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SSIT Report on Human/Animal Shape Shifters

(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


The Supernatural Scientific Investigative Team found Human/Animal Shape Shifters to be the most intriguing facet of the vast Shape Shifter family. This paranormal creature has ties to both the natural and supernatural, in history, physique and ability. Whilst Werewolves have a prehistoric 'forefather' and the exact beginnings of the Vampire remain in a fog of speculation; the Human/Animal Shape Shifter timeline runs parallel with human development.

All across the globe, there are clans/families of humans who can turn into an animal of similar size which is native to their geography. The Human/Animal Shape Shifter can turn into one animal only, not a variety, and the animal it turns into is genetically predetermined. For example, if a child is born to a Shifter parent who morphs into a lion; so will they. The ability to transform from human to animal and back again starts from birth.

However, the cause of turning into the particular animal can differentiate. Depending on the clan and/or family, each has a story of how the first transformation took place, but can be based on one of three ways; from spirit possession to genetic mutation and even through cross-species reproduction. Although Human/Animal Shape Shifters are varied; e.g., tigers in South and South East Asia, panthers in South America, rhinoceros in Africa or polar bears in the Arctic; they all share a common trait. When in animal form, their eyes appear completely black with no irises or whites showing.

When shifting to animal form, their black pupils dilute to encompass the entire front of the eyeball. Their human sight switches to a transcendental vision which is something else. The Human/Animal Shape Shifter subject we interviewed quoted, "our sight switches from clear lines of shapes and solids, to weird, quasi, energy fields. We don't see the shape of a tree or its leaves, but we see the energy coming up from the ground and stretching out to the branches." This field of vision extends not only to flora or fauna, but to the very earth itself.

Through a highly evolved sense of survival, Shifters have displayed many uncanny talents. One, is their unique sight in seeing the energy fields of their environment including Ley Lines. Two, is a finely honed sense of smell, which can pick up the most minuscule change in the atmosphere. In the past, there have been recorded instances where marine life or even some land-based animals, run for safety hours before a tsunami hits. Or, animals in volcanically active areas may vacate their homelands days before an eruption. Human/Animal Shape Shifters share this ability and use it to keep their clans/families safe. Thirdly, is the behaviour some animals display around humans, such as dogs reacting badly to a visitor in their territory. Then the seemingly nice person exhibits dangerous tendencies and the saying arises, "animals sense these things." This can also be said with Shifters, whose similar instincts help them avoid unsafe situations.

Other physical attributes shared by Human/Animal Shape Shifters is their muscle. Most of their kind displays strength, which is fifty times that of a human, but it can also depend on the kind of animal it shifts into. For example, a Shifter which morphs into a rhinoceros is stronger than one that changes into a panther. All have regenerative capabilities, which may not be as powerful as a European Werewolf, but faster than a human. However, like their Werewolf and Vampire 'cousins', Human/Animal Shape Shifters are severely allergic to silver. Any kind of contact with this metal can result in serious injury. They can be as strong as a Lokoti Werewolf, but Shifters do not have supernatural speed. When they change into their animal form, they match the same speed of the animal.

Although this paranormal creature is related to the Vampire and Werewolf by a similar cellular structure, which transforms them from human to other; a major difference with Human/Animal Shape Shifters, is they do not have the bloodlust. Their kind does not depend on blood or flesh to maintain its health or longevity, which is similar to a human's lifespan. In fact, if the Shifter morphs into an animal which is a herbivore, in human form they will carry on a vegetarian diet. But like the breeds of Werewolf, the impact of a full moon affects their brain chemistry and triggers them to change although they can also revert between cycles.

When our Investigators pointed out this similarity with the differing breeds, the interview subject became offended. We were advised that Shifters are the deadly enemies of both Werewolves and Vampires and will attempt to destroy them upon sight. This is because Human/Animal Shape Shifters are preyed upon by both, especially by the Vampire. Since the species prey upon Werewolves for their strength and regenerative capabilities, when a Werewolf couldn't be found, SSIT learned that Vampires would hunt Shifters instead. Elisha Worthall then tried to persuade the subject that Lokoti Werewolves, whom had become her friends, were not man-eaters. However, their alternate food source of fresh kill from the animal kingdom, did not placate the Shifter who turns into a member of this realm.

