Saturday, June 16, 2012

“If you guys are good trackers as I’ve heard you are; you’ll smell that we don’t eat human.”

(Excerpt of Sororate Chapter One)

“Welcome to the Jade Hotel.” The Chinese man smiled politely. “I believe your reservation has you in the Lotus Suite. Our room service will bring up your complimentary bottle of champagne for your stay.”

“We don’t drink alcohol.”  He returned.

Well we can’t, if we got drunk and lost our control of the bloodlust being Werewolves?  No, it was too hideous to consider…

“Very good Mr. Sabre," the clerk didn’t miss a beat. “Then we can arrange another beverage to be served instead.  We have a selection of de-alcoholised wines or soft drink or juice or iced tea -”

“The de-alcoholised wine would be fine," my husband interrupted.

I could tell he didn’t mean to be rude, as he looked over his shoulder at the door of the hotel.  Declan just wanted us to hole up protectively in our room.

“The hotel has a gym as well as a sauna and a pool.” The clerk went on. “In the gym you can purchase massages and we even have an acupuncturist -”

“No thanks, we won’t be leaving our room.”  He said shortly and then he read his name tag.  “Sorry, Hsu?  My wife is really tired and we’d just like to get checked-in.”

“Of course Mr. Sabre," the clerk continued politely. 

However he mispronounced our surname, to my husband’s chagrin.  Instead of saying Sar-bra, it sounded like the clerk said Say-ber.  The European Werewolf hated it when outsiders would incorrectly spell or mispronounce his Italian surname.  However he didn’t correct the stranger this time, all he wanted to do was get out of sight. 

The clerk requested, “If I could please get your credit card as well as sight your passport for identification purposes?” 

Declan handed the items over to him and he scanned them into his computer before giving them back.  Next, the clerk passed him our hotel room’s electronic key.

“Inside your room, you will find a menu for Room Service and your complimentary de-alcoholised wine will be served shortly.” The clerk finished.

“Thanks.”  My mate retook hold of my hand to lead me away.

Then I don’t know why, but I think it was because I sensed something?  I looked back over my shoulder at the hotel clerk who was watching us leave, when I caught him sniff.  He wasn’t sniffing because he had a cold, but he was sniffing us.

Frickin’ hell, he’s another Asian Werewolf!  They’re everywhere!  This town really is their territory. 

Just then I surprised my husband when I stopped, turned around and marched back over to the counter.  The small lobby of the hotel was quiet with no other people around and the clerk was standing by himself. 

“Look,” I began, “we know this is your territory. We’ll keep to our room and then in the morning we’ll leave. We don’t want any trouble.  If you guys are good trackers as I’ve heard you are; you’ll smell that we don’t eat human.”

Declan’s eyes widened when he realized who it was that I was talking to.  Whereas, the hotel clerk’s face remained perfectly calm.  He even smiled politely again.

“We are aware of that particular quality about you as our guests, thank you Mrs. Sar-bra.”  The clerk said, now mysteriously pronouncing our surname correctly. “If the hotel had any objection, we would not have proceeded with check-in.  But thank you for sharing your dietary requirements with us, we will be sure to notify the kitchen.”

My mate came to stand protectively beside as he looked suspiciously on the hotel clerk – slash – Asian Werewolf.

“We hope that you enjoy your stay at the Jade Hotel.  Please feel free to enjoy our features such as the pool, spa or sauna which is included in the cost of your room.”  The hotel clerk ended with a slight bow.

I sensed that he meant it and he