Sunday, October 18, 2015

Before we all tie the Calculator to a stake and burn him for either Witchcraft or Heresy

  (‘Scent’ Excerpt Chapter 3)

Within a minute of our arrival, Vincent who must have foreseen this next walked through the automatic doors of the Lab to greet us.

“Arabella and Jess? I need to talk to you…” he began but he pulled up the moment he saw my disheveled appearance, “…good god B, what happened to you?”

The male Werewolves glared dangerously upon our blonde haired, blue eyed English cousin.

“What’s the wrong Vincent, can’t you ‘see’ what happened to B?” Dad growled out.

“Funny you should say that, Hunter.” Vincent growled back. “But no I can’t. That’s what I need to talk to Arabella and Jess about.”

“Well what a stroke of luck, coz we came here to talk to you about B.” Mum sung sarcastically.

Vincent became aware that all seven unhappy faces were aimed his way.

“What did I do?” He asked, taken aback.

“What didn’t you do more like!” Dad fired up. “You call yourself these girls Calculator? Why didn’t you see this happening to B?!”

“And if you did see it, why didn’t you tell us?” Gran asked in a low voice.

“Hold up a minute people.” He held up his hands. “Before we all tie the Calculator to a stake and burn him for either Witchcraft or Heresy, how about I hear the charges first?”

“B’s a Werewolf!” Mum cried out.

Silence… Vincent blinked and then he blinked again as he looked on in disbelief.

“You’re a Werewolf?” He looked my way.

“She’s the first female Lokoti Werewolf in the history of the Lokoti tribe.” Grandfather advised.

“You’re a Lokoti Werewolf?” Vincent wanted to clarify as he stared in my direction. “So you weren’t bitten and changed that way?”

“One of the pack died and B’s Lokoti Werewolf genes were activated last night, the first night of the full moon.” Uncle Julian put his hands on his hips.

“I thought you understood from the SSIT notes on Lokoti Werewolves that our bite or blood can’t turn a human into one of us.” Grandpa’s eyes narrowed.

“I do remember that fact thank you, Fern.” Vincent said in annoyance. “But I also remember that females can’t change into one of you and that only the males in the tribe can.”

“Well don’t just stand there, examine her!” Dad demanded.

“Then if you lot get out of the way, maybe I will!” He snapped back.

The male Lokoti Werewolves all stepped aside from standing protectively around.  This enabled Vincent to lead me over to the bench underneath the main scanner to begin his examination.  I sat up on the bench and just before I laid down, he handed me a papery smock to wear.  Then he helped me to lie in position underneath the scanner.

Vincent gave a curious look before he observed, “B you’re taller, plus you’re more bulky. I think your height and your weight have changed.”

“Has it?” I raised my head in surprise.

My Calculator pushed my head back down then he walked over to the control panel and activated the machine.  It hummed to life as a green light ran over my body from head to toe, as the technology collected its readings of my physical changes.

“B, when you changed into a Werewolf last night, did anything else strange happen?” He inquired.

“She ran away in the speed of light.” Grandpa told him.

“That explains her higher bio-electromagnetic frequency.” Vincent thought out loud. “It appears when your Werewolf genes were activated, it also triggered your Circulator’s ability to phase.”

Gran and Grandfather stood together, holding hands as they looked on; Mum and Dad stood together holding hands as they looked on; Uncle Julian and Grandpa stood side by side with their arms crossed, listening in to the results.

“Aha!” Vincent remarked. “I was right!  You’re now 10 cm’s taller. You’ve gone from 160 cm’s to 170 cm’s tall and your weight has changed from 60kg’s to 70kg’s with your new Werewolf muscle.”

“Am I fat?” Anxiously I raised my head.

“No, but you are bulkier.” He replied. “Even your shoulders look broader.”

“What, do I look masculine?” Now I sat upright in alarm.

“I wouldn’t say ‘masculine’ but definitely more athletic.” Vincent mused.

I looked worriedly to my parents, “but I don’t want to look athletic!”

“You’ve always been a bit of a tomboy growing up.” Dad gave a rueful grin. “You always played soccer with Derik and the other boys of the tribe instead of dolls with the other girls.”

“Do I look ‘butch’?” I looked Mum’s way in concern.

“Nah, of course not!” She was quick to reassure as she and Dad came to stand beside, as I was sitting up on the bench. “You’ve always given the boys a run for their money, so now you can always beat them at sport being a Werewolf.”

“Derik’s never minded that you were always as strong or as fast as him.” He tried to use as his consolation. “I’m sure he won’t look on you any less now that you’re stronger or faster.”

“Don’t worry B, it just means that a guy has to work extra hard to impress you.” Uncle Julian gave a wink.

Vincent next came back to where I was sitting as did the rest of my family.

“Well.” He took a deep breath. “From the read outs, I can see a change in her dental structure, her muscle tissue, the calcium deposits around her nails and even with her irises and her ocular sensory input, which confirm her change into a Lokoti Werewolf.”

“My irises?” I echoed confused. “My ocular sensory input?”

“It means that now you can see better in the dark.” Vincent put it simply.

