Wednesday, February 1, 2012


(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


~Physical Characteristics~

When a South American Vampire changes from human to other, their eyes turn completely red with their black pupils disappearing. All of their teeth become pointed and sharp and look similar to a piranha. This species of Vampire does not produce venom, however they rely on their teeth, nails and speed. The nails on the South American Vampire’s hands become long and sharp like small knives and are the strongest nails of all the species SSIT encountered.

The strength of a South American Vampire is ten times that of a human. Like their European cousins, they have supernaturally fast reflexes, which can be measured at the same rate as the speed of sound. However, South American Vampires are able to maintain this speed by running long distances, but they cannot jump the same heights a European Vampire can.

This species longevity may reach 400 years if they are successful in hunting. If they cannot feed on fresh blood at least once every 5 days, then their metabolic system, strength and life expectancy fails. Using their ability to take extremely long breaths, they can successfully hunt underwater. By utilizing their multiple sharp teeth, they aren't averse to masticating the flesh of their victims to squeeze out more blood. It is because of this that many humans who are dragged from rivers such as the Amazon, are accounted to have been the victims of a piranha attack instead.

South American Vampires are extremely sensitive to the cold, and are the most susceptible to frost bite. Only once did SSIT hear of an instance where three South American Vampires ventured into a cold habitat, when they came to hunt the Lokoti Werewolves in Alaska. It was said this occurred during the summer, with the long hours of daylight which warmed temperatures. Instead, this species prefer the hot jungles or other regions where it does not snow, in South America.

On this note, it's not uncommon to find South American Vampires in Mexico either. Those who reside in this country often prey upon animals to avoid detection and therefore destruction by humans. Domestic live stock, such as goats are chosen for their accessibility and then the El Chupacabra aka ‘the Mexican Goat Sucker’, is blamed instead.


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