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Declan who as another breed of Werewolf, could never completely be one of us, just as I would always be different

(‘Scent’ Excerpt Chapter 11)

30th October 2084

“Are you ready?” Grant’s glowing silver eyes felt like they burned into my soul.

“Yes.” I gulped.

“I feel that you’re ready tonight B.” He rumbled out in his thunderous voice. I looked at him expectantly when he said simply, “come.”

Then in his Werewolf form, Grant leapt from our front veranda, clear over the driveway and he disappeared into the woods in a single bound. In one leap, in my Werewolf form I joined him. He ran out in front as I ran right behind, so close I was almost treading on his heels.

We ran through the darkened woods so fast that the colours seemed to stream into each other like army camouflage of green, grey and black.

My husband streaked along, running up to 200 km/h as I deliberately hung back, not engaging my faster speed thanks to my ability as a Circulator. Although Grant’s supernatural strength was more than my match; my Circulator speed was greater than his. My instincts slowed me from overtaking him as I played out the role he were First and I were Second of our personalized pack.

Grant ducked left and instantly I ducked left. He ducked right and automatically so did I. I mirrored his movements and together we bolted through the woods as he was Yin to my Yang. I smelled his scent as clear as day as I felt his heart beat and I felt his hunger… Tonight I hunted as a Lokoti Werewolf with my mate.

TONIGHT WE HUNT ANIMAL AND NOT HUMAN – Grant willed to his Werewolf wife.

TONIGHT WE FEAST ON ANIMAL FLESH – I willed back to my husband.

My body copied exactly what my mate’s did. I ran at his pace and I panted when he panted. Hell, even my heart would beat to the same rhythm as his.

Then I sensed what he sensed, as I smelled what he smelled. I picked up that we were closing in on the pack, as they chased down a small group of moose. I smelled the scent of our prey which made my stomach rumble.

The thirteen other members of the pack all closed in on the four moose who were running for their lives. I felt exhilaration with my predator instinct delighting in their fear. I could almost taste the fresh kill!

However as my mouth watered, another instinct knew that this wasn’t the National Park’s only moose. I sensed that I wasn’t hunting a species to the point of extinction. If this had been the case, then our instincts would have steered us towards other prey.

As my mate and I left the tree coverage, we spotted the Lokoti Werewolves running up a mountain ridge behind our targets. Out in front of the pack, ran Declan in his European Werewolf form as our honorary member.

My heart skipped a beat, as it picked up in speed from seeing Declan’s large supernatural form running on all-fours. Like this, he chased down the Alpha male moose. Don’t ask me how and don’t ask me why, but although this was my first hunt with the pack; I sensed that the pack allowed him to take down fighting, the largest and the strongest. If it were moose than Declan would challenge and take down the alpha male or if it were caribou it would be the same. The pack would chase other quarry to let him combat alone. I sensed that his European Werewolf bloodlust demanded that he didn’t share his prey.

My greater speed as a Circulator engaged, thanks to the rush of exhilaration I experienced from seeing him out in hunt. I streaked past Grant as I spotted the fastest female moose. As Declan challenged the strongest male to combat, I wanted no I needed, to chase down the fastest. My bloodlust wanted to feel the satisfaction of being not only stronger but faster than my meal.

As the female moose ran out in front, I streaked past the entire pack to chase her down. The female tried to shake me as she ducked left so I did too. The female next ducked right and so did I. Next, she bolted towards more trees to try to hide but before she reached the tree line I leapt upon her.

My bloodlust boiled as my heart was pounding and all I could smell let alone breathe was the scent of my kill. I smelled her fear, her racing heart and her adrenaline rush as she tried to escape from death - from me.

I leapt into the air and landed upon her outstretched, engaging my supernatural strength to dig my claws into her tough hide. The female moose made a last-ditch attempt to bolt with all of her might…but by instinct, I knew exactly where her jugular was in her larger neck and I brought my dangerous jaws down. I felt her mangy fur against my tongue, as my elongated teeth drove through her tough pelt. I tingled all over as soon when I felt her warm blood gush into my ready mouth.

With her jugular pierced she immediately came crashing into the ground with me right on top of her. Then as her legs flailed uselessly in the air, I kept my jaws over her crucial artery which both expedited her death and made it as painless as possible.

In the corner of my eye, I caught Grant also pounce on her fallen form, indicating that he had run right behind. Then so did Grandpa, Dad and Ian and share my kill they did. Grant’s elongated teeth dove into the artery in her chest, right next to her heart. Dad also bit into another major artery. Ian and Grandpa bit into the moose’s upper legs which were still trying to kick us off. As soon as I saw my kin do this, the sooner I felt the female moose’s heart stop as she no longer inhaled air…she was dead.

The female moose who was my first kill on my first full moon hunt with the pack, was extinguished. As if guided by my predator instincts, my elongated teeth now began to pull away her pelt to reach the warm, soft flesh underneath.

This even tasted better than my Great Grandma’s roast dinners with her famous gravy! This was more fulfilling than I could have ever dreamed possible! The taste was both sweet and yet savoury, with the fresh kill both placating my hunger and my thirst. My heart raced as I felt giddy over the exquisite delight!

