Thursday, April 12, 2012


By K.R. Smith
Cover Graphics by Isabel de Sequera
Cover Photo by Nina Ackerman

Claws come out in a Werewolf marriage; B Sabre is called the Last Circulator and the first female Lokoti Werewolf, whereas Declan Sabre is the last European Werewolf. These two love to fight just as much as they love to make love. In between, the two also like to travel the world.

This results in meeting other supernatural beings, like Asian Werewolves, North American Werewolves, European Vampires, South American Vampires, Wiccans, Voodoo and even humans psychic’d up on Yaje.

However, B and Declan still butt heads over a problem some couples face… B can’t conceive. Whereas he's relieved not to create more of his kind; she's sensitive over her condition. But just as Circulators are ever-changing as the universe, is her condition permanent?

Available July 2012 at
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