Saturday, December 6, 2014

I glared back, “Because this baby is half Lokoti Werewolf, so she’s got my genes too.”

(Small Fry Chapter 4)

“OK, lets talk about this.”  I sighed, as I put down my empty mug.  “Let’s get everything out into the open and deal with it now, so we can just move on.”
“Maybe we should,” Ki said flatly, “preparations are certainly going to need to be made.”
“Instead of panicking and crying out, ‘oh my god we’re all going to die’, let’s review the first fact that I obviously live through this pregnancy.  The second fact is, I will be having girls.”  I looked up at Declan, thinking this would make him feel better.  “The third fact, what you just saw in there happened to OTHER females.  It’s not going to happen to me.”
“How can you be so sure, B?!”  My mate whirled around in anger. “I just saw female European Werewolves die in childbirth, women with twice your strength!”
“Was the male European Werewolf who knocked them up, with them?”  I asked knowingly.
“No -” he began, but I cut him off.
“Were any werewolves male or female, around to share their blood with the injured mother?”  I asked again.
“No, usually the mothers were alone and gave birth in hiding.”  He answered.
“So there you go.” I said simply.  “I’m not going to have this baby alone, so if I need blood, I’m sure my mate or pack will back me up.”
Ki spoke distantly, “The female European Werewolves weren’t just impregnated by the males of their species, but also by humans.  However, their babies still developed as full-blooded European Werewolves.  We saw a couple of images of the baby, morphing into its larger European Werewolf shape whilst inside the mother.  It ruptured the amniotic sack, as well as split the mother’s stomach wide open, which in most instances killed both.” 
“But that’s not going to happen to me,” I said firmly.
Suddenly, Declan roared in anger, with his face bright red and tears streaming from his eyes.  “HOW CAN YOU BE SO SURE, BIANCA?!”
The volume not only made me jump, but it also made Ki snap to.
“Uncle, please.” He said quietly.  “Yelling at Aunt B isn’t going to solve the problem.  We have to remain calm.”
I glared back, “Because this baby is half Lokoti Werewolf, so she’s got my genes too.”
Our Medicine Man rubbed his face, “I asked the computer to show us your future, so we could confirm your pregnancy will have no complications?  However, it said it has difficulty calculating your future at times.  It said a white light from an unknown energy source, blocks your timeline, so it can’t predict your path.  All it could say is that you have three children, which are all girls.  It said it saw you in the distant future, when the girls were grown, but it couldn’t project what the deliveries will be like.”
“What good is this frickin’ smart computer, if it can’t tell us THAT?!”  Declan growled out.
Then he kicked an unused couch so hard, it squealed across the floor several meters away!
“Vincent used to say the same about trying to predict my future.”  I sighed. 
“When you’re six months along, I’ll put the pack on alert.”  Ki took a deep breath.  “As soon as we sense your labour, you’ll have fourteen male Lokoti Werewolves on standby as blood donors… as well as Declan, of course.”
The father of my child turned back around to glare tearfully out at the storm.  It had begun to rage outside, drenching the land in a thick downpour as its strong downdrafts blew fiercely.  We saw the vegetation bend and flex in the gale, as its’ roots struggled to hold on.

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