ing bathroom, or I can’t bathe in a freezing cold river! I’m sorry I’ve been looking forward to a hotel room in Anchorage all week, where I can shower, sleep in a proper bed and order room service!” I vented.

“Fine!” She said indignantly. “But I’ve never met anyone that has complained as much as you do, Jess!”

“Of course I’ve complained!” I shouted back. “Diabetics get shitty when we’re cold, hungry and tired!”

Suddenly the whole Bar erupted into laughter, which included Flint and Charlie.

Abi’s face turned bright red, whereas Steve and Brian turned and left angry.

“I’d get shitty if I was cold, hungry and tired all week too,” one of the men at the counter, chuckled.

“And the showers! Don’t forget the showers,” one of the Native Alaskan men Flint had been playing pool with, laughed along.

“When our pulsating, massage, shower head broke, my wife was shitty for two weeks!” The Native Alaskan man with the short hair, guffawed.

Flint put his hand over mine, which felt warm and strong and even soothed somehow.

“You sit and eat whilst I get your things,” he ordered gently.

Unconsciously, I found myself doing what he said, as I returned to the stool. I watched him leave the bar with her, when I saw one of his friends, walk out after him. It was as if they were worried that MY friends were the dangerous ones!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

“Yeah, I do look like I’m trying too hard to belong in the Alaskan wilderness, don’t I?”

(Excerpt from Claimed)

The bathrooms weren’t as dirty as I had imagined, nor were they that clean. I placed my handbag on top of the sink and took out the small pack, I always had on me as per doctors orders. I pricked my finger, before eying the readouts of my sugar level, with dissatisfaction.

I really needed a hot meal. I really needed to shower and climb into a comfortable bed. I really couldn’t miss that flight tomorrow, at 10 AM. I really couldn’t miss my Monday morning meeting.

The more worried I felt, the worse my shaking grew… I felt like bursting into tears at the lousy time I was having! Back in Seattle, Steve had been a nice guy but with this camping trip, we both had seen a new side in each other. He had turned into a cold, obnoxious male and I had turned into a nagging, nervous wreck!

I’m NEVER going camping again! I hate Alaska! I want to go home to Washington State!

I packed away the diabetics kit into my handbag, before I walked back out. Instead of returning to the booth, I went and sat on a stool at the bar. I tried to sit patiently as I waited to be served, but my trembling went from bad to worse.

When I raised my hand to attract the attention of the bartender who was chatting to another patron, my hand shook uncontrollably!

“Charlie!” Suddenly, a loud voice boomed. I jumped in surprise, just as the bartender did. We both saw it was the handsome, older, Native Alaskan man, now standing beside me. “The lady needs a drink.”

The middle-aged, male bartender immediately came over, “what can I get for you today, Miss?”

“Um, can I please have an orange juice?” I managed out.

I had to hug my hands between my legs, to try to stop the shaking.

“And she needs to eat,” the handsome man added, whilst looking on my hands in my lap.

“What would you like?” The bartender pulled out a pen and pad.

“Um…” I tried to think, but I couldn’t clearly.

“Make it a burger with the lot,” the man spoke for me again, before he looked my way. “Is that OK? It practically has all of the five food groups, in one meal.”

“Hey, Harry? We need a burger with the lot!” The bartender called over his shoulder, to an open doorway where the kitchen must be.

To my further surprise, next the handsome stranger handed over a twenty dollar bill, to pay for me!

“No!” I cried out, a little loudly by accident. I scrambled for my purse, but the bartender took the man’s money and moved away. I tried to hold my purse steady, as I pulled out another twenty dollar note. “Here, take it.”

“You come from a city, don’t you?” The stranger smiled in amusement.

“What has that to do with it?”

“Here, when a person is shouted a meal and a drink, they simply say ‘thanks’.” He said evenly.

“But I don’t come from around here, so I won’t be able to pay you back.” I tried to point out.

He openly looked over my hiking boots, cargo shorts and water-proof jacket, all of which I had bought recently, for this camping trip from hell.

“Yeah, I guessed you weren’t from around here,” the man joked.

Self-consciously, I looked down at my appearance, before I looked back.

“Yeah, I do look like I’m trying too hard to belong in the Alaskan wilderness, don’t I?” I laughed nervously.

“Why try?” The man leaned on the bar. “Most people here, all come from somewhere else. Except my people of course, as we’ve always been here.”

“Yeah, I guess from your appearance I can see that too.” I laughed as did he.

“I’m Lokoti,” he said.

“Oh, hi Lokoti.” I offered him my hand to shake. “I’m Jessica Tandy.”

“No, my name’s not Lokoti, it’s the name of my people.” He chuckled, as we shook on it. “MY name is Flint Riverclaw.”

“Oh!” I blushed at my stupidity. “Sorry.”

The bartender put a tall glass of OJ before me, before he moved away to continue his conversation with the other patron.

I tried to keep my hands steady, as I took hold of the glass and raised it to my mouth. But my hands shook so badly, the man kindly put out his hand to help hold it. I felt my face burn in embarrassment, as I drank half the glass, before he lowered it.

