Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well I've just found out what's wrong with this school, it's bloody haunted!

SUBJECT: No Joke!!
DATE: 19/ 10/ 00

Well I've just found out what's wrong with this school, it's bloody haunted!

I just saw the ghost! I'm serious! A real live ghost! I'm for real! A ghost! And if you don't believe me Nelson and Pat was with me when I saw it! When we saw it, is what I mean.

We were in the Alpha Building in the computer labs, downloading stuff off the Internet. I was printing out pictures of David Boreanaz, Kevin Sorbo and Sarah Michelle Gellar to put on my walls in my room.

We went over at 9 PM as Pat said the labs are usually unlocked at night since the teachers knew the students liked to use it for homework or whatever, and since we're in the middle of nowhere, who's gonna come and steal the computers? There's nobody around! Well, nobody alive anyway... then around 11 PM Nelson and I went outside for a cigarette and when we came back, we heard footsteps coming down the hall. We thought it was either a teacher or a student or even a cleaner, we didn't care about it.

After a couple of minutes, I complained how it seemed colder in the lab than it was outside. Pat said that the heaters in the building should be on until midnight and he got up to check the thermostat. He said that the thermostat said it was 22 degrees Celsius, and I told him it was not because I was freezing!

Just then we heard the footsteps again, as if they were walking right past the doorway of the lab. So Nelson got up and said she'll see if it's a cleaner or someone we can ask about the heat. She gets up, goes to the doorway and then freezes... I mean, totally not moving. Pat and I quickly got up to see what she's looking at, and we see the back of a woman in an olden day dress walk through a wall with a window!!!!

No, she didn't go out the window, she went through the wall!

The window was still closed and it wasn't broken or anything! It may have only happened in just a couple of seconds, but I know what I saw... what we saw! We quickly grabbed what we had printed and then we ran out of there! We ran out of the building and then Pat stopped running when we were halfway across the oval, and Nelson and I were yelling at him to hurry up. I think he was looking back to where the wall with the window was, then he turned around and we all ran again back to Beta building.

In Pat's room later on, Nelson said what made her freeze was this feeling inside that what she was seeing... wasn't natural. Pat has been here the longest, and I asked him if he had ever seen anything like this before. He said yes, but then he seemed to change his mind. Nelson and I pressured him to tell us what he was thinking of.

He said that a few months ago before the summer break he saw one of the rooms in Alpha building light up with a bright white flash in the middle of the night once. It was a room on the top floor, that lit up very brightly, then went black. He thought it was just something else until now. I asked him if it was the computer lab, and he said don't be stupid since it was on the top floor, and we were just in the computer lab on the second floor. So Nelson asked him which room was it, and he said it was Professor Hamilton's office.

I swear to you Mark, just as he said that, a cold chill ran down my back! I think I blurted out something about how I think Professor Hamilton is related somehow to what we just saw and Pat immediately told me to shut up and don't be so stupid. Then Nelson told him to shut up and to let me speak.

I told them how I think we should find out how old this school actually is and how old the buildings actually are, as I just had this feeling this wasn't quite right. That this whole situation isn't quite right as to why we're all here. Then I reminded Pat of what he said that first night I met the two, when he said there had to be something special as to why I'm here.

"She's right. Why are any of us here? It's like somebody has hand picked us to be here for a reason." Nelson said, staring at the floor. I thought she was about to say something else then, but she seemed to be struggling as to how to say it.

"What is it?" I asked her.

"Nothing." she shook her head.

"Come on, we've heard from Mulder over here, now it's your turn Scully." Pat said sarcastically.

"F**k you Paddy." Nelson got up from the bed and left back to her room.

"Nice one!" I glared at Pat and followed Nelson out. I tried to go into her room with her but she slammed her door in my face! Great! I really wanted to know what she would have said. So I went back into my room and slammed my door too.

It's 2 am here at the moment, and I've just left Pat's room. Mark, if your offer is still on the table, I might just accept it soon. I have to find out how weird this place is. F**k you Dad for sending me here!

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