Friday, March 6, 2015

“You saw what other male European Werewolves were like and you immediately cowered from me.”

  (Small Fry Chapter 4)

It wasn’t long afterwards I instantaneously phased the three of us back to tribal lands.  Ki picked up his medicine bundle he had left in our lounge area, as Declan crossed his arms and glared at him.  I wasn’t sure why at first, but I soon found out. 
“I suppose you’re going to give Caesar the news of what you saw in the Viewing Room today?”  My husband asked knowingly.
Ki paused on his way out the front door, to look his way.  “Yes, I’ll be stopping by Caesar’s house on my way home.”
“Isn’t that just peachy,” he grumbled.
“What’s wrong?”  I queried, looking from my husband to our Medicine Man.  “Why do you have to tell Caesar what you saw?”
Ki looked from me, to my husband then back my way.  “He’s not only our First, but he’s your family, Aunt B.  After our check-ups, I give him updates of both the mother and baby’s progress.”
“What?” I looked taken aback.  “Doesn’t privacy or confidentiality mean anything around here?!”
“YOU’RE pissed off?”  Declan arched his eyebrows.  “I’m the one who’s about to be branded a baby killer!”
This made me feel bad as I sensed my mate was starting to feel like he was being punished for a crime he hadn’t committed.  It seemed like we were taking one step forwards then two steps back, with this pregnancy.  Having so many people involved let alone the parents-to-be, only made things worse.
“Ki,” I walked up to him, so I could look him right in the eye as I said this. “I DON’T have any bad feelings about this pregnancy.  Also, I don’t have any warning feelings that I’m in danger from Declan, either.  So can you please stop running to Caesar and blabbing about us?!”
I could see my words affected him as he momentarily looked on, guiltily.
“I’m sorry Aunt B, but I’ve been given a direct order from my First to tell him everything that occurs with this pregnancy.”  He said softly, before he passed my mate a knowing look.  “Uncle Declan appreciates this, especially since he’s Second.  When our First gives an order, we follow it.”
The two exchanged a long look, before my mate said, “Let Ki go.”
Then our Medicine Man along with his medicine bundle departed via the front door.  I watched him go before I looked defeated, towards my mate.
“How come every time I speak up in your defence, you side with the pack over your wife?”  I asked, hurt.
“Then how come you side with the baby over your husband?”  He returned.  “You saw what other male European Werewolves were like and you immediately cowered from me.  B, you looked at me today like I was a monster, when all I’ve done was try to keep you safe.”
I marched over to where he was standing so our eyes could clash, as well as our words. 
“Declan, I got scared because I saw you do exactly what those other male European Werewolves did; you tried to eliminate your young!”
“No B, I tried to protect my mate.”  He said firmly.  “If I was acting like the males of my species, I would have knocked you up and disappeared.  Then I’d come back after the baby was born and I wouldn't care if you lived or died, when I came to eliminate my young!”
We stood there in a tense manner, with the both of us so angry, neither of us could back down.  Or so I thought, until after a moment he abruptly turned around.  He walked towards the backdoor whilst undressing.
“What are you doing?” I watched warily.
“I’m going hunting,” he spoke as he stripped.  “I’m so angry right now, I have to tear into something!” 
“Hunting?”  I echoed.
“While I’m gone, I’m sure you’re going to pack your bags and run away as usual.  Right now, I’m so sick of this pregnancy that I wouldn't care if I returned to an empty house!”
“Declan -” I started after him, but he flung open the door and stepped naked, out into the snow.

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