“I’m sorry, I’m – I’m diabetic...” I continued to blush, “…my sugar levels are a little low at the moment.”

“Hmm, I smelled that.” Flint Riverclaw frowned in concern.

“You smelled that?” I echoed, thinking that it was an odd thing to say.

Then I watched him flash an angry look at the booth, where Steve was sitting. However, my boyfriend’s back was to us, as he was laughing away with Brian and Abi. The three didn’t appear to be feeling my absence.

“Your mate should be looking after you.” Flint said in disapproval, whilst glaring at Steve’s back.

“My who? My boyfriend? Well, I don’t think he’s going to be my boyfriend for much longer.” I glared into my glass.

“You are unmarried?” He looked on, in partial surprise. “I thought you were with the male who was over there, with his friends.”

“You mean my soon-to-be ‘ex’? No, we were never married. We only started dating two months ago. When he invited me up here, to go camping with he and his friends? I thought to myself, ‘well he knows I’m not the outdoors type, but he must be serious about this relationship if he wants me to go away with him’. But this has been the week from hell! He and his friends have done nothing but laugh at me, because I couldn’t put up a tent, I couldn’t start a fire, I couldn’t cook over the flames and I hate using trees as bathrooms!”

All of a sudden, all of my grievances came out in one rant!

“He didn’t help or provide for you?” Flint further frowned.

“Only when I burned the baked beans,” I said darkly then I started to rub my face from stress. “Now he’s drinking and when he starts, it’s hard to get him to stop. We’re supposed to overnight in Anchorage, for our flight back to Seattle tomorrow morning, but I’m scared we won’t make it.”

I wasn’t sure if I imagined it, but I thought I heard a growl? When I looked up sharply, I found Flint looking dangerously on Steve, for some reason.

“Er, so Flint, are you married?” I tried to move the conversation along.

“I have no mate,” he answered as he pushed my orange juice closer, to hint that I should have more. I smiled at his concern, as I picked it up and downed the last. Then he even ordered another for me. “Charlie, can I get two more orange juices?”

“Two OJ’s Flint?” The bartender acknowledged. “Coming right up!”

“Two more?” I echoed. “I’ll probably only drink one!”

“One of them is for me,” he chuckled again.

“You’re not going to have a beer?”

“I don’t drink alcohol,” he said simply, as he pulled another note from his wallet.

“No, let me!” I scrambled for my purse. But he ignored the note in my hand and so did the bartender, as he took Flint’s money instead. “What, is this a conspiracy? Don’t women pay for drinks in Alaska?”

Flint smiled at my humour, “so Jessica Tandy, what do you do in Seattle?”

He picked up one of the new drinks which were set down, as he waited to hear what I had to say.

“I’m a manager at a large PR firm, called ‘Wildenstein Dreams’.” I said proudly. “I was promoted at the beginning of the year. I’ve won a couple of awards for my event designs and now I earn 50k a year. What do you do, Flint?”

“I work in construction,” he advised.

“Really and how’s that going for you? Do you own your own construction company? How much do you pull in per annum?” I asked congenially.

“In my culture, it’s rude to ask how much a person earns.” He said casually.

“Oh.” I sat up straighter in surprise. Don’t tell me I just offended this nice man? “Sorry.”

“The only time you ask a Lokoti that question, is if you are the father of the woman you want to mate with.” He grinned in good humour.

“No shit,” my face fell, “erm, sorry Flint.”

“The father may not ask that question specifically, instead he’ll ask how the man can provide for the woman? Especially when the woman gives the man children. In that respect Jessica, I can tell you that I can provide for a mate should I take one.”

“Oh er, good for you.” I patted him on the arm, as I wondered what to say to that? But it made Flint laugh again.

“I like your blue eyes.” He openly stared at my face. “They stand out the most, with your white skin and blonde hair.”

“Do they?”

“Tell me about your life in Seattle, Jessica.” He sat down on the stool beside mine.

I laughed at the intense look on the handsome man’s face, as he came across as very mature. Flint may look like he’s 39 years old, but he reminded me of someone in their fifties or older, from his wizened look. He gave the impression of someone who’s ‘been there and done that’.

“Um, there’s not much to tell.” I tried not to blush again, at the interest he showed. “I wake up at 6 AM, buy a cappuccino on my way into the office, where I work from 8 – 6, Monday to Friday. Then I go home to my apartment which I’m paying off the mortgage, and to my cat named Fritz. He’s a Persian Blue and usually he’s the man of my life. I don’t like sport, I HATE camping…” here the two of us laughed, “…and I like to spend weekends with friends, by going to restaurants and seeing movies or shows.”

“Alma has a small cinema,” he offered.

“Alma?” I gave a funny look. “Where’s Alma?”

“This is Alma,” he chuckled at my vagueness.

“This town we’re in right now, this is Alma?”

“Uh huh,” he said patiently. “Alma has a cinema, this bar as well as a milk bar. It also has a school, which Lokoti kids attend, and a supermarket. On our tribal lands, we have a Meeting Hall where we put on dances, bingo, or family celebrations.”

“It sounds like you enjoy the quiet life, Flint.” I remarked.

“It sounds like you enjoy the fast life, Jessica.” He smiled back.