Saturday, December 1, 2012

I was so angry that I noticed my hands were shaking.

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


Abruptly, I disappeared in a flash of light before I reappeared in another, inside my bedroom for a second time that night.

I dropped my backpack onto our Queen-sized bed then I carried my sword over to its sheath which was lying on the floor.  Once it was encased, I returned the two together to my wardrobe.  The master bedroom was dark, but the familiar smells were welcoming.

Our two-bedroom home was a small, two-story, dark brown painted, wooden house with a stone chimney and a front veranda.  We had a European style garden with a gravel driveway and a separate garage.  Inside the house, our furniture was predominantly constructed of pine in country style, except for our sleigh bed or the red, over-stuffed, suede couches in the living room.

I was so angry that I noticed my hands were shaking.  But to get my mind off things, I turned on my bedside lamp and then the Internet Radio feature in Declan’s digital clock.  I blasted my ears with loud music whilst I unpacked. 

Alanis Morissette played, as I separated my clothes into the clean and dirty.  I put away the clean clothes but the dirty clothes I dropped into my laundry basket.  Lastly, I picked up the basket to take down to the laundry, when my mobile phone started to ring. 

Whilst carrying the basket on one arm, I fished my phone out of my pocket with my other.   Declan’s name appeared on my screen and in a temper, I switched it off and slammed it down on top of the tallboy!  It almost broke but I continued on with what was doing.

He can go to hell… or remain in China alone for all I care.  I didn’t even mind that we’d be apart for longer than twelve hours.  It’s not like I was leaving him in danger.  I had seen to his safety, which was what really pissed me off about his behaviour tonight. 

Declan’s always shaking his head and telling me that I behave too much like a ‘Light Person’.  When I thought I heard the voice of the Lokoti Wolf, my people’s spirit guide, talk through me again tonight?   I thought that was what I did do, behave like a Lokoti Werewolf to ensure my mate’s safety.  I didn’t care if a foreign breed now knew that I couldn’t have kids!  It certainly wasn’t a secret around here.

I saw the quiet pity in my tribe’s eyes whenever they looked my way.  But that was nothing to what I heard instead.  Once with my supernatural hearing, I picked up whilst shopping in the supermarket in Alma, two women whisper behind my back.  They weren’t Lokoti but they were used to seeing me around.

“She’s definitely had work done, how else does she stay looking like that?”  Bitch One hissed.

“She may be pretty but I heard from Shana that she can’t have kids. I guess looks aren’t everything after all.”  Bitch Two gloated.

Afterwards, I refused to go grocery shopping off tribal lands for twelve months, although I didn’t tell Declan why.  Usually I enjoyed the experience of visiting the supermarket in Alma.  The huge shelves and the wide range of choice they offered, seemed like a special treat to one who has memories of when food was a precious commodity after the War.   My husband knew this, which is why he couldn’t understand when I either refused to shop with him or I started ordering our groceries online, to be delivered instead.

I sensed that the Asian Werewolves who were low on females, wouldn’t want one who couldn’t breed for them.  So what was sharing this fact with a bunch of sniffing strangers, for the safety of my mate and tribe?  And Declan has the gall to act like HE was the one who was insulted tonight…?  Screw that for a joke!

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