Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Strange lights are seen coming from the school."

25/ 11/ 00

Dear Diary,

Guess what! It started snowing today! Real live snow! It's soft and cold and wet. Today was another cold rainy day, and when Zack, Sally, Peter and I were sitting in the Diner, I noticed that the rain looked a bit strange. When I commented on this, Zack laughed and told me it was snow! It was 'Brown Day' which meant the Freshmen and Sophomores got to pile into a mini-bus and get driven into town for a couple hours of freedom.

We all went and saw 'Scooby Doo' in the cinema and then we went to the Diner afterwards for hamburgers. I also wanted to see if this girl, Lee-Anne was working there today to ask her some more questions about Hamilton’s. Now that Peter's on the investigative team he kept telling Sally and I what questions to ask her. He's getting quite bossy actually. Sally told him to shut up or we would kick him out of the 'Mystery Machine' just like they did to ‘Scrappy Doo’ in the movie we saw. LoL!

When Sally and I went up to the counter to pay for our food, Lee-Anne was on the cash register. I asked her if she had a break coming up and she said she'd meet us outside in 10 minutes. So we four waited out the front for her, and I started to smoke while we were waiting. She came out and pretended to talk to us by asking me for a cigarette, which I gave her. She lit it and then we started asking her the questions.

"So, has anyone died there?" Peter asked her first.

"No, no-one. A few years ago a gardener had a heart attack when he was mowing the lawns, but your doctor who teaches there, revived him long enough till he was taken to the hospital here. Then they flew him out to a hospital in Thunder Bay and he had some kind of triple by-pass surgery." Lee-Anne answered.

"What about the stories you've heard about the school." I mentioned.

"What about them?" she shrugged.

"Well, what are they?" I asked her.

She shivered and pulled her jacket around her more tightly. She seemed to hesitate before telling us, as if still trying to make up her mind if she should or not. "Strange lights are seen coming from the school."

"From the main building?" Peter asked her.

"Yeah. From across the lake we see strange, bright bursts of lights, like when there's supposed to be no-one there during summer holidays." she answered.

"Blue lights? White lights? What kind of lights? Coming from the windows?" Zack asked next.

"All of the above." She shrugged. "I've seen them. One night I was in the woods with my brother and his friends. We even climbed over the fence on a dare. It was summer and there was supposed to be no-one there. But then there was a bright light, and then all of these people were walking around this building, like they came out of nowhere. One minute it's dark and quiet, the next minute it was all lit up with all these shapes of people walking around."

Just then I got a cold chill down my spine and I shivered.

"That's like what we saw and heard." Peter said to the rest of us.

"We didn't see a group of people." Zack interjected.

"But I bloody well heard them!" Peter retorted. "And it happened when you guys saw the light."

"So it's true, huh?" Lee-Anne asked us.

"Don't worry, feel fortunate that you're not there." I said to her.

"Hey Lee-Anne! Break time's over!" her brother suddenly opened the door and yelled over to us.

"I gotta go." she sighed and stumped out the cigarette. It was only half finished too, and I almost regretted the waste of a good cigarette with my supply running so low. I think she saw my reaction. "What's wrong? Running out?"

"Yeah." I said.

"For $20 my brother can keep you in supply." she said simply.

"$20? What a rip off! A packet costs only $7!" Peter replied before I could.

"$13 commission. Take it or leave it." Lee-Anne shrugged.

"Fine." I got my purse out.

She took my money and went inside, then we had to wait another 10 minutes until her brother came out this time and tossed the packet to me.

"See you next weekend?" he asked me, suddenly a lot nicer than the last time we spoke.

"I guess so." I shrugged.

"It will be $20 again, and the time after that as well, capiche?" Then he went back inside, leaving Peter, Zack and Sally staring at me as if I had just bought a broken down car or something.

"Sucker." Peter teased.

"Who else is going to buy my cigarettes? My last supply line was given a 3 month detention, remember?" I shrugged again.

It's been snowing all afternoon and most of the evening. I hope it snows all night, then maybe tomorrow I can make my first ever snow man! It's been pretty cold, I've had the heater on constantly in my room. I’ve had to, it's this annoying old oil heater that takes at least half an hour to warm up when you first switch it on!

Tonight for Fun Night we got to choose between hamburgers and tacos. I had the tacos. The two movies showing afterwards were "Perfect Storm" and "Event Horizon". I chose to watch "Perfect Storm". Remember when you made me go see that other movie in the cinemas? I still think that is the scariest movie I ever saw! Peter made Sally go see it with him while Zack saw "Perfect Storm" with me... and after about 45 minutes Sally came and sat with us instead, she hated that movie too! But Nelson loved it. She ended up staying and watching it with Peter. Pat watched that movie too, apparently, but he sat away from Nelson, I think with Soong and Wong.

After the movie finished (we were in the Gamma building Rec room) Dr. Myles came in and rounded up all the students and made sure we all left back to our dorms coz the curfew was about to start soon. I think it was about 5 minutes till 11 o'clock or something... but I thought he was being extra pushy about it. When we were walking back across the oval to Beta building, I looked over at Alpha building. I nudged Zack and pointed.

Dr. Knight, Nell and Professor Hamilton were watching us all from the library window on the second floor.

"What are they doing there?" Zack asked me.

"Good question." I thought out loud.

Just the way the three of them were standing there, watching us, made me feel a little uneasy, and definitely curious. I know they're hiding something. I know they think we suspect. And I know this curfew business isn't just to stop students from breaking the rules.

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