Saturday, January 5, 2013

“I knew you weren’t in any danger.”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter Two)


Wearily, I rubbed my face as my husband wouldn’t shut up.  The deep breathing wasn’t working and I could feel my previous anger begin to boil up again. 

“Thanks for your concern, B.  Thanks for just leaving me like that.  Thanks for not asking me how I got home or if I was OK or if the Asian Werewolves came back to have another go -”

But I cut him off, “I knew you weren’t in any danger.” 

“Oh right, because you had one of your all-knowing feelings as a Circulator?  Well how about acting loyal like a Lokoti Werewolf for a change!”

I shouted back well and truly enraged now; “I yelled out the dirty little secret that the wife of Declan Sabre can’t conceive to a bunch of Asian Werewolves; to break off their pursuit for the safety of my mate and tribe!  Then I get called a frickin’ prostitute for doing it?!”

Declan tossed my mobile phone down onto the couch as he seethed, “I did NOT call you that word!  I would NEVER use that word in relation to my wife! What I nearly said was, ‘you shouted out to your possible rapists that they shouldn’t want you because you were barren like you were some  broken test tube, which they couldn’t use to grow their frickin’ spawn’!” 

This angered me further as I looked away… I think I preferred it when I thought I was being called a prostitute. 

My mate looked on in disbelief, “You honestly thought I would use the word ‘prostitute’ when referring to you?!”

“Next time frickin’ finish your sentences so stupid misunderstandings wouldn’t be created!”  I fumed.

“Then I frickin’ WILL!”  He snapped back. “And if you EVER put yourself down again because you think you’re protecting me?  I will sling you over my shoulder and drop you into the frickin’ river!”

“You’ve already done that, now how about a new threat?!”

“Fine.”  Suddenly he picked up my laptop and started to walk towards the front door.  “Instead I’ll throw your laptop, with all of your precious diary entries, essays and presentations, into the river.” 

“DON’T YOU DARE DECLAN SABRE!”  I leapt to my feet.  Then moving in light speed, I stood in front of the door.  I looked on murderously whilst holding out my hand, “The laptop or your life, because I won’t just drop you into the river; I’ll frickin’ drop you into the middle of the Pacific Ocean!”

“Go for it.”  He trained his steely-cold gaze my way.  “I’ll survive and what’s worse is I’ll take your precious laptop with me before I let go of it.  It’d sink to the bottom of the sea.”

Next, I tried to snatch it out of his hands, but he whipped it away.  I shouted in frustration at his dominating behaviour, “Give it back!”


“GIVE…IT…BACK!”  I roared out in my thunderous Werewolf voice as my eyes flashed glowing turquoise.

“Not…until…you…promise.”  He growled back as his eyes flashed glowing green.

“Promise what?!”

“That you will NEVER again do what you did in China!  That you will NEVER put yourself down like that just to make a sub-standard male not want you!  I mean come off it B, if you heard of another woman telling a possible rapist that he didn’t want her because there was something wrong with her?  You’d hit the roof!”

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