Friday, November 16, 2012

This disturbed me, I didn’t want my mate to be known in the supernatural world as a cannibal.

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


I walked over to our rental car and opened the boot to put my sword inside.  While I was there, I opened up my backpack and took out a towel and a bottle of water.   Next, I opened the passenger’s side door and sat down on the seat to put my shoes and socks on again.  Lastly, I pulled on my zip-up sweater over my torn t-shirt.

When I stood up again, I noticed that Declan hadn’t moved.   He was still standing in front of the car and his huge, hulking, hairless form looked intimidating in the headlights.  He was growling hungrily at the night, like he was hoping that the Asian Werewolves would return.  This disturbed me, as I didn’t want my mate to be known in the supernatural world as a cannibal. 

I approached him with the towel which I began to dampen with my bottle of water.   I held out the wet material, “here.”   My husband turned his beastly head my way, as his glowing green eyes narrowed.  I said casually to hide my knotting stomach, “to wash the blood off.” 

Declan shrunk back into his naked human body, to use his hands to take the towel and wipe himself clean. 

As I walked a little away, I looked about at the sliced open or half-eaten bodies of the Asian Werewolves which were lying around. 

To my surprise, they simply looked like a bunch of dead wolves on the ground.  They didn’t revert to their human bodies when they died, like the other breeds did.  Oh well, at least we wouldn’t have to explain the carcasses of dead humans to the mechanic, when they show up in their repair vehicle.

My mate walked past as he went over to the car for his clothes.  He didn’t look my way nor did he speak, as he dressed.  Then he moved to sit inside the vehicle to use the rear-view mirror to check his mouth and face and make sure that he had removed all traces of blood.

I sensed he was angry about something, actually he was infuriated about it!  So much so, it kept his bloodlust burning inside.  What was he angry about?  Was he pissed off that he didn’t get to eat the other thirty Asian Werewolves?  I watched him through the windscreen, as he wiped off the last of the blood on his hands and especially around his nails.  I sensed he was deliberately not looking in my direction. 

Oh, was he angry with me?  Why?  What did I do?  I just removed a vendetta against us by a breed of Werewolf which was known to never give up! 

Next, he shut the car door as he sat back into the driver’s seat.  He switched off the internal light and I watched him close his eyes and take several deep breaths to calm himself.  Warily, I walked over to the passenger’s door to climb in.  Once I was seated, I shut the door again to keep out the cold night air.

The silence in the car was palpable as Declan opened his eyes to stare angrily out the windscreen.  The road before us was littered with our fallen enemy, whose silvery-grey coats almost shined in the car’s headlights.  I caught him growl again under his breath, as he looked on the carcasses.  After two minutes, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“OK Declan, what is it?”  I looked on demandingly. 

Silence… He kept his lips pursed together whilst sitting in a tense manner as he refused to look my way.

“What’s wrong?”  I asked, annoyed.  “Are you angry that I interrupted your feeding frenzy?  Well guess what, I don’t know how many of them there were, but we were fighting more than one clan tonight.  If we had beaten that thirty then they would have come back with forty, then fifty and maybe even sixty as they pulled in the other clans.  We were becoming a vendetta to these people and they DON’T give up!”

“Don’t you think that I KNOW all of this, B?!”  He shouted, which made me look on in surprise.  “Don’t you frickin’ get it?  I was fighting for YOU tonight!  I was fighting for my mate!  I was fighting for your honour!” 

My stomach sank as I stared at my husband in shock.  He was truly upset that I had put a stop to his ‘defending’.  I thought his primitive bloodlust was so behind the times, it didn’t appreciate that his female stopped their attackers rather than him. 

Then I caught him glance my way in disgust before he vehemently bit out, “If a male yelled out what you said about yourself tonight, I would have shoved my claw down his throat and ripped out his still-beating heart!  You shouted out to your possible rapists that they shouldn’t want you because you’re barren like you were some common -”

But he stopped himself here as he looked away whilst blinking hard.

Like I was a common what…?  A common prostitute?  Hang on, prostitutes aren’t barren, or not that I’d heard anyways.  Why, was it a common trait for women who couldn’t have children, to become prostitutes?  Maybe I’ve been hidden away in my nice, little, safe world on tribal lands for too long…

“Like a common prostitute?”  I bit out.  “You think I yelled out that I was barren like I was a common prostitute or something?  Why do you think prostitutes are barren?”

Before I gave him the chance to answer, I swung open my door and hopped out.  I slammed it shut and walked around to the back of the car.  I popped open the boot so I could pull out my backpack and sword.  Then I slammed the boot closed, slung the backpack over my shoulder and carried the sword in my left hand.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?!”  Declan was quick to jump out.

“Excuse me, I think there’s a barren prostitute’s convention in Las Vegas that I’m due to make an appearance at.”  I said coolly.

I had to blink fast to try to hide my watering eyes, coupled with the sensation of my heart splitting into two.

“Don’t be stupid B -”

But I didn’t give him the chance to finish his sentence, when I instantaneously phased home to Alaska. 


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