Saturday, September 1, 2012

“It’s just what we need; man-eaters!”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)


Just then the dread which had been growing in the pit of my stomach became worse, as something else occurred to me. “The fence post with the nails sticking out of it was deliberately left on the road.  The Asian Werewolves who live nearby, use it to stop travellers so they can eat them.”

“Great!”  My mate growled as he began to take off his clothes.  “It’s just what we need; man-eaters!” 

I stood back to give him room as he quickly stripped so when he expanded into his European Werewolf form, his clothes wouldn’t be torn to shreds.  I too started to undress, as I took off my jacket as well as my shoes and socks but I left on my t-shirt and shorts.  My shorts would be safe as it was primarily my upper-body that bulked up, and my t-shirt was made of a stretchy material.

My mate completely undressed within seconds and he tossed his clothes and shoes onto the passenger’s seat along with mine.  Then he stood back from his wife and the vehicle to shape shift from his human body into his taller and wider supernatural form. 

Declan’s height almost doubled as his width tripled, whilst his skin turned into a tough hide over his muscle bulk.  The nails on his hands and feet grew longer, sharper and pointier.  I heard the soft cracking noises his bones made as his human skull morphed into a canine’s head with a short, stubby snout over razor sharp jaws.  In his European Werewolf body he could stand and walk upright but when he ran, it was on all-fours. 

I underwent a change of my own, as I felt my muscles bulk up and my nails grow longer and sharper on my hands and feet.  I felt my teeth turn elongated and sharp, which jutted past my lips.  The surrounding night lit up as if it were day, thanks to my Werewolf eyes as my dark blue colour turned glowing turquoise.

Although we were fairly sure the Asian Werewolves wouldn’t try to eat us, we didn’t trust man-eaters as they were dangerous.  With my night vision, I saw them come out from between the dark trees and bushes.

At first they looked like ordinary wolves, except all of their eyes were glowing white with tiny black pupils in the centre.  They all appeared alike; thin builds with silvery grey fur.  My acute hearing picked up the sniffing noises they made as they tracked our scent.  I counted ten of them appear from the night as they fanned out to surround us. 

The European Werewolf emitted a dangerously, low growl to warn them off.  He soon sniffed out who the leader was, as he stood on his hind legs to tower over his foe.  He moved to stand in front of me with his larger size to show the head Asian Werewolf that I was his mate and therefore under his protection.  The snarling in return from his henchmen or hench-wolves I should say, didn’t seem to appreciate this. 

Oh oh, don’t tell me they’re attracted to my Lokoti Werewolf pheromones too?  Frickin’ hell, Declan was right; he really CAN’T take me anywhere!  My husband roared loudly at the Asian Werewolves to back off, but instead of moving away they began to circle.

Just then one of the Asian Werewolves tried to snap at my arm but Declan, in lightening fast speed, swatted the creature and sent him flying through the air!

The Asian Werewolf landed over twenty meters away thanks to my mate’s greater strength.  It whined in pain when it hit the ground however it was quick to return to all-fours and rejoin its pack.  They kept circling whilst snarling or sniffing, as if they were trying to smell a weakness in our defences.

The European Werewolf remained upright on his hind legs as he gently pushed me against the car with himself in front, to act as my shield. 

“Maybe we should instantaneously phase out of here?”  I asked in my deep, rumbling Werewolf voice.

But my husband shook his large canine head to say ‘no’ whilst his glowing green eyes never left his foe. 

The Circulator in me wanted to phase the both of us to Alaska, but my Lokoti Werewolf instincts stayed this thought.  They warned that the Asian Werewolves wanted to kill my mate and kidnap me, to try to force me to become their concubine or some nonsense.  I sensed if we did take flight the Asian Werewolves would pursue, thinking that they were the dominant because we ran away. 

I remember reading in the SSIT Report that Asian Werewolves were the best trackers of all the breeds.  If they pursued, we would have to relocate to a different time period to throw them off our scent!  If we did instantaneously phase back to Alaska and they came after us, it could put the humans of the tribe at stake, and that was something that my overprotective Lokoti Werewolf instinct was not prepared to do.  It was best to fight it out, here and now to declare our dominance. 

Besides, looking on my mate’s huge, hulking, hairless European Werewolf body, actually made me think that we were dealing with a stupid bunch of males anyway.  No matter how much they wanted to use me to try to breed, they were going to go up against Declan looking like that…?

My mate may have been bigger and stronger but unfortunately Asian Werewolves were faster.  They started to run around in a circle, speeding up so much that they began to look like a silvery blur!  As they ran, I noticed that they were beginning to move closer.  Declan growled fiercely and swung out his strong claw, but he missed… and then it was on!

Three Asian Werewolves leapt on the European Werewolf in lightening fast speed and the one in the middle went right for his throat!  Before I could come to his aid, another two leapt on top of the car and grabbed me from behind to pull me away.  They thought by separating us, it would weaken us.

My mate swatted off two of his attackers with his greater strength.  Then he lifted up the Asian Werewolf that was trying to rip out his throat and he looked like he was about to snap the creature’s back!  But before he could, another five leapt upon him!

“Declan!” My thunderous voice roared at the sight of the five Asian Werewolves all biting into and clawing at him!

Using my light speed reflexes, I managed to whip myself out of the two Werewolves jaws.  Next, I turned around and used my Lokoti Werewolf strength to belt them both so hard, they flew ten meters away!  Then I grabbed onto two of the Asian Werewolves who were on my husband’s large back.  I pried apart their jaws with my greater strength, to force them to release him.  Lastly, I too belted these two away.

They rolled away on the ground, but were quick to leap back to their feet.  By trying to use their faster moves to leap on top, they still hadn’t cottoned on that I was a Circulator too.  Moving in the speed of light with my self-defence moves, I ducked from one then I caught and flipped the other to the ground.

I continued to fight this way and the more I threw to the ground, or aside, or belted away; the weakened they became.  I was fighting four Asian Werewolves and Declan was fighting off six.  Two of his enemies went flying into a tree from one of his wallops!  They collapsed to the ground, bleeding profusely thanks to his larger claws.  My mate and I fought side by side, as our foes began to falter.

When I whipped one foe across the snout with my claw-like nails, cracking open its jaw, it yelped in pain.  Three down and seven to go…  As one tried to go for my throat, Declan caught it in mid-air as he roared in fury!  He lifted up my attacker into the air above and this time he did snap its’ back!  The Asian Werewolf dropped to the ground like a sack and didn’t get up again.  Four down and six to go… 

Next, I pulled off one of the Werewolves which were trying to bite into the back of my mate’s bulky neck.  I delivered several punches into its rib cage with my supernatural strength, before I flung it into the air and it landed fifteen meters away.  It too didn’t get up again.  Five down and five to go… or so I thought.

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