Thursday, December 1, 2011


(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


~Physical Characteristics~

This breed appears the most like a wolf when it shifts shape.

The body completely changes from an upright, bipedal human appearance, to a four-legged form of a large wolf, with a silvery-grey coat. The fur springs forth from the pores in the skin then retreats back into the body, when they revert. They have white eyes with small black dots, as pupils. In the dark, their eyes appear to be glowing white, by reflecting the light. In their Werewolf form, this breed does have night-vision.

Asian Werewolves walk and run on all fours, with their shoulder and hip bones contorting to adjust to the front and back legs. Indeed in their supernatural form, it's hard to distinguish an Asian Werewolf from a Grey Wolf, except for the white eyes, larger size and their front legs being slightly shorter than their back legs. With such a dramatic shape shift, the Asian Werewolf is the only breed which remains in their supernatural form if they should die as such, whereas the others return to human.

Their strength increases by twenty fold and both males and females, can change into this breed; with females just as strong and as fast as their male counterparts. Although Asian Werewolves are not as strong as the other kinds, they are the fastest, running up to speeds of 400 km/h. They are also the best trackers as their sense of smell is legendary. There are stories of victims being unable to escape a vendetta placed on them, even if they moved to the other side of the world.

The life span of this breed is up to 150 years and even if the Asian Werewolf is elderly, it's still strong and fast in its supernatural form. Like all breeds, the full moon triggers its bloodlust and causes it to shape shift. However, it can also turn without this influence, when it's tracking a target or to engage in combat.


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