Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A silly smile appeared on the European Werewolf’s face.

  (Small Fry Chapter 3)

“So, you’ve been enjoying the European Werewolf characteristics which have arisen in Aunt B?”  He remarked.

“Hell yeah!”  My mate proclaimed, as if it were a given.  “Not that B was ever a cold fish, it’s just nice that she needs me as much as I need her.”

“Declan!”  I cried out louder, as I gave him a shove. 

The Medicine Man regarded him closely then he even waved his medical scanner in his direction.  “Can you tell me more about this, Uncle Dec?”

“Like what?”

“How Aunt B’s behaviour is suiting you.” 

“I dunno.”  He shrugged back.  “She’s gaining on me with how much she eats now.  It’s nice to snack with her, when she used to give me and my perpetual hunger, a funny look.”

“I did not!”  I shoved him again.

A silly smile appeared on the European Werewolf’s face. “She bites more.  She drinks more.  She eats more.  She growls more and quite frankly, she’s turning me on.  It’s almost like we’re closer than ever.”

“Because she’s emulating your bloodlust, you don’t feel so different anymore?”  Ki caught on.

“Yeah, basically.”  He shrugged. 

“Stop sounding so whiny like you’re the world’s loneliest male!”  I rolled my eyes. “Where have I been the past two centuries, living in the woods?”

“See what I mean?”  He chuckled, as he affectionately patted my leg.

“Hmm,” Ki was now frowning over the readouts of the new scan.

“What is it?”  I asked concerned.  “What’s wrong?”

“This is interesting,” he began.

“What’s interesting?”  Declan demanded.

“Your body Uncle, it looks like you’re going through a couple of changes yourself.”  He lowered his scanner, to look him in the eye. 

“Oh yeah?”   His eyebrows rose.

“I don’t know if this is a direct result of the pregnancy, but your muscle tone has also increased in density by ten percent.”  Ki announced.

“But how?”  I wondered.  “He’s already a hundred percent stronger than humans.  Now he’s a hundred and ten percent stronger?”

“It looks like it.”  Ki shrugged then he reached out to feel Declan’s arms himself.  “They do feel harder than usual.”

“Could it be because I’m young again?”  My mate tried to shrug it off.  “Maybe my body is adjusting to becoming a Circulator?”

“I don’t think that’s it.”  He shook his head.  “After Aunt B changed you, I ran a scan on you that morning, if you recall.  It picked up your muscle density had returned to the way it was, when you were in your twenties.  Now it’s increased again.”


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