Frickin’ hell, this both excited as well as satisfied me in a way that I have never experienced before. This was more than pleasure, this was more than delight, this WAS fulfillment. For a brief couple of moments as my bloodlust was purged; I felt more than satisfaction but I felt almost euphoric as I addressed my yearnings.

As I feasted, I caught Grant’s silver eyes watching as he hungrily ate. Then I felt something else…I felt a rush of pleasure and appreciation in my Lokoti Werewolf husband that he got to share this with his wife. I sensed the relief that he felt for being able to share the hunt and the kill with not only another Lokoti Werewolf, but it was with his mate.

My glowing turquoise eyes met his glowing silver ones. Grant growled satisfactorily as he ripped open the chest cavity with his clawed hands. I couldn’t see Dad’s or Grandpa’s bloodied faces, as they were eating their way through the moose’s abdomen. Ian tore off a leg to eat, like it could have been a giant chicken drumstick instead.

The males feasting encouraged my own as we didn’t have to worry about table manners. I didn’t care about being ‘lady like’ as I was permitted to gorge on fresh kill. My dangerous mouth became covered in blood, just as Grant’s, Ian’s, Dad’s and Grandpa’s did.

I am Lokoti Werewolf who is mated to another Lokoti Werewolf. I AM the fifteenth member of the pack and for a coherent moment all of the basic principles of life and my existence made perfect sense. I AM a predator, just as I AM a killer. I need to hunt when the full moon piqued not only our bloodlust but our lunatic tendencies.

Luna which means the moon…lunatic which means made crazy by the moon…the light of the full moon which stirred my bloodlust and I must hunt and I must kill and I must feed. That was all there was to it, so why fight it when I could hunt with my kin; animal instead of human?

The circle of life and death; the universe expands, the universe contracts and the cycle of existence continues to renew itself. My Lokoti Werewolf instincts were part of this; able to hunt a species where numbers were not endangered so it harmonized with nature.

As I contemplated all of this, my life started to make sense because I now made sense. I am the first female Lokoti Werewolf and I am the last Circulator. I am the beginning and I am the end but I am not alone. I had my Mum, Gran and Vincent, as members of the Circulate; I had Grant and the rest of the pack to guide me as one of Earth’s dangerous predators. But in a small way I also had Declan…

He was the male whom my secret desires lay with; he was the male who secretly desired me; Declan who as another breed of Werewolf, could never completely be one of us, just as I would always be different as the first female of the pack. Declan, who after combating the strongest male moose, he ate his kill alone. The rest of the pack numbered four to six Lokoti Werewolves per prey. As the Lokoti Werewolves could hunt in a pack, his European Werewolf bloodlust demanded that he ate his conquered alone.

Declan raised himself from his already-eaten meal, thanks to his greater appetite. I felt his burning gaze as the green-eyed monster looked my way. I overheard the satisfied growl he emitted, seeing me covered in blood as I sensed inside of him a different kind of hunger build…

Just then he caught sight in the corner of his glowing green eyes, another male moose come into the clearing. It looked enraged at my feasting on one of its females. The male moose made a charge towards me, but Declan swatted the animal with his strong, sharp claw when it charged past the tree that he was standing behind.

His second kill went crashing bleeding profusely, into the ground. As Declan’s large canine head and ever-hungry jaws lowered to eat his second meal, he never looked away from my direction.


Sunday, June 5, 2011


(‘Scent’ Excerpt Chapter 11)

Declan reluctantly stood up from his half-eaten meal and then he waited for me to stand up. I had to lean on him whilst I pulled myself to my feet, as my legs wobbled horribly. I feel so weak and hungry!


“Man am I relieved that I’m not married to you!” I grumbled.


He was so big in his European Werewolf body that even standing on all fours, he was almost the height of a horse. He was too high to climb in my weakened state! When I pointed this out, he growled unhappily and lowered himself to the ground. As soon as I’d clambered up, I wrapped my legs about his wide, muscled waist. I leaned over to hold onto his bulky shoulders which also enabled me to bask in his excessive body heat.

The monster raised himself once more to his four clawed feet, but he stood still for a minute or two as I sensed he appreciated our contact. Then after turning his beastly head to make sure I was holding on tightly, he took off out of the grassy plain! Declan bounded along on all fours at typical European Werewolf speed which was something like 300 km/h which was 100 km’s faster than what Lokoti Werewolves run.

We ran through the forest, with Declan expertly dodging the trees in our path as he simultaneously leapt over log, rock or bush. I must admit, I was enjoying the ride...! I felt as warm as toast thanks to his greater body heat and I also enjoyed the feel of his huge muscles ripple. However it took him twenty minutes running in supernatural speed, for him to reach the hill that my house sat on. I didn’t know I had gone so far…

WHEREABOUTS WERE WE? – I wondered when he slowed to a jog.



It was here that the ride ended when he leapt out of the tree line of the woods and landed on my dirt driveway. There we found Grant, Ian, Dad, Grandpa and Grandfather standing by the veranda steps talking to Mum and Gran. Everyone looked relieved to see me, but puzzled by the method of my arrival.

