Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I couldn't explain it, I just had this growing feeling inside me that something bad or something big was going to happen.

01/ 11/ 00

Dear Diary,

Last night was the Halloween bash, and what a bash it was! Even the teachers dressed up for it. Pat did an hour of DJ'ing with the other Senior, Steve, I think his name is, with some of the music they had downloaded off the net and remixed. Everyone danced, ate, and danced some more and we didn't have to stop the music till 2 AM! Well, nearly everyone. Everyone except Zack, Sally and me.

As soon as classes finished that afternoon, we all rushed back to the dorms to try and get our showers first. I was halfway through shampooing my hair when somebody started banging on the door telling me to hurry up! Then as we were getting ready, Nelson, Sally and I were running between each others rooms to lend/borrow the clothes and make-up and stuff. It was funny, Sally kept screaming, "Don't look! Don't look! We're not ready yet!" and slammed my door in Pat's face!

"Freaking hell! I'll meet you guys at the Caf then. I'm going for a cigarette." Pat shook his head at us, but I think he was trying not to laugh. He caught Zack just as he was leaving his room and took him with him, warning about a couple of shrieking banshees running wild at the end of the corridor.

Even Nelson got into a girlie mood. She did her make-up in my room and then after doing her eyes with black liquid eye-liner, she did mine for me too. Sally raced in with this color of lipstick she reckoned went well with the purple velvet skirt I was borrowing from her. Nelson and Sally then started fighting about what kind of music to play as we were getting ready, and they finally compromised on U2’s, ‘Rattle and Hum’. I turned up "In the Name of Love" really loudly and we three started jumping up and down on my bed. Then Sally started teasing Nelson about her crush on Dr. Myles and joked that she should ask him to dance tonight!

‘Club Night’ started at 7.30 PM after dinner and was in the theater in Gamma Building, where the Caf is. We three skipped dinner and turned up at 7.30. We saw that with the theater they had folded away all the chairs and lined them all along the walls, and darkened the place with the lights that usually lit up the stage, now flashing around the room like we were in a real night club or something! There was the senior guy, Steve, DJ'ing from the stage, and at the back of the room there was a table in the corner offering punch and cans of soft drink and some nibblies.

Pat and Zack were already there, waiting for us. I noticed Peter was there, hanging out with the two other Americans in our year, Brett and Sophie. He gave us a dirty look and whispered something to Brett, probably about us, and they laughed. I tried to ignore them and grabbed Sally and we started dancing. Zack and Nelson joined in, and Pat seemed really uncomfortable. Nelson asked him what was up, and he said he couldn't dance.

"So? That's not stopping Zack!" I teased and Zack tickled me!

I noticed Jordon and Raj and Yuichi come in and just stand around the refreshment table, looking a little uneasy themselves. I pointed them out to Sally and we went over and asked them to join us. Jordon and Yuichi looked relieved and agreed, but Raj shook his head and said he was waiting for someone.

After a little while of more dancing, I soon found out who... Maya arrived, looking quite conservative but still very pretty. Raj immediately gave her a glass of punch and tried to engage her in conversation. She looked over to where we were dancing, but I looked away and pretended I didn't see her. She said something mean the other day which I'm still annoyed about.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, including the teachers. Nell, Dr. Knight and Professor Hamilton looked on happily at the turn out, as they stood to the side and talked. And Dr. Myles even took Miss Inez out onto the floor for a spin!

"I think they're dating. Steve, the DJ guy, told Pat that he saw Dr. Myles take Miss Inez out to lunch at the Diner last Sunday." Sally whispered in my ear.

I looked over at Nelson, who was looking at Dr. Myles. She was still dancing, and when she noticed that I noticed, she turned her back to him and got on down with Pat, who was still moving very awkwardly. He reminded me a little of a robotic scarecrow the poor guy! Then paired with Nelson who looked like she was doing the lambada or something... I tried not to laugh!

Around 10 PM I went outside with Nelson and Pat for a smoke, and when we were finished, I told them I wanted to use the bathroom and I'd meet them inside the theatre.

When I went down the hallway, past the Caf, I heard voices coming from around the corner. I stopped before going into the Ladies and listened. I recognized one of the voices as Peter's. He was talking to someone else, another guy from the sounds of it, something about money...

I peered around the corner to see Peter putting something in his pocket, and another guy, a Senior called Paul who I buy my smokes from, put money in his wallet. I didn't know Peter smoked... he never joined Pat or Nelson and I. I turned around and went into the Ladies.

When I came back to ‘Club Night’, it looked as if Peter had returned the same time as I did. He went over and whispered something to Brett and Sophie, and the three then turned around and left. I watched them go, but something didn't feel right about this. I nudged Sally and indicated the three leaving.

"Good riddance." Sally shrugged.

"No, I think something bad is going to happen." I said to her.

"What the f**k are you talking about?" she shook her head at me.

"Come on!" I grabbed her arm and pulled her with me.

"Hey, where are you going?" Zack called out after us, then followed too.

We three hid in the doorway of the building as we watched the other three walk around the oval and go into Alpha building. Once they were inside, I then dragged Sally with me as Zack followed behind just to see what the hell it was that I was doing. I couldn't explain it, I just had this growing feeling inside me that something bad or something big was going to happen.

When we reached Alpha building, all of the lights were turned off, even the library and computer lab were all turned off.

"What the f**k are we doing here? The party is in the other building!" Sally whined.

