Tuesday, April 16, 2013

“At this rate, the Bride will get there before us!”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter Four)


31st August 2231


“B…!”  My husband bellowed from downstairs. “It’s10.45 AM, this thing starts in fifteen minutes!”

As usual, Declan was dressed and ready and waiting downstairs; whereas I rushed about our bedroom half dressed and undecided on what shoes or even a coat to wear, with my formal outfit.

“At this rate, the Bride will get there before us!”  I heard him complain.

I tossed aside my black, high-heeled boots then my black, strappy, high-heeled sandals and even my black, high-heeled ‘Mary-Jane’ style shoes.  None of these were right!  Nothing would go with my red silk, cocktail dress I was wearing.  Oh why oh why, do I only have black shoes in my wardrobe? 

“Don’t make me come up there and get you.”  He threatened.

Knowing my domineering, European Werewolf for a mate, he would.  I started to panic as I went through my shoe collection.  From past experience, Declan would grab me whether I was ready or not.  Next, I heard his heavy jog up the stairs… oh oh.

He walked into the bedroom to catch me bent over in my short dress and black stockings, as I was rifling through my wardrobe.  His eyes widened as he looked me over, appreciative of the way my legs were on display.  I thought he looked good in his black suit and light blue, pressed shirt, which brought out his bright blue eyes. 

However, when his mouth opened to berate, I beat him to the punch.

“I can’t find the right shoes to wear with this dress!”  I snapped.  “So don’t start!”

Coolly, Declan walked over and picked up my black, strappy high-heels from the floor which I had discarded earlier.  Then he pulled me over to the side of our bed and sat me down, before sitting beside.  When he proceeded to put the shoes on my feet, I objected.

“Not THESE ones!”

“Yep these ones.”

“But they’re sandals so they don’t go with stockings!”

“They’re strappy so they’ll go with the cocktail dress.”  He put down my left foot and picked up my right to put the second on.

“I don’t think so…” I started to argue, “…I want to change out of this dress.”

“Don’t even think about it!”

“But a dress isn’t practical, especially not a cocktail dress.  Maybe I should wear my black, pin-striped pants suit?”

Declan ignored my fretting and as soon as he finished, he grabbed my black, woollen coat which was lying beside the others.  He raised me to my feet as he simultaneously placed the warm garment about my shoulders.  The next thing I knew, I found myself being traipsed down the stairs by my bossy husband.

“But – but – but what about my purse?”  I halted half way down.

“I’ve got it.”  He held it up in the air.

“But – but – but I didn’t put on any perfume!”  I tried to pull back.

“You don’t need any!”  Declan snapped back.  “Besides, with your pheromones I don’t need anymore trouble.”

“I HAVE to wear perfume if I’m all dressed and made up!”

When I attempted to turn around and go back, Declan bent over picked me up over his left shoulder!

“NOT AGAIN!”  I complained.  “Put me down!  Put me down right now!”

He ignored my shouting as he carried me out the front door. 

Casually, he closed and locked it behind, before he carried his wife down the porch steps to his pick up truck.  He pointed his remote key at the vehicle to release the central locking and didn’t put me down again until he lowered me onto the passenger’s seat.  Angrily, I shot him a glare which he also ignored, whilst he walked around the vehicle and opened the door for the driver’s side.

He saw I was still seething as he sat down and did up his seatbelt.  So as he pressed in the ignition code to start the engine, he barked out; “you’re one of the prettiest girls in the tribe thanks to your youthfulness and pheromones.  So stop acting so insecure every frickin’ time you have to dress up to go out!”

“Bite me!”

“I wish.”  He muttered as he reversed out of the driveway.

We drove down the hill and turned left at the first intersection.  Instead of driving into the community centre, he turned towards the Holy Grounds which were situated in the quiet, glassy glade beside the river which flowed through our tribal lands.  He pulled up into the first available car space he saw, before he turned off the engine. 

My husband was quick to jump out, walk around the truck and open my door to pull me out.  I was reluctant to be seen with how self-conscious I felt.  Walking hand-in-hand, he used his other which was holding the remote to reset the central locking.  We joined the crowd as everyone had come today to witness Maia and Forrest’s Joining Ceremony.

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