Tuesday, October 2, 2012

“The Asian Werewolves who attacked us, I think they’re the Hsin clan we were warned about.”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


My eyes widened in alarm.  I sensed he was right since he’s been proven correct before about other supernatural beings.  He was right about the European Vampires, just as he was right about the European Werewolves.  I guess being a predator, he recognized dangerous behaviour in others like us.

“I’m going home to get my sword.”  I announced.

“No, wait!”  He grabbed hold again before I instantaneously phased away.  Then my husband surprised me by what he next said, “I want you to go to Alaska but I want you to stay there until I call you.”

“Huh?” I asked puzzled.

“I want you to go back to Alaska and stay there.”  He repeated.  “I’ll be fine, I have to do this alone.”

“What the…?!”  I looked on as if he had lost his marbles.

“B, this isn’t up for debate!”  He barked out.  “I need to fight them alone, do you understand me?”


Declan took a deep breath as he tried to put it another way, “The Asian Werewolves who attacked us, I think they’re the Hsin clan we were warned about.  Somehow they got wind of us and they’ve come for you.”

“But why me?  I can’t frickin’ breed for them!”  I cried indignantly.

“You know that and I know that, but because of your pheromones THEY don’t know that.  They think you’re fertile because of how you smell.” 

I tried to pull away as my objection, but he held me firmly by the shoulders as he looked on demandingly.

“Now listen to me, B…” he said seriously, “…I have to declare my dominance. I have to fight them for you because if I don’t, they’re liable to track us back to Alaska and that would put the tribe at risk.”

“I know that Dec which is why I’m gonna fight with you -”  I tried but he interrupted.

“No you can’t!  What Leo and Marcus told me about the Asian Werewolves?  It was mostly a lie but a small part of it’s true.  Sure, there’s more than one female left but they are small in number.  The Hsin clan doesn’t appear to have any which is why they’re so interested in you.  Females of any breed of Werewolf including the Asian kind, are becoming rare in this world.  Think about it B, why were Hsu’s family afraid of letting their women near the Hsin clan?” 

I pushed his hands off, “How the hell do you know THAT much?!”

“Because I can smell it!”  He snapped.  “I can’t explain it, but I can smell it just as I can sense it.  My instincts are telling me since the Third World War, not many female Werewolves are created which is why they’re so rare.  The other breed’s females are dying out from old age with hardly any new ones created.  I don’t know why exactly, maybe it’s because of the underlying effects of the fallout?  Humans may have been able to cure the radiation sickness in the natural world, but what about the supernatural world?”

“But -” I tried to interject but he interrupted again.

“You’re unique, B.”  My mate cupped my face in his larger hands.  “You’re the first and only female in the pack of Lokoti Werewolves.  With your pheromones, you’re like a winning lottery ticket blowing down a street in the Depression era.”

I believed him but my stubborn Lokoti Werewolf protective instinct refused to abandon my mate in a time of danger. “Then I’ll fight with you.”

“No.”  He released his hold.

“No? What do you mean, no?”

“I’d fight better without you by my side.”  He said to my surprise.

“What?!”  I cried out, offended.

“B, when I fought those Asian Werewolves just then, I was holding myself back.”

“You were holding yourself back?”


“What do you mean you were holding yourself back?”  I put my hands on my hips demandingly. 

My husband said guilty, “I’ve always been holding myself back around you and the other Lokoti Werewolves, B.  I’ve been doing it ever since I was 5 years old and I first realized I was a different to the rest of the pack.”

My eyes widened as this new truth began to dawn on me, “You mean even on a hunt you hold yourself back?”

“Of course I hold myself back!”  He said incredulous. “You think that by hunting one or two animals a month placates my bloodlust?”

“Well…” I faltered.

“Remember when Derik died?”  He brought up the memory of his little brother passing away from old age.  “Do you remember when I came back from a spontaneous hunt and you smelled the blood of at least ten different animals on me?  I almost lost control over the bloodlust.  But that’s what it’s like for me, B.  Always.   I’m insatiable!  I want to hunt human and since I can’t eat them, then I eat animal.  My bloodlust would happily eat something supernatural instead, like these Asian Werewolves… which is why I was told never to return because Hsu’s clan can smell it.”

My heart raced with anxiety as I almost felt afraid of him.  I swallowed hard, “Does that mean that – that you want to – to eat me too?”

“NO!” he was quick to pull me closely against him.  Declan gently banged his forehead into mine as he inhaled deeply.  “You’re part of every fibre of my being and my bloodlust knows this.  You’re more part of me than Derik’s progeny is.  As I said once, if anything ever happened to you? Then I’d be the first European Werewolf to die of a broken heart than to have it pierced by silver.” 

I turned quiet as his words reassured and so did his body language.  We both momentarily closed our eyes as we enjoyed the feel of our hot, strong bodies pressed together.  I felt his fingers dig into my waist possessively. 

“Which is why I’m asking this of you now,” his eyes met mine again. “Return to Alaska and I’ll fight the Asian Werewolves and I won’t hold back.  And I’ll win because of this.”

The picture of my husband going on an insane, murdering rampage as he indulged his supernatural hunger for one night to embark on a vengeful feeding frenzy; ran through my mind.  It was like, ‘sniff at my wife like that and you’ll pay.’  The bloodlust in his breed was far more primitive than I gave it credit for.

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