“Oh yeah, I could see through the dark woods last night as if it were daylight.” I confirmed.  Then something occurred to me which made me look at the other Lokoti Werewolves, “did my eyes change colour like yours do?”

“They did.” Grandpa confirmed.

“What color did they turn?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Turquoise, like your great, great grandfather Flint Riverclaw’s eyes.” Grandfather announced.


Friday, October 2, 2015

“You would have attacked the town folk if Declan hadn’t of caught up to you.”

  (‘Scent’ Excerpt Chapter 3)

As I started to come to, I felt myself lying on a cold, hard surface.  I opened my eyes and for some reason the first thing I saw was the side of my bath tub.  I raised my head as I looked about myself in confusion.

I’m lying on the bathroom floor?  What am I doing, sleeping on the bathroom floor like this?  I sat up and when I looked down, I found myself still in my jeans and bra and I was covered in dirt.  My feet and my hands were the dirtiest and my hair was mangy with leaves in it.  I examined my dirty nails, which thankfully looked normal again and I saw that my body was its human size once more.

Slowly I stood up, flinching from my sore neck which felt like I had pulled a muscle, to look on my reflection in the bathroom mirror.  My normal face looked back… Did last night really happen?  My dirty appearance and my missing clothing like my top, confirmed it did. 

I shivered as I hugged myself, as I recalled how the Lokoti Werewolves surrounded me in the woods.  A cold chill shot down my spine as I knew why they had acted that way last night - to stop me from running into town and eating a townsperson.  My stomach pains along with the craving for human flesh must have been the infamous bloodlust I’d heard of.

Then I remembered something else about last night; I had kissed Declan – if you would call that kissing – while we were in Werewolf form.

I KISSED Declan?!  Eugh!  B, are you nuts? You frickin’ hate the guy!  And rightly so, as he was a jerk most days and a complete asshole in between!  Then after he made out with me, by probably leaving more slobber on my face than inside his own mouth, he bloody well bit me.

He bit me!  He knocked me out cold!  But how the hell did I get here, in my bathroom, passed out on my bathroom floor?

I wanted to see my parents and ask them what happened.  However when I walked over to my closed bathroom door and I tried to open it; to my surprise, it wouldn’t open.  It was locked from the outside, which meant somebody had locked me in here. 

I’ve been locked inside the bathroom?  Surely this must be some kind of mistake… 

“Hey!” I cried out worriedly as I shook the doorknob.  “Mum!  Dad!  I can’t get out!”

Just then I heard two voices outside the bathroom door, of Dad and Grandpa talking.

“It sounds like she’s changed back.” Dad said.

“Let’s hope so.” Grandpa said unhappily.

After a moment I heard the door unlock and my father slowly opened it as he looked on warily.

“Dad!” my eyes widened when I saw the fearful expression on his face.

“B,” he said seriously before he and Grandpa stepped aside to let me pass.

I walked towards my bedroom to get ready to have a shower to wash all this dirt off.  But I stopped in my bedroom doorway when I saw Grandfather and Uncle Julian standing in my room, examining my broken window.  Oh shit, I had forgotten about that.

Grandfather and Uncle Julian glanced my way, not looking too happy either.   When I turned around, I found Dad and Grandpa right behind as if they were guarding me.  I looked from them, back  to my relations, confused.

“How are you feeling, B?” Grandfather asked.


“Do you remember what happened last night?” Dad asked.

I tried to joke, “either I went to one hell of a party,” I inferred my missing clothes and dirty skin.  “Or I turned into a Werewolf last night.”

“Can you remember what happened to the window?” Grandfather asked next.

I vividly recalled Mum’s look of horror on me, her daughter, changing into a monster, yes.  I remember that I felt so sickened at frightening my mother that way that I had to run away from her.  Since she was in the bedroom doorway, the window seemed the only other option.   My eyes watered as I felt everybody’s unhappy expressions which seemed to look on with disappointment.  

Do they always look like this when a new Werewolf is created? Or is it just me that’s earned this? Are they really angry with the way I behaved last night?

“Mum looked at me like I was a monster… the same way you’re all looking at me now.  I couldn’t bear her disgust, so I jumped out the window.” My voice wavered.

“You’re not a monster B.” Dad said sadly as he put his hand on my shoulder.  “But you are the very first female Lokoti Werewolf in the history of the tribe.”

“And you’re a Circulator.” Grandfather frowned. “Last night you ran away from us in the speed of light.”

I did?

“It’s going to make it harder for us to help you control the bloodlust because we can’t contain you.” Grandpa said gravely. 

I looked back in surprise at them before  I echoed, “I ran at the speed of light?”

“You did.” Grandfather verified. “I’ve only seen your mother and your grandmother, other Circulators, move that fast.”

This was news to me!  So last night I didn’t just change into a Lokoti Werewolf, but finally my abilities as a Circulator were also kick-started!  No wonder I was able to outrun them last night. 

“It’s why we had to lock you in the bathroom.” Dad said seriously. “If we can’t catch you, we can’t stop you.”

“Stop me?” I gave him a funny look. “Stop me from what?”

“Bianca, you were running right for Alma.” He said gravely. “You were hunting human.  You would have attacked the town folk, if Declan hadn’t of caught up to you.”