“B?” Mum came forwards, as did Dad and Grant.

“Hallo.” I growled out in my Werewolf voice as I gave a little wave with my claw-like hand.

Declan lowered himself to the ground once more, to enable me to climb off. When I did so, my legs gave away but Grant was quick to catch me. The European Werewolf looked on my husband jealously, before he abruptly turned and leapt back into the woods! Mum and Gran looked surprised by his sudden appearance and then disappearance, but I sensed he did it to stop himself from mauling the man who had become his rival.

“B, what’s wrong with you?” Mum cried out concerned as I had trouble standing on my own two feet.

“I instantaneously phased tonight.” I managed out, looking on their astonished faces. “I ran so fast in light speed that I accidentally turned myself into light. I looked bright and see through as I was running and when I nearly ran into a tree? Suddenly I found myself on the north side of the border, having instantaneously phased there without realizing it.”

“Hunter!” She whacked her husband on the arm. “You take our little girl out on a hunting trip as a Werewolf and she circulates for her first time without us!”

“You’re weak and tired at the moment, which happens to a Circulator who circulates for their first time.” Gran frowned. “Let’s get you inside and warmed up.”

“Actually,” I looked on in a pleading manner. “I’m really, really hungry…could I please have some bacon and eggs?”

“Of course you can!” She quickly agreed. “I was famished after the first time I circulated.”

Grant was about to scoop me up into his arms to carry his weakened wife inside, when I stopped him. I looked apologetically into his concerned eyes, before I next looked to Ian, Grandpa, Grandfather and then lastly, Dad.

“I’m sorry I disappointed you tonight and I’m not a very good Werewolf. I know if you had a son instead of a daughter he’d probably make a much better Lokoti Werewolf -”

“You think I’m disappointed in you?” He interrupted in an incredulous voice, before he crossed over to stand closely. “B I’m damn proud of you! I’m proud that you’re my daughter just as I’m proud of the fact that you’re the first female Lokoti Werewolf.”

“But,” I said in confusion, “when I couldn’t kill the bear you seemed angry or something.”

“Tonight I saw a new Lokoti Werewolf not let the bloodlust get the better of her. If that bear had been human, you managed to run away from the temptation of the kill and the human would have lived.” He said strongly.

“The human would have lived?” I asked amazed. “The human really would have lived because I ran away?”

“As long as Ian doesn’t snap its neck, sure.” Grandpa joked, making the men chuckle.

“Hey, how often do we get to eat grizzly?” Ian tried to justify himself. “The bear was just lying there like that…”

“I really can’t take you anywhere.” Grant mockingly shook his head at his older brother.

Just then Gran shuddered from the cold as Mum rubbed her arms in agreement.

“Er guys? Can we have this heartfelt moment inside where it’s heated?” My mother complained.

“Bacon and eggs do sound good right about now.” Grandfather smiled on Gran, before he escorted her up the veranda steps and into the house.

“But I thought you guys fed on grizzly tonight?” I looked at Grant.

“Never underestimate a Werewolf’s appetite, B.” Mum rolled her eyes. “They’re ALWAYS hungry.”

“Yeah well, it’s not just for food.” Dad laughingly pulled her close, before they followed her parents inside.

“C’mon then, let’s get some ‘human’ food inside of you.” Ian joked. He stepped back as he watched Grant pick me up to gallantly carry me over the threshold. As he trailed in after, he mused, “but what about Declan though, I’ve never seen him give anybody a ride on his back before.”

“With his European Werewolf temper, he would soon as maul whoever would even suggest such a thing.” Dad agreed.

Grant sat me down in a chair at the dining table before taking the seat next to mine, as Gran and Grandfather helped themselves to cooking in my kitchen for one and all. Mum even went in to help, as Dad set the table.

“Declan’s always been protective over B.” Mum mused, overhearing their conversation. “I remember how he used to pick her up and carry her everywhere when she was little.”

“He did?” I looked up, taken aback. “I must have been really little then, because I don’t remember it.”

“I remember.” Gran smiled softly. “You, Derik and Declan all used to be quite close until you and Derik hit seven years old.”

“That’s when the fighting began.” Mum chimed in. “Suddenly you and Declan went from best friends to worst enemies, almost overnight.”

Just then Grant frowned as he leaned in and sniffed me, “his scent on you is strong.”

“Oh, I had to hold onto him tightly so not to fall off.” I tried to say casually.

“Anyways that’s enough about Declan.” Dad said narkily.

“Agreed.” Ian declared. “Mmm that bacon smells good, Em and Arabella.”

All of our heads turned at the delicious smell of bacon frying and the creamy, cheesy scrambled eggs being cooked to perfection. As Gran and Grandfather were concentrating on these, Mum made the toast as Dad put out the butter, salt and pepper.

I was relieved when the conversation was changed and as soon as we were all sitting at the table eating; I was able to shrink back into my human body. My prior thoughts of Declan slipped away just as my Werewolf muscle bulk did.