Tuesday, March 4, 2014

“Where did you think the nursery was gonna go, in the dining area?”

 (Small Fry Chapter 3)

Declan snickered, before sneaking a look over to where I was sitting.  He cast a lazy gaze over my legs, which were unintentionally on display, thanks to the short cut of the negligee.

“With a mother like that, I think all the boys in the tribe are going to agree with you.”  He said smoothly.

“You’re gonna love it aren't you, when they all come to you for your permission to date your offspring?"

“Ha!”  He snorted.  “Yes I am!  You know how Odysseus had to fulfill all those tasks, and it took him years to finally return to his wife?  I’m gonna be just as bad!  Any applicant that wants to come within ten meters of my girls, are gonna have to be the best of the best!  I’m gonna set such an obstacle course, most of them are gonna give up and slink away with their tails between their legs.”

“This should be interesting.”  I tittered, as I nursed my coffee in both hands.  “Only, I don’t think this planet has any Cyclops or Sirens left, I think they’re all extinct.”

“That’s what people thought about European Werewolves.”  He pointed out.  “Trust me B, if the boys have to get past me instead?  They’ll be begging for a Cyclops!”

I giggled back, “If the suitors saw you in European Werewolf form, they’d think they’re battling Cerberus.”

“Except for the fact that I don’t have three heads,” he said, before he paused.  “Then again, what about the tales of the ‘Hounds From Hell’?  It makes you wonder doesn’t it, about how much fiction is fact?”

“Hmm, it does a bit.”  I frowned pensively.  “I mean, your species of Werewolf is the oldest in the world.  So anytime a human saw one of you and lived to tell the tale; I wonder how often the truth was distorted and came out as a fable instead?”

“You got that right.”  Declan declared.  “I was used to the fact that I was the last of my kind.  Now with our first rug rat you’re carrying, I’m gonna have a whole litter to train.  I'll have to teach 'em not to become one of the monsters that people fear in the dark.”

“Maybe the legends are still being written?” I posed.  “Maybe we’re creating all new mythology of how the Last European Werewolf and the First Female Lokoti Werewolf, started an all new breed? Their strength and control, the world has never seen?”

“Oh joy," he grumbled, picking up his wrench again.  “But if my daughters mirror their mother with their monthly blues; it’ll be an all new PMT the world has never seen before.”

“Declan!”  I griped.  “We were having a nice conversation then, why did you go and spoil it?”

“I’m just trying to prepare for the future.”  He said simply.  “I’m gonna get our PA at Hodge Endeavor to start buying up shares in ‘Nutella’, so we can get unending free samples sent to us.  I’ll fill this house with choc hazelnut spread, so my moody wife and ferocious female young, will never go without.”

I growled under my breath and stood up to leave, when I paused to look back.

“Why are you pulling apart the beds, by the way?”

“We have a two bedroom house, B.”  He said coolly.  “Where did you think the nursery was gonna go, in the dining area?” 


Declan's already organizing the nursery?  His gesture warmed my heart, at how the reluctant father was planning ahead for the baby.  I left him to his task and returned to the main bedroom, to get dressed.

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