Sunday, March 16, 2014

He was a typical Lokoti Werewolf being completely devoted to his mate and young.

  (Small Fry Chapter 3)

I put on a pair of jeans, a long-sleeved, black t-shirt and a purple, zip-up sweater, before I wandered downstairs to fix myself some brunch.  However, just as I opened the fridge, I was startled by a knock at the door.

I smelled whoever it was, was one of the pack.  So when I swung open the front door, I wasn’t surprised to find Walt Wisetail standing on my icy veranda.  Behind him, was his U.S. Forest Service hover-vehicle, parked on the snowy driveway.

“Walt,” I smiled on my distant relation.  “How are you?  How’s Wendy and the rug rats?”

“We’re well, thanks Aunt B.”  He smiled proudly. 

He was a typical Lokoti Werewolf, being completely devoted to his mate and young.  Never in a million years would he gripe about his wife’s mood swings.  In fact, his grin grew even wider with his next update. 

“Actually, Wendy and I are expecting again.”

“A third kid on the way?”  My eyebrows arose.  “Wow, you really are following Lokoti Werewolf tradition there, Walt.”

He chuckled as he came in from the cold air, “How about yourself Aunt B, better late than never?”

Declan’s voice interrupted, as he jogged down the stairs. “We were stopping to smell the roses, before weighing down the marriage with kids.” 

“Kids don’t take away from the marriage, Uncle Dec.” He said affably.  “They add to it, just you wait and see.” 

My mate said sarcastically, “Oh yeah, the messy diapers, the late night feedings and losing your free time for the next 18 years; I can see how you’d say that.  Kids take away the need for romantic dinners, annual overseas holidays or even intimate evenings with the wife.” 

“With that attitude, you’re being extremely optimistic that you’re still going to have a wife to be intimate with.”  I passed a glare.

“Oh you two!”  Walt laughed loudly at our banter.  “Trust me, kids can add to the sex life.  Especially when the parents have to think up new ways how to sneak it in quietly, it leaves a lot to experimentation.”

Declan and I exchanged raised eyebrows at his candor.

“Now about those beds...” my husband laughed it off, “…this way.”

He turned to lead him upstairs when I spoke, “What about the beds?”

“Oh,” Walt paused and looked to Declan to explain.

“I’m giving our spare beds to the Wisetail’s.”   He stated.

“You are?”  My hands moved to my hips.  “When did you discuss THIS with me?”

“Now,” he said simply, before he started to make his way up the stairs again.

“Hold on - hold on - hold on!”  I interrupted, making the two turn around once more. 

“Er, is there a problem?”  Our guest looked uncomfortable.  “If you still need the beds Aunt B -”

“No, you can have the beds, Walt.”  I said in annoyance, whilst glaring Declan’s way.  “But I’m pissed off that my husband didn’t mention this before.”

“We don’t need the beds right now, B!”  He snapped.  “Let Walt and Wendy have them, since their ‘tribe’ is growing faster than ours is.” 

“THAT’S not the problem, Declan!  The problem is you didn’t ASK me first!”  I growled.

“Why the hell, do I have to ask you?”  He asked indignantly.  “What, every time I talk kids with the guys, I have to fill you in?” 

“When were you talking to the guys about kids?”  I asked in disbelief.

“When Walt, Forrest and Caesar, were telling me about the kind of things we’re gonna need, for the nursery!”  His voice rose.  “Now quit with the third degree, woman!” 


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