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A Circulator’s bio-electromagnetic field disrupting a Werewolf’s will

(‘Scent’ Excerpt Chapter 9)

… and when I opened my eyes again? For a first in the past three days, I woke up alone. He wasn’t in bed, nor was he in the room.

I raised my head to look about, thinking that things looked a little brighter than usual. Hang on, what time is it? I turned my head towards the digital clock on his nightstand which read 10.33 AM. I’ve certainly slept in! Usually my body clock woke me up at eight as did Grant’s so no wonder he’s no longer in bed.

When I sat upright, I paused. My keen hearing picked up somebody talking downstairs and I recognized it was Grant.

“Last night was almost a full moon and B changed to go gunning into town again.” I heard my husband say unhappily.

“And how has she been besides last night?” I heard Grandfather ask, indicating he was downstairs too.

“Fine,” he answered, “she had been adjusting to the transition just fine, until last night.”

“Tell us what happened.” I heard Dad’s voice, showing he was here as well.

“We had dinner and then we did the dishes. We had a slight…well, I wouldn’t call it an argument but she got annoyed. She went for her evening shower then after the shower instead of coming to bed, she went downstairs to stand on the veranda. I sensed her bloodlust begin to boil, so I came out. B could smell a townsperson in Alma and when I asked her to come inside; she became confrontational. I had to use my will on her to muddle her mind which bought me time to bring her inside. Then she begged me to let her go or even go with her after the townsperson. I had to use every bit of will power I had, to calm her down enough to put her to bed.” He told the older men.

Dad sighed out, “that’s the Circulator in her. Whenever Jess gets angry, she gets itchy feet. The Circulator way of tackling a problem is to run away from it. It’s why B went outside.”

“She probably went out on the veranda to look at the stars.” Grandfather added on. “Arabella likes to do that. I think it’s because they’re Light People who come from the place of light, just as they’re destined to return to that place.”

“Jess enjoys that too…stargazing. Circulators belong to the space time continuum however it sounds like the Werewolf part of B kicked in, when she smelled the townsperson.” Dad said seriously.

“Bianca isn’t ready to go hunting tonight.” Grant proclaimed.

“But this will be her second change!” Dad objected. “She has to start learning to hunt animal instead of human.”

“Last night when B changed, I nearly lost control of her and it wasn’t yet a full moon. With tonight being the first night of the full moon, I don’t think my will alone can hold her. I don’t think I can steer her towards animal flesh yet.” He sighed disappointedly.

There was a minute’s silence before Grandfather said concerned, “I’ll get Arabella to bring back more DYSTAR from Circulate HQ on Mars.”

“Does your bathroom lock on the outside as well as the inside?” Dad asked Grant.

“No, but that fact will change today.” My husband promised. “Can a wooden door hold her even if it’s locked?”

“With my back against it, it will.” Dad said determinedly.

“No Hunter,” he interrupted, “I’ll stay with her tonight.”

“I think we’ll ALL stay with her tonight and tomorrow night and the night after it.” Grandfather declared. “When the full moon is over, I’ll teach her how to control her changing as I start teaching her to hunt animal.”

“To prepare her for the next full moon?” Dad guessed his plan.

“It’s how my Grandfather taught me and how I taught Julian.” He told the younger men. “By teaching B how to control herself without the full moon making her bloodlust peak? She’ll be able to concentrate better. When Julian first changed, he wasn’t as fast as B, so I was able to take him on his first hunt immediately. With the will of the pack, we were able to convert his bloodlust from hungering human to craving animal. But I think because B is a Circulator and their bio-electromagnetic fields are different, it can disrupt our will so it loses its potency. That’s how B escaped the pack the first night she changed, as well as her running away at light speed.”

“My Dad taught me that way too.” My father agreed. “He taught me how to control my change in between full moons by taking me hunting when the bloodlust wasn’t at its peak.”

“And that’s how you and Ian also taught me when I first changed.” Grant said to Dad.

“Grant.” He spoke in a serious tone of voice. “What Em just said about a Circulator’s bio-electromagnetic field disrupting a Werewolf’s will is true as well. Jess is pretty good at deflecting my will over her from time to time. It’s how she managed to live away from me during those three months when she was pregnant. Jess became aware of what I was doing and it hardened her resolve. It’s why she purposefully avoided me by living and training in England. Jess started to become aware that when she was around me, my will could pervade her mind. B isn’t consciously aware of the Lokoti Werewolf will yet, so you have that going for you. But the more you’re around her, it will help increase your biological and mental meld with each other.”

“I won’t let her out of my sight.” My husband said firmly.

There was another moment of silence as I heard my grandfather and father walk towards the front door.

“We’ll be back at sunset.” Grandfather said as his farewell.

I listened to them leave the house, with Grant shutting the front door behind. Next, I overheard their car doors open as they climbed in to start up their engines. I heard both Dad’s and Grandfather’s four-wheel-drive vehicles roar to life, before they reversed out of the driveway. Lastly, I listened to the sound of their engines disappear down the hill.

