Wednesday, November 16, 2011


(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


~Physical Characteristics~

The North American Werewolf has the physical appearance of an upright wolf, which walks and runs on its hind legs.

The hands and feet are changed from a human’s five fingers and toes to four, with the small finger and toe conjoining. The North American Werewolf is completely covered in a reddish-brown fur, with a narrow snout and tall ears. Their eyes are completely black and although they cannot see infrared, they have night-vision. Their teeth as well as their nails, become elongated and sharp.

This breed doesn't have supernatural speed like the other breeds of Werewolves. However, they have exceptional hearing, detecting the slightest of noise. They are excellent trackers and can smell their quarry up to distances of a hundred kilometres away. Their physical strength increases by fifty fold when they change, like the Lokoti Werewolf. But unlike their supernatural 'brothers', both men and women can change if they are bitten and the female is just as strong as her male counterpart.

The North American Werewolf has the same lifespan as a human. Like other breeds, the full moon triggers their bloodlust and forces them to change. Even if they are elderly, they are still covered in a reddish-brown fur and are supernaturally strong. They are also allergic to silver, but this breed doesn't have the regenerative capabilities like the others do. This means they can be killed by normal bullets, if they were shot through the heart or head.

This species changes involuntarily every full moon and ‘black out’ during the process. In some cases, humans who change into this breed are not even aware that they are a North American Werewolf. As they have only been sighted during a full moon, it's conjectured they may transform only during this period.

When the moon is full, this breed will hunt human. It's because of this, they are often found living in the country. When they become aware of their supernatural state, they attempt to isolate themselves for the safety of others. However, due to the 'black outs', this attempt turns futile when the bloodlust takes control.


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