Wednesday, February 18, 2015

“I swear by the Lokoti Wolf, this has to be the most difficult pregnancy yet, I’ve had to oversee.”

  (Small Fry Chapter 4)

The Medicine Man looked on in alarm, as he kept a protective hand on my shoulder.  Poor Ki, he was probably wishing we were home right now, so he had the back up of the other Lokoti Werewolves.  In fact, so was I.
Declan stood up angrily as he growled out, “But as usual, I hold myself back.  For you B, I continue to hunt animal and not human.  For you B, I’m letting you keep this child.  For you B, I’ll allow this child to live.  So don’t go all ‘dingo ate my baby’ on me!”
With that, he spun on his heel and stalked off down the corridor.  We watched him depart, before Ki collapsed exhausted, beside on the floor.  He too leaned against the wall as he let out a weary sigh.
He admitted, “I swear by the Lokoti Wolf, this has to be the most difficult pregnancy yet, I’ve had to oversee.” 
My heart pounded and I said vacantly, “You’re telling me...?”
“The most difficult pregnancy for the tribe’s most argumentative couple,” he shook his head.
“Thanks a lot!” 
“Aunt B, have you or Uncle Dec, ever considered relationship counselling?” He passed a tired look.  
“Oh sure!”  I scoffed.  “I can imagine our sessions now with the non-Lokoti counsellor.  Yes, Werewolves exist and yes, we’ve been married for nearly three centuries.  However, getting knocked up has affected our relationship.”
“It doesn’t have to be with a non-Lokoti counsellor off tribal lands.”  Ki shrugged.  “You could go to one of those marriage groups the Tribal Elders hold now and again in the Meeting Hall.”
“Oh yeah, I can see Declan now; sitting there, growling under his breath and scaring away the other couples.”  I snickered.
“Sometimes I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking.  His mood swings thanks to his bloodlust-fuelled temper, are volatile enough.  Then you walk into the room and it’s like throwing petrol onto a fire.  Tell me Aunt B, with all of your fighting, how do you usually work things out?”  He wondered.
“Well…” I wondered how to put it politely, “…make-up sex.”
“I see,” his eyebrows rose. “I suppose that would be typical in a marriage with two Werewolves, let alone one with a European Werewolf.”
“He’s usually not this bad,” I tried to apologise. “But this pregnancy has really thrown him.  We were supposed to evolve to the space time continuum, but that’s been put on hold.  Declan’s not only the father of my child, he’s the man I pictured spending eternity with.  So if he’s not up to fatherhood, I’m screwed.”
“Now you do sound like a Lokoti Werewolf,” he smirked, “the biological bonding between Werewolf and mate.”
“Man it sucks!”  I huffed, as I crossed my arms.
“I wouldn’t say that,” he passed a cheeky grin. “Jenny and I are still enjoying the physical side effects.”
“Shut up!”  I gave him a shove.
“Hey, that hurt!  Watch it with your new strength.”  He chuckled, as he rubbed his arm.  “I think I preferred it when you were hyperventilating.”
Then we both took a deep breath, held it and let it out as a loud sigh, as we stared back into the Viewing Room.

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