Sunday, December 11, 2011


(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


WARNING: this breed is both the largest and the strongest and coincidentally, the most dangerous.

~Physical Characteristics~

The appearance of a European Werewolf is a giant, hairless beast, part man and part wolf.

When they change from human to other, their height almost doubles and their width triples. Their weight is attributed to their strength, which is increased by a hundred fold and even in human form, its overpowering. Both men and women can turn into this breed; however, females are not as strong or as large as their male counterparts.

They have glowing green eyes, with their circular pupils changing into narrow slits. In Werewolf form, they can see infrared which aids in their hunting. Their hands and feet become claw-like, which are sharp and strong and can cut through metal. Their heads take on canine features with a short, stubby snout over jaws of razor sharp teeth. The colouring of the European Werewolf changes, depending on the hair colour in human form. For a person with blonde hair, their hairless skin becomes a light tanned colour; for a person with brown hair, they become brown all over; for a person with black hair, their hairless skin turns a black colour.

The European Werewolf’s sense of smell is almost a match to the Asian Werewolf and they are the second fastest of the species. Although this breed can walk upright, it runs on all-fours and can reach speeds up to 300 km/h. They have the highest body temperature of all the Werewolves, consistently sitting at 43 degrees Celsius, which in a human being would be fatal.

This breed is a man-eater and is capable of changing in between full moon cycles, to hunt human. Because of their large appetites, the bloodlust is the strongest in their kind, which causes them to constantly crave human flesh. Coincidentally, many turn into sociopaths since their dangerous cravings conflict with society's morals.

European Werewolves live the longest, up to 300 years old. With such a longevity they do not become elderly until they reach 250 years. However, since they are extensively hunted by European Vampires, it's seldom they reach old age. European Werewolves are superior healers of all the breeds and are able to regenerate from almost all kinds of injuries. It is for this reason that European Vampires hunt them, to drink their blood and temporarily take on their regenerative capabilities. However, like all Shape Shifters, this breed is severely allergic to silver. The few ways to kill a European Werewolf is decapitation, or to run a silver sword through its heart, or silver bullets through both its heart and its head.

It's postured that one of the reasons why European Werewolves have such a powerful regenerative ability, is because their enemy the European Vampire has poisonous fangs. Their poison will not kill the Werewolf, but it can paralyse the monster for up to seven days. However, European Werewolves can heal each other from poisoning by sharing blood. The ingestion of another's life force strengthens their body's immune system and adds to their own.


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