"Shh!" I nudged her again, and walked very slowly and quietly inside, trying to listen to any footsteps or voices that might tell me where the three went. Then I heard it, footsteps that sounded like they were going up the stairs.

I pulled Sally with me, and Zack came along anyway, and we three crept inside the hallway and then slowly up the staircase. Once we had reached the first floor, I stopped us so I could listen for anymore footsteps.

Then I heard them. They were slow, but they were loud, and it only sounded as if it was one person making them. They must have known we were coming and split up. I may as well follow the one, since I don't know where the other two went, so I pulled Sally up some more stairs.

"Would you let f**king go of me!" she said angrily, snatching her arm back.

"Shh!" I hissed back at her.

I went up the next few stairs to the second floor and looked down both sides of the darkened corridor. It was totally black, with no lights, or even emergency lights on. I thought this was weird, even the EXIT signs were off.

Zack came and stood next to me. "I can't hear them anymore." he whispered to me. I shook my head to let him know that neither could I.

"This is the teachers offices. What are we doing, following them up here? You think they're gonna get high of Hamilton's own desk?" Sally scoffed.

"What makes you think they're gonna get high?" I asked Sally. Then I realized that that was what Paul sold to Peter. "S**t, maybe that's it."

Then we heard voices coming from the bottom floor, and Zack and I leaned over the railing for a better look, but we couldn't see anything.

Just then Sally started pulling on my arm.

"Ah, guys... I think you should see this."

"What?" Zack asked, then he stared, and I could see him stare, because there was a blue light on his face.

I turned to see what he was staring at, and what I saw was the source of the blue light. It was coming from under one of the teachers office doors. And it was getting brighter and brighter.

"S**t! Somebody's in there! Lets run!" Sally started back down the stairs.

"But all of the teachers are in Gamma building! We saw that!" I yelled back at her in a whisper.

Suddenly the blue light flashed into a blinding white light. Then it was gone, leaving us blinking blindly in total blackness again. But all the hairs on our arms and on the back of our necks started standing up, and suddenly the temperature was freezing cold!

"Oh s**t! Lets go!" Zack grabbed my arm and started running down the stairs, with me being practically dragged behind him!

Then Sally, who was running in front of us screamed and stopped, and Zack and I ran into the back of her, nearly knocking her down.

She had run into Peter on the first floor who had given her another fright.

"What the f**k are you doing here?!" We all exclaimed at each other.

"Where's Brett and Sophie?" I asked him.

"Pissed off they did. Thought they heard a teacher upstairs." Peter said indignantly.

"That wasn't a teacher, that was us. Or maybe that was a teacher as well..." Sally tried to think.

"But all the teachers are in the Gamma building! It wasn't a teacher in that office!" I said defiantly.

"What the f**k are you talking about? Seeing dead peeeooo..." his voice trailed off, as he didn't get to finish his sentence.

We noticed a new blue light coming from the window at the end of the corridor.

The temperature dropped here as well, and the hairs on our arms and necks started to stand on end again. We all watched, as if in slow-mo a figure of a man in a short skirt and armor, wearing a helmet, slowly materialize from the window at the end of the hallway. The same window that Nelson, Pat and I had seen that lady disappear into.

"OK, time to go." Peter announced.

He grabbed Sally, Zack grabbed me, and we bolted down the rest of the stairs and out of the building.

"Now do you believe me?!" I shrieked on our way down.

As we all poured out of the front door, we were in for another surprise! Professor Hamilton and Dr. Myles were standing outside, as if they were waiting for us. Myles grabbed Peter as Hamilton yelled at us to stop.

"Would you mind telling us what you were doing here?" Hamilton asked, looking at us individually.

"This is my first guess." Myles pulled a small plastic bag with some white powder out of Peters pocket.

"What?!" Sally exclaimed. "You WERE going to get high? I was just joking!"

"There's enough in here for a little party for four." Myles handed the little bag to Hamilton.

"No way! There is no way that we were going to do that stuff!" Zack said indignantly. "I don't even smoke! Tell them Peter!"

We all looked at Peter.

"They're clean." he said.

"But you're not, are you Petie? You were planning another party with some other people, weren't you?" Myles patted Peter on the back - hard.

"Did you know Sophie is on medication at the moment? If she took this as well, she would have overdosed!" Hamilton lost his temper and yelled at Peter.

"Hang a minute! How did you know?" I asked Hamilton.

"You don't have to have three doctorates to work out what three teens, one with the goods, are up to when they leave a party to go into an empty building to start their own." Hamilton said. "Now you three either go back to Gamma building, or to the dorms." he ordered Zack, Sally and me.

We quickly left, not to the dorms, but to Gamma building.

After what we had just seen tonight, I think we all wanted to feel the safety of numbers. We didn't go into the theater again though, we went into the Rec room where the horror movies were shown. We sat on a lounge in the corner away from everyone else, and then just looked at each other, wondering what to say.

"There you are! What have you been up to?" Pat asked as he and Nelson came over, carrying some drinks.

We three all looked at each other, not knowing where to start.

On the TV screen it was showing the movie "House on Haunted Hill". You know the one, where all the characters are locked up in an old funny farm and are slowly being killed off, by the past inmates. At that moment it was the scene where the character Sarah was running around the maze of hallways and corridors, chasing a ghost.

I pointed at the screen and then looked at Pat challengingly, daring him to disbelieve again.
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