My stomach sunk as my mouth fell open with dismay…I’m still a liability, even after this whole arranged marriage debacle. I’m a shame on my family because I’m still a killer. Mating me to Grant Elm wasn’t working - he said so himself! But what was more disturbing, was my own father and even my grandfather, were encouraging him to use some sort of mind trick on me!

Dad was even giving him frickin’ pointers on his technique, by using his own experience on my mother! This was so wrong, it was disgusting! It even sounded like Grandfather wasn’t above using it on Gran now and then! Well they can all go to HELL!

I leapt out of bed to quickly change into my everyday clothes. However just as I sat on the side of the bed, to pull on my socks and shoes; the bedroom door opened with Grant carrying in a cup of coffee.

“Good morning.” He smiled cheerfully. “I thought I heard you were up, how did you sleep?”

I remained quiet as I finished fastening my boots.

“Oh.” His face fell. “Not well, huh? Um, I made you a coffee…” he walked over to put it on my bedside table. He watched what I was doing. “Er B, it looks like you’re going somewhere?”

“I’m going for a walk!” I stood up to march out of the bedroom.

“A walk?” He quickly followed after. “OK hang on a sec, I’ll just grab my keys. We could walk down to the general store if you feel up to it? I was going to go there anyways.”

“Why, to buy a lock to put on the outside of the bathroom door?” I flashed him a hurt look, before I stormed down the stairs towards the front door.

I marched off the veranda and down the driveway towards the road. I was stomping, full-steam ahead with a worried husband trailing after. Grant just managed to grab his keys, lock the front door behind us and then he followed me down the hill.

“Oh, you heard that, huh? Listen B, I can explain -” he tried to offer but I cut him off.

“I’m not listening to you!” I put my hands over my ears.

“Don’t be foolish!” He laughed as he easily fell into step beside my angry form. “You’ve got it all wrong -”

“Don’t follow me!” I whirled around to put up my hands to stop him. “Don’t talk to me and don’t be around me! Do you know what I want to do right now Grant Elm?”

“Er what?”

“March over to my grandmother’s as well as my mother’s house and tell them what I heard my father and even my own grandfather tell you!” I shouted . “Mind tricks?! Mind control?! What are we, frickin’ sheep?!”

“B, you’ve got it all wrong and if you’d just let me explain -”

“And let you use more of your ‘Jedi’ mind games on me? No way in hell!!” I yelled in his face.

“B please -”

“These are not the droids you’re looking for!” I quoted sarcastically. “Yeah right! How about I go running and tell every single woman who’s unlucky enough to be married to you sneaky Werewolf bastards what’s really happening in this tribe?!”

“Come on, it’s not like that! If you would just let me explain -”

I put my hands over my ears again and started singing loudly, ‘Lust For Life’ by Iggy Pop to drown out his voice. “Here comes Johnny yeah, with the liquor and the drugs…”

“Come on, B!” He laughed again. “Not that you don’t look cute doing that? But I think you should calm down and just hear me out.”

I spun around to storm on ahead with my hands over my ears and singing loudly as I went.


Huh? I stopped in surprise to look around in bewilderment.


What was that? I turned around as I continued to look about. Where the hell did that come from? Is the bloodlust causing me to hallucinate now?!


My hands lowered from my ears as I madly looked about, almost a little fearfully. Don’t tell me I’m going insane and I’m starting to hear voices inside my head? Thanks to my hesitation, Grant caught up once more.

“Did you hear that, or did you feel that?” He took hold of my shoulders to make me look his way.

“Did you hear that?” I looked on in shock.

“B, did you hear the words, or did you feel those words just then?” he repeated.

I blanched as I took a frightened step backwards…did HE just do that?!

“You felt my words, didn’t you?” He asked knowingly. “You felt them here...” He placed his hand over my heart.

Grant was right, it was as if the words originated from my chest and ended up in my head.

“How did you do THAT?” I demanded.

“I feel the words all the time.” He shrugged. “I feel them from the pack, when we receive an order from our First or Second. I feel the words when one of us is on patrol and they need backup.”

“You mean we’re telepathic?!” I asked in amazement.

“Yes and no.” He emitted a small smile. “We’re more empathic. I’ve heard from your Uncle Julian being married to a telepath that he and his mate can have complete mental conversations with each other. I’ve heard that your Aunt Danika can also see images in other people’s heads. When Lokoti Werewolves send mental messages to other members of the pack, we primarily sense the emotion behind them. It takes a lot out of us so we can only send short bursts or commands.”

“Is it what you use on your wives?!” I glowered with distrust.

“If you weren’t another Lokoti Werewolf, you wouldn’t have heard the words but you would have felt the will behind them. Usually we can’t hear words from our human mates but we feel it when you’re hungry or we feel it when you’re tired or ill. I feel it when you’re worried about something and I also feel when you’re scared…like right now.”


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