Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"And what about the timing of our guest lecturer? He arrives magically, to talk about Roman Legionnaires, right after we've seen one?"

07/ 11/ 00

Dear Diary,

We were in the library doing our homework after dinner when Peter came in and sat at the table we were at. He tossed us over his notes from history and then started with, "from the guy we saw, the kind of armour he was wearing, I'd say we're looking at a ghost from around 100 BC. But what I can't work out is, why a ghost from Ancient Rome is hanging around Ontario? From the types of hauntings I've researched, there are two types of ghosts, one that died in the area, even when the building wasn't even built yet and it can interact with people years later; or it's a kind of recording, one that seems to be imprinted in the surroundings. But that doesn't explain what Roman soldiers are doing in a country which wouldn't have been discovered yet."

Sally, Zack, Nelson and I just looked at him, throwing our own daggers at him. "NOW you're interested? Bugger off Peter."

"How is the cleaning going, Pete? You look a bit hot and flustered there." Zack said coldly. That was true, he stunk of bleach.

"And doesn't that perturb you in any way? The way Hamilton and his crony just showed up, perfectly timed?" Peter leaned forward. "And what about the timing of our guest lecturer? He arrives magically, to talk about Roman Legionnaires, right after we've seen one? And how did our guest lecturer arrive here, may I ask? Did you guys notice any new looking cars parked in the staff carpark outside of Alpha building? Or did he just helicopter in, using the prestigious Brownsville hospital helipad?"

"So what are you saying, you saw our guest lecturer arrive in the middle of the night, bathed in blue light? Wow, I should become a poet." Nelson said sarcastically.

But that did make me think what he was saying may have been right. "You know what, I have been thinking about this a lot. You know how Hamilton caught us and said to Peter, 'with the type of medication she was on, she would have overdosed?' He didn't say 'could have', he said 'would have', like it was a forgone conclusion. Like he knew it was about to happen."

Zack just looked at me, then he turned to Peter. "What exactly was it you and Brett and Sophie heard that night? That scared Brett and Sophie away."

"Footsteps. Lots of them."

"That could have been from us." Sally looked at Zack and I.

"No, I mean LOTS of them, the kind that sound like it's Piccadilly Circus in rush hour. They thought it was all of the teachers and probably all of Brownsville, come back from partying early, because it came from upstairs where the teachers offices are."

"That's strange, we didn't hear anything." Zack said. "And we were right outside the teachers offices."

"Which office was it that you saw the blue light?" Peter asked us.

"How do you know we saw a blue light?" I asked him back.

"I heard Hamilton talk about it. He knows we know." Peter sung warningly.

"So? What's wrong with that?" Sally shrugged dismissively.

"Girlfriend, buy a clue! Pat saw a blue light coming from his office once, we have a guest speaker from 100 BC, and Hamilton knows when his students are about to drop dead from overdosing! What do you think?" Nelson snapped at her.

"So, which office was it?" Peter asked me again.

"I don't know, I've never been up there." I shrugged.

"Well, there's no time like the present." Peter stood up. "Come on, show me."

"What? Now? But it's cold outside." I whined.

"We should find out." Zack stood up too.

"Come on." So did Nelson, and she looked at Sally. "Don't you wanna know? Or are you too scared?"

"Fine!" Sally huffed and stood up.

"Bloody hell. Can't this wait until morning? When it won't look so strange, on our way to class?" I refused to stand up.

"Good idea." Sally quickly sat down again.

Then they all sat down again.

"And we don't all need to go. Let's keep them guessing just a little bit, shall we?" I pointed out. "They mightn't know we all know."

"Know what? Our teachers are ghosts?" Nelson said flatly.



Left breakf. early so could go to class early to check out Alpha. Light did come from Prof. H. office.

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