Thursday, March 17, 2011

They knew they would have to restrain a vicious animal; a predator

(‘Scent’ Excerpt Chapter 9)

Meanwhile, in the upper part of the house; my husband, father and grandfather all stood outside the bathroom door. Dad was gripping onto the doorknob so hard his knuckles had turned white; Grandfather leaned with his back on the door to use himself as an extra support and Grant stood helplessly by, as his new wife screamed in pain.

They flinched but remained steady as they both heard and felt me bang on the door once more.

“GRANT! DAD! MUM!” They heard me holler. “HELP ME!”

“She’s strong.” Grandfather remarked.

“She’s almost as strong as a male Lokoti Werewolf.” Dad agreed.

Then all three flinched in sympathy pain, as they heard a bloodcurdling scream come through the wood that the agonizing bloodlust inflicted.

“If the DYSTAR stops Circulators from phasing through time, shouldn’t it stop B from also running in light speed?” Grant asked.

“Theoretically it should.” Grandfather answered.

“Then can’t we take her hunting if she can’t escape from us using her Circulator ability?” He continued.

“No! I won’t risk B to that.” Dad said fiercely. “She’s my daughter and I won’t risk her escaping us. I won’t risk the people of Alma complaining to the Government, if B eats one of them. I won’t risk the Government sending Marines or whatever soldiers they have available with machine guns, to destroy her.”

“But if she’s dosed on DYSTAR -” he began.

“Werewolves aren’t the only supernatural species with regenerative capability.” Grandfather interrupted. “Circulators can self-heal, including from DYSTAR. B could suddenly get her ability back while we were taking her on a hunt. Then it would be like the first night she changed all over again, she’ll run towards Alma and we won’t be fast enough to catch her.”

My husband’s eyes widened at the older Werewolves worry. His heart hurt as his stomach tightened at the idea of putting his young wife in any kind of danger. His protective Lokoti Werewolf instincts were in direct agreement with their plan.

“But we may not have to worry about the Government coming to destroy her.” Dad continued. “The morning after her first change, you should have seen her eyes, Grant. When she realized what she nearly did, B told me to get my hunting rifle and shoot her in the head.”

His eyes bulged at this news! His face became a mask of shock, which then turned into one of sadness. He looked from Dad to the door I was on the other side of.

“We’re not just saving the humans in Alma from B’s bloodlust, but we’re saving her as well.” Grandfather said sadly.

My new husband looked down at the floor and after a moment, Grant gave a nod to show he understood.

Just then Dad and Grandfather were nearly thrown forwards when I gave the door an almighty thump! They heard the sound of the wood crack and this time even Grant jumped forwards. He was quick to put his hand over where the wood was weakening to stop it from splitting.

“She’s getting stronger!” Dad said with gritted teeth, almost turning as he recaptured the rattling door knob.

“Her bloodlust is making her strength peak.” Grandfather agreed, pushing his back up against the wood once more.

All three of them stood ready incase the bathroom door completely broke. They knew they would have to restrain a vicious animal; a predator. They waited and then they waited some more…but nothing happened.

The door didn’t shake anymore, nor were there any further banging sounds. It turned eerily quiet, like inside the eye of hurricane. Grandfather and Dad exchanged an optimistic look as they wondered if the worst was now over? But their hopeful glances were interrupted when my husband doubled-over, with his face a mask of pain.

“Grant?” Grandfather put his arm out to steady him. “What is it, what’s wrong?”

“B’s pain...” He groaned, “…the bloodlust is tearing her insides apart and she’s in complete agony!”

“My baby B?” Dad asked fearfully.

“I have to go in.” My husband moaned. “I have to be with her, to help her!”

“Grant, I don’t know if that’s a good idea -” Dad frowned.

“She needs me, Hunter.” He interrupted. “I’m going in!”

Dad looked conflicted on the younger Werewolf, before he looked questioningly at Grandfather. He watched his Second of the pack give a nod, although he looked a little wary himself.

“Alright then.” Dad sighed in resignation. “I’ll unlock the door and open it for one second. Em, stand ready incase she tries to bolt.”

Grant nodded to show he understood, as did Grandfather. After one more moment as the three exchanged a rueful look, they put their plan into play.

