Monday, November 17, 2014

Declan looked distraught at his species history with sexual reproduction whilst Ki looked disgusted.

  (Small Fry Chapter 4)

When my fifteen minutes of peace were up, I was joined by two shell-shocked males. 
Declan looked distraught at his species history with sexual reproduction whilst Ki looked disgusted.  Since Lokoti Werewolves are exceptionally protective over their mates and young, anything untoward in this area was frowned upon.  From the look on our Medicine Man’s face, his frown was so ingrained, I thought it would give him new wrinkles.
“Hot chocolate?” I offered to cheer them up.
The two looked like I had just offered to put a simple band-aid on a broken artery, gushing out.
“B, did you know this already?”  Declan asked accusatorily.  “Is that why you didn’t stick around?”
“No,” I spoke calmly, “I just had a bad feeling that’s all.”
“A bad feeling…?  A BAD FEELING?!”  His voice rose.  “When you swore to me that first morning that you’d live through this pregnancy, you LIED!!”
“No I didn’t!”  I said indignantly, as I sat up straighter.  “I did NOT lie about MY pregnancy!  I didn’t want to come here to do the search, nor watch the results with you, because I knew they wouldn’t be pretty.  I SENSED it would have been dire at best for other females, but I KNOW it’s not dangerous in my case.”
“How can you know?”  His face screwed up in pain.  “How can you know this isn’t going to happen to you?”
“Because our daughter will be the eldest, remember?”  I pointed out.  “If I don’t live through this, I can hardly give her sisters now, can I?”
Ki slowly sunk onto the couch next to mine, as he stared vacantly at the lush vegetation outside the glass wall.  He truly appeared to be suffering post traumatic stress, whereas Declan was furious.  The Medicine Man who would occasionally counsel his patients, looked like he needed to recover. 
Altogether, we watched the bright sunlight disappear, as the light green sky was darkened with oncoming storm clouds.  I thought the flashes of lightning were poetically timed with the men’s moods at the moment.  The thunder was so loud, the rumble could be heard as well as felt, through the protective dome.
Declan stood with his back turned, as he watched the lightning rip across the blackening sky.  His human blue eyes switched to his glowing green colour in anger, which made him look like he could be a native of Taurus Six.  His dissatisfied growl rumbled out just like the thunder outside. 

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