Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Typical for his breed, he was a control freak and with his ego, he liked being in charge.

  (Small Fry Chapter 3)

He and Walt disappeared upstairs, as I stomped back into the kitchen whilst snarling obscenities under my breath.

I don’t get Declan…even after two centuries of marriage.  He runs hot and cold more than the kitchen faucet!  One minute he’s happy then he’s snappy.  Who’s the pregnant woman here, me or him? 

Then I paused…my husband has been talking to the men in the pack, about impending fatherhood?  Why, to get advice?  This almost made me laugh out loud, as I made myself another coffee.

It was funny to think of the former elderly European Werewolf, actually asking the younger Lokoti Werewolves, for their words of wisdom.  It also seemed like he was embarrassed about it.   He’s never liked asking for help, maybe this was the reason why he’s acting so tetchy about it?

Typical for his breed, he was a control freak and with his ego, he liked being in charge.  To ask his subordinates for baby tips, must have been a lesson in humility for him.  So to repay Walt for his help, he was giving him the beds?  Ah, now it made sense.

After the coffee was made, I sat up on the kitchen bench to drink my beverage.  I overheard the men make several trips up and down the stairs, as they carried the mattresses and furniture out to Walt’s hover-car. With their supernatural strength, they easily carried the loads individually.  Soon my spare beds were strapped to the top of Walt’s vehicle.

To say goodbye, my distant cousin appeared in the kitchen entranceway with my husband standing beside.  He was carrying an old cardboard box in his arms, which was full of books and old knick-knacks.  He must have had them in his hover-car.

“Oh and by the way Aunt B, I’ve brought a couple of things that you might find interesting.  I found them when I was going through my attic last month.”  He placed the box on the bench top, beside where I was sitting.

“What’s this?”  I picked up one of the books which looked so old, the pages were yellow.

“It’s an old diary from one of my great aunts.”  He explained.  “But I think she’d be closer to you than she is to me.  I think it’s Ling Wisetail’s diary.”

Declan’s and my eyes widened at the name, as I quickly put down my mug to open it.

“Hey, it’s Nana’s diary!” I cried out excitedly.  “Ling Wisetail was my Dad’s mother!”

“She’s something like eight or nine times removed from me, but I thought you'd appreciate it.”  Walt said kindly.  “There’s also a couple of old photos in there that I think are of your father when he was a boy, as well as of your Grandpa.”

The fact that Walt’s family had them didn’t surprise me, since Wisetail used to be my maiden name.  Walt and Wendy even lived in the same house that I grew up in.  Gleefully, I rifled through the box looking at what else was in there.  I came across a baby album and when I opened it up, I saw it was Dad’s!

“Oh my gosh!”  I jumped off the bench.  “This is my father’s baby album!  I didn’t know your family had this!”

“Family keepsakes such as photo albums and family records, are passed along the males in the family.”  He reminded.   “I guess after your father evolved to the space time continuum, it was among his keepsakes which remained in house when Jake Wisetail took over, who was my forefather.”

“That tradition sucks.”  I sighed.  “Declan and I will certainly break it, with our daughters and their daughters.”

“We certainly will.”  He agreed.  “Hey B, don’t you have a lot of Riverclaw stuff?”

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