At first my father leaned in close to the door to listen in, trying to hear if I was right on the other side of it. Then he took a deep breath before his hands moved to the lock to turn it quietly. Grandfather stood ready just as Dad quickly opened the door and he barked out; “now!” Grant leapt through the crack and he immediately slammed the door shut behind!

However my husband soon found out that my father needn’t have worried about me making a mad dash as I felt so weak and wretched, I could no longer move. I was curled up in a ball on the cold and hard, tiled floor. I was panting hard in pain as the agonizing cramps ripped across my entire torso! I couldn’t even look up as Grant crouched down beside.

“B…?” His eyes watered. “B, come on.” He pulled me into an upright position where I was leaning against the bath tub and I growled at him warningly. He smoothed the hair off my wet face, “I know B, I know.”

I even snapped at his hands! Not to injure, but to warn him to keep away. However he sat down beside as he tried to pull me into his arms. Instead I pushed them away, as I turned my head in the opposite direction.

The pain was so bad, Grant’s scent became as intoxicating as a glass of vintage wine to an alcoholic wine connoisseur. I could hear his heart beat drumming in my ears as I could smell the blood in his veins whilst I could feel the heat emanate from his warm body. I was even tempted to feast on him!

I wanted him - I wanted him bad - but not as a wife should want her husband.

“Grant!” I snarled. “Get out of here!”

“No.” he growled back in his deep, thunderous Werewolf voice.

When I looked back, I saw that he had changed and he was gazing back with his glowing silver eyes. His enlarged Lokoti Werewolf muscles bulged underneath his long-sleeved t-shirt which was almost ripping at the seams.

“GRANT GET OUT OF HERE!” I roared, leaning away.

Then I thought that he did the stupidest as well as the cruelest thing I had ever seen a person do; he used the claws of his right hand to place a cut on his left wrist and then he held the injury up to my mouth.

My eyes widened as my nostrils flared at the seductive smell! My already elongated teeth grew sharper, as I stared at the blood hypnotized… Yet some tiny amount of will power enabled me to turn my head away from the temptation.

“What the HELL are you doing! Get it away from me!” I roared in fury.

How can he be torturing me like this?! What was he, a sadist?! Just my luck to be mated to the Maquis de Sade.

“Drink!” He ordered.

He used his uninjured hand to take hold of head then he thrust his injury against my mouth! But I refused to part my lips…


My willpower refused to let his red sweetness in, as I locked my mouth shut. As strong as the bloodlust was to feed? So too were the protective instincts which kept my jaw shut.

“You won’t injure me.” He growled out. “Now drink!”

I tried roll away from him and the delicious aroma of his cut, but Grant pulled me back using his greater strength. Whilst keeping his uninjured right arm about my body, he used his strong claws to force apart my jaw. Then he shoved his injured wrist into my mouth…

Frickin’ hell’s delight! I had never tasted anything so good before in my entire life! Imagine the most perfect plum or the sweetest peach or even the rarest steak that you have ever enjoyed and times that pleasure by a hundred!

DRINK! – he mentally commanded.

As the mouthwatering sweetness like nectar from the ripest fruit filled my mouth, I couldn’t help it…my sharp teeth came down!

Grant’s eyes squeezed shut from the pain, but he didn’t stop me. The blood flowed freely out of his double wound as I gripped onto his arm. I drank down his life force like I was both ravenously hungry and dying of thirst.

The agonizing stabbing pains immediately began to ease as my heart raced in excitement! My skin warmed all over as I felt renewed energy course through my veins. I drank in his warmth, I drank in his vitality, I drank down his essence. Until this night, I had never quite understood the term ‘life force’ when applied to blood before now. But drinking Grant’s blood? It was like I was truly drinking HIM. He was his blood and that night it also became part of mine.

I started to lose track of how much I was drinking as I reveled in these new sensations…that was until I felt his heart slow and his blood pressure begin to fall.

*NO!* my protective instinct roared. *HE IS YOUR MATE!*

I sharply drew back my head and gasped, pushing away his wrist. Grant leaned heavily against the bath tub, pale and panting hard. I turned and looked on him fearfully… oh no, what have I done?!

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