Monday, December 15, 2014

Small Fry Part Two

Cover Design by Isabel de Sequera
Cover Photo by Nina Ackerman

Lucia becomes an older sister as B and Declan delight in their domestic bliss.  However, raising half-breeds and training them not to hunt human is nothing compared to being hunted themselves.  Whereas the parents and the pack prove willing and able to fight, B's visions as a 'Light Person' are darkened by what looms ahead. 

The Lokoti National Park turns into a battle ground, as the warfare of fang vs. claw takes place.  Friends and family members are lost and the tribe is changed forever.  After the grief, further tragedy strikes with the arrival of B and Declan's third daughter.  Although it seems Declan's nightmares have come true, B's real strength shines through. 

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