Sunday, February 1, 2015

“From 1000 BC to 2363 AD, there’s less than a hundred cases, of both European Werewolf mother and European Werewolf child surviving?”

(Small Fry Chapter 4)

“I just can’t believe it...” Ki looked like he was still in shock, “…I’ve never come across a species that would seem so – so – so programmed, to destroy itself by means of sexual reproduction.  I mean, the mortality rate for both mother and young, it’s astronomical!  I thought the European Werewolf lust was so strong, because it was to ensure its species survival?  But it appears to be another method to kill.”
“OK, give me some statistics here.”  I prepared myself for what was ahead.  “What happened in the cases of Roberta and Marcus, as well as Michelle and Leo?  Were they ever pregnant?  Did they go through labour?  Did children occur?”
“Roberta and Michelle were impregnated dozens of times.  But Marcus and Leo, used the method I wanted to use on you to end the pregnancy each time.”  Declan spoke in a low voice, with his back turned.
“Since 1000 BC, there have been billions of instances of female European Werewolves being impregnated.  But actually going through with the pregnancy, drops to a third.  Or, surviving the pregnancy, it drops to a third again.  Then the infant Werewolf reaching maturity, drops to another third.  So we went to something like less than a hundred times, of both the mother and child surviving procreation.”  Ki prattled off with wide eyes.
“Less than a hundred...?”  I gaped.  “From 1000 BC to 2363 AD, there’s less than a hundred cases, of both European Werewolf mother and European Werewolf child surviving?”
“Correct,” our Medicine Man rubbed his face again, from stress.  “I won’t even tell you what happened to the human mothers, which were impregnated by a male European Werewolf.”
“Dead every time?”  I guessed.
“Correct,” he repeated, whist staring at the floor.
“I thought human women wouldn’t survive the experience of being with a male European Werewolf, anyway.”  I looked on, blankly.
“From what we saw, eighty percent of the time they didn’t.”  His face paled, before he shook his head.  “Amazing…it’s like even European Werewolf sexual organs have the bloodlust.  Instead of reproducing, they kill.”
“So as I always thought, most European Werewolves are created by bite or blood transference, rather than sex.”  I summed up.
“Yes.”  He said stiffly.
“Well, it kinda makes sense.” I tried to put it objectively.  “The different breeds were primarily created from the prey that survived an attack by the First Werewolf.”
“All except Lokoti Werewolves,” he added on.  "We’re the only breed NOT descended from the First Werewolf.  We were created from the biological and spiritual convergence of Lokoti Wolf and human.”
“You never know,” I tried to joke, “the changed prey ended up reproducing with members of the canidae family, which includes wolves.”
Our Medicine Man’s face fell, “That’s not even funny, Aunt B.  Allow me to remind you that a Lokoti Werewolf has NEVER lost a mate in childbirth.”
Declan snarled in displeasure at our conversation, as he turned around and stormed off down the corridor.  I remained in my seat and watched him go, as I sensed he had to walk this off.  Right now, he was feeling angry and embarrassed of his breed’s family history.
I turned back to Ki, “What about the male European Werewolves who impregnated the female; did any remain through the pregnancy?  You said Declan was stronger because of it, what about them?”
“Um, we didn’t really see what happened to the males.”  He mused.  “The presentation was centred on females through the pregnancy or the birth.  Often, they were alone without the father with them.”
“C’mon,” I stood up, “let’s do some more research.”
“Just give me a minute,” he faltered.  “I’m still getting over the last history lesson on the fate of the females.”
“I’ll start on the search parameters and I’ll meet you in the Viewing Room.”  I organized, before I headed that way.

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