Thursday, November 1, 2012

Through the darkness, I saw with my glowing turquoise eyes, the arrival of thirty more male Asian Werewolves.

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


I sensed Declan was battling to retain his control on the bloodlust, which made me stand a safe distance.  I wasn’t afraid of him turning on me, but I was wary of being knocked aside as soon as our enemy resurfaced.  After five minutes of standing there, I realized that my mate wasn’t trying to calm himself; instead he was waiting for them to come back.  I even caught his stomach rumble.

Frickin’ hell, was this fight going to go on ALL night?  How many Asian Werewolves were there in this part of China anyways?!  I just had to ask that, because I soon got my answer…

Through the darkness, I saw with my glowing turquoise eyes the arrival of thirty more male Asian Werewolves. 

What is this, tit-for-tat?  At first we beat off ten, then we fought twenty and now they’re coming back with thirty…?  Where the hell are they all coming from?!

Then my sense of smell detected some slight differences about these new Asian Werewolves - that they didn’t all smell alike.  I realized we were dealing with more than one clan here.  But they didn’t smell like Hsu’s clan, which was one small relief.  If they had, then we’d have thought that this whole thing had been a set up.

Declan roared threateningly at the new arrivals, who looked on with their glowing white eyes and tiny black pupils.  Next, they started to spread out to encircle us again.  Maybe that’s their plan, to keep fighting with their greater speed and numbers until they’ve exhausted us?

This made me remember something in the SSIT Report on our foe;  There are stories of human victims being unable to escape a vendetta placed against them by an Asian Werewolf, even if the human moved to the other side of the world.

Has my status as one of the few remaining female Werewolves left, become the males’ vendetta?  Not to kill but to capture? 

*Yes little wolf* I heard the familiar deep, rumbling inside my being.  This voice often seemed to pop up when I was fighting for my life.  *There is a reason why you as the first female Lokoti Werewolf are unable to breed*

Unable to breed… unable to conceive… unable to bear children…that’s it! 

Next, I whipped out my mobile phone from my pocket with my claw-like hand.  I opened it and quickly spoke to the small computer; “Access translation program.  Translate from English to Mandarin the words: I am barren. If you’re good trackers then track this, can’t you smell my womb has never been used?  Don’t you wonder why?”

“Processing your request.”  My computerized phone responded and within a second the words appeared on the lit-up screen.

Declan overheard what I was doing which made him snarl unhappily.  He was angry about what I was about to do and he roared furiously at the Asian Werewolves for making me do it.

In my thunderous voice I called out the message in Mandarin.  I hope I got the pronunciation right and I wasn’t telling them instead I wanted to become pregnant?  But whatever I said was met with silence…

The Asian Werewolves stood still as they looked on, with their glowing white eyes.  Standing here in the dark countryside which had turned so quiet, I held my breath in fear I might miss something.   The only thing that was audible in the night air was the sound of the Asian Werewolves sniffing; they were sniffing me.  

Declan flexed his two front claws, waiting for them to come closer.  However, one of the Asian Werewolves whom looked slightly bigger than the others, turned away.  Casually, it trotted away into the night and next the others turned to follow the one who must have been the leader. 

They all slipped quietly into the darkness as their glowing white eyes and silvery-grey fur disappeared from sight.   This time my all-knowing feelings as a Circulator, said that it was for the last.  After a minute, I reverted to my human body whilst lowering my sword.

“That’s it.”  I said.  “They’re not coming back.”

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