Sunday, February 12, 2012


(Excerpt of the SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/ Animal Shape Shifters)


~Physical Characteristics~

WARNING – This species of Vampire has poisonous fangs which can paralyse humans.

When they change from human to Vampire, their eyes glow and appear red on the outside of their irises, with yellow in the middle. Also, their foreheads become pronounced giving this species along with their glowing reddish eyes, a more ‘demonic’ appearance. Their upper canine teeth become long and sharp like the fangs on a snake. The venom is secreted by the fangs, which can paralyse humans for up to 3 days – if they survive an attack. The nails on the Vampire’s hands become longer and sharper.

The strength of a North American Vampire is fifteen times that of a human and they are the strongest of the species investigated by SSIT. They have lightening fast reflexes, although they are not as fast as European or South American Vampires. They can run up to speeds of 360 km/h in short bursts and cannot jump as high as their European 'cousins'.

Their longevity is 300 years and it's believed their life span is shorter than the other species because of their faster metabolic rate, which attributes to their greater strength. South American Vampires need to hunt every third day to survive. However, after drinking from another Vampire or a Werewolf, 7 days can pass before they have to hunt again. It's not uncommon that this species will hunt their own kind, or cannibalize their own coven.

North American Vampires can perform strenuous physical activity with ease. With their bloodlust, they relish killing their victims in as a violent way as possible. Unlike the European variety that use cunning and covert tactics when hunting; they prefer a ‘smash and grab’ approach. Often, news reports of highway car-jacking with the vehicles destroyed and the owners missing can be attributed to their destructive nature. 
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