Saturday, December 14, 2013

“You’re carrying a half European Werewolf inside you, a creature with teeth and claws.”

  (Small Fry Chapter 2)

“Aunt B,” our First greeted.

“Caesar,” I said perfunctory.

“I understand that yesterday you and Declan received some news which will affect your family.”  He began.

“Yes.” I shot off a glare to Ki.

However, he didn’t look remotely guilty for sharing my condition with the rest of the pack.

“I would ask that you consent to another scan by Ki this morning, and perhaps an examination.” Caesar said seriously. 

“Excuse me?”

“We need to take some readings of the cells that are growing inside you.”  Ki stated.

“Say what?” My mouth fell open in surprise.  “Why?”

“We need to ascertain how much the baby may resemble either you or Uncle Declan.”  Our Medicine Man elaborated.

“But why?”  I asked, taken aback.

“You know why, B.”  My mate said softly.

My overprotective Lokoti Werewolf instincts roared inside me first then outside second.

“Is that some kind of slur on Declan?”  I raised my voice.  “Are you worried about more European Werewolves being created?  I don’t care if I create an army of his breed, male or female!  I love my husband and I’m sick of the hypocrisy - ”

Then I was interrupted by a loud growl emitted by our First.

“Right now Aunt B THAT is the least of our worries!  We have to make sure that your body is even able to carry just one European Werewolf child.” 

“Oh please!” I rolled my eyes.  “Declan’s already been through all of this!  He tried to scare me yesterday, with a series of worst case scenarios and you know what I told him?  That he’s barking up the wrong tree!  This baby is also HALF Lokoti Werewolf!”

“But Lokoti Werewolves are born human, Aunt B.”  Tyson said gravely.  “This child will be born a Werewolf.  You’re carrying a half European Werewolf inside you, a creature with teeth and claws.” 

“Er, newsflash for you Tyson; DECLAN’S ALREADY BEEN THROUGH THIS!” I growled out between gritted teeth.

“Aunt B please,” Forrest said awkwardly, “we’re concerned for your safety.”

“Of course you are!”  I sung sarcastically.  “Just like you’d be concerned for Tyson here, if he were knocked up by a European Werewolf too!”

“Yeah, but I’m stronger than you, being a male Lokoti Werewolf.”  He tried not to laugh.

Caesar spoke in a low voice, “Bianca Grace Wisetail Elm Sabre, when your grandfather Emanuel Riverclaw chose my great, great grandfather Chiron Riverclaw, to be First upon his leave?  He made Chiron swear to keep a close eye on you.  When your Circulator mother took your Lokoti Werewolf father Hunter Wisetail, to the space time continuum with her?  He made Chiron swear again, to look after his only child; the tribe’s first female Lokoti Werewolf who’s also the world’s last Circulator.  Before Chiron left this life for the next, he passed the oath onto me.”

“Right that’s it!”  I hopped off the bench, to stand on my own two feet. 

            “Oh oh,” Declan muttered, as he watched warily.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

“Because we’re worried that you may not be Lokoti Werewolf enough, to carry a half European Werewolf inside you.”

  (Small Fry Chapter 2)

Once I’d finished, I stomped down the stairs.  I found Declan in the kitchen making himself, his mate and three other cups of coffees for our expected guests.  Crankily, I sat up on the kitchen bench, which made him move two of the cups aside, so I wouldn’t knock them over.  I watched him pour the boiling water into the mugs which had instant espresso in them, before he applied the milk and sugar, as he recalled who drank theirs which way.

“What was THAT supposed to mean?”  I glared however, his youthful face remained impassive as he carried out his task.  “Declan?”

“I’ve never seen you maul someone, B.”  He said coolly. “The only time I’ve seen you attack something with teeth and claws, was an animal during a hunt.  Whenever you fight a foe, you reach for your silver sword.”

“You mean my Katana.”  I corrected.  “It’s a Japanese sword, remember?”

“Whatever.”  He stirred all five cups, before tossing the teaspoon into the sink. He handed me my cup before picking up his.   I held my mug in between my hands, savouring the warmth before I took my first sip.  Declan continued, “This fact also worries me.”

“Why, because you’ve never seen me maul an enemy?”

“Sometimes you’re more Circulator than you are Lokoti Werewolf.  You don’t hunt as much as the male Lokoti Werewolves and you don’t use your predatory instincts as much as they do either.  You’d rather use your Circulator abilities instead.  This worries me about your pregnancy and I know it’s also worrying your Werewolf relations as well.” 

I looked back in surprise, to find his eyes were waiting to hold my gaze. 

I asked stiffly, “What’s this got to do with my pregnancy?”

            He spoke plainly, “Because we’re worried that you may not be Lokoti Werewolf enough, to carry a half European Werewolf inside you.”

But before I could rebuke him for saying something so stupid, we were interrupted by a loud KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!

“Come in, Caesar.”  He called out knowingly.

We heard the front door open and the footsteps of four large males, enter then shut the door behind them. 

A second later, the elderly face of the 156 year old Forrest came to the fore, as he stood in our kitchen entryway. 

He was followed by the middle-aged appearance of our First, Caesar, who was 131 years old.  His son Tyson who stood behind him, looked like he was in forties and he was turning 100 this year.  Ki, who looked like he was in still his thirties when really he was 68 years old, stood beside our leader.  Such was the slower aging process of the Lokoti Werewolves, who could live for two hundred years.

All four sets of dark brown eyes were trained my way and their expressions were grave.