SSIT came across numerous relationships formed between humans with ESP and Human/Animal Shape Shifters. There are dozens of stories of Medicine Men, Shamans, Druids, Witches or Wizards who imbibe potions or other plant substances, to embark on hallucinogenic journeys. Often on these 'voyages', they would think they could turn into a particular animal or 'become one' with them. Just as the psychics would feel an affinity to an animal, they would also protect Shifters who could turn into them. Another commonality they share is the connection to the earth, with both Seers and Shifters drawn to Ley Lines. Just as Human/Animal Shape Shifters can see the energy in their surroundings, they have informed SSIT they can differentiate psychics by their greater energy fields, too. This in turn, made the Shifter protective of the human, as well as attractive as a suitable mate.

During the Witch Hunts, several clans of Shifters and psychics from differing countries, banded together to form the Conclave. In secret meeting places around Europe, the Mediterranean, the Americas or Asia, which were near power-based landmarks, Seers and Shifters would help each other. Not only did they have to contend with Werewolves or Vampires preying upon them, but humans as well. Murderous religious figures from the dominating churches, vied for their extermination in similar ways, which incriminates Hitler and the Nazis today. Shifters whom had protected humans by fighting off Werewolves or Vampires in their territory, or Seers who treated humans as Healers and Midwives, found themselves hunted by the very people they had helped in the past.

It is for this reason that the Conclave remains a secret from society. Only my investigative partner Elisha Worthall, was permitted to attend a meeting, being a Circulator. Both Shifters and psychics can see a Circulator's aura, which is caused by their bio-electromagnetic fields being in temporal flux. Although the Conclave was open to learning about the other secret society called the Circulate, when Elisha Worthall offered to introduce them to the Lokoti Werewolf pack, it was met with mistrust and refusal. Indeed, she was made to swear never to tell the Lokoti Tribe about the Conclave and to my understanding, she never has. Although SSIT has shared our reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf and the Separate Species of Vampires with the Lokoti, this report like the Conclave's existence, will remain hidden.


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(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


~Physical Characteristics~

As mentioned in the Introduction, most Vampires appear human but change form when fighting or feeding. However, there are a few species which may only attain a human appearance by feeding on this mammal. The West African Vampire is an example of this.

They are biologically a ‘blank slate’, that is to say they have a rare mutation of the albino gene, which has no skin pigmentation, hair or eye colouring. They literally are a translucent white because their bodies are missing the basic hormones which regulate their colouring. They have the unnerving appearance of a native to the continent of Africa, but with white afro hair, white eyes with small black pupils and a white, sometimes translucent skin.

This species is always male and as such, their feeding is concentrated on human males. The West African Vampire’s choice of meal is not born from luxury; rather it is out of necessity. Not only do they drink the blood of the victim, but they take other fluids from the human body including from the pituitary gland. By ingesting the victim’s blood, hormones and other bodily fluids, the West African Vampire adopts the colouring of its victim and sometimes other physical characteristics. This species is the most like a Shape Shifter, as its appearance can alter depending on the appearance of its meal.

On this note, West African Vampires choose human males to feed on because if it fed on a female and imbibed a large amount of oestrogen; it would greatly effect its shift in shape. Although SSIT cannot confirm if this could actually cause the male West African Vampire to change into a female, scientifically we can project it would be worse than a transsexual undergoing medical treatment to change gender.

West African Vampires do not have fangs or sharp elongated teeth, and its strength is five times that of a human being. Instead, this species uses the flora or fauna in its native area, such as specific plants or venom that has a paralysing effect, to make poisoned darts and stun their victims. When their prey has been neutralized, the West African Vampire then carries the human male to their hide-out/home to slowly drain them. The feeding is a drawn out process as they use many of the victim’s bodily fluids to replenish its own. This is while the human is alive, paralysed and in subsequent agony throughout the entire time.

Their longevity is one of the shortest of the Vampire species, reaching 200 years old. Of course, this age can only be reached from successfully hunting to prolong its strength and regeneration. However, if a West African Vampire cannot feed at least once a month, then their metabolic system, strength and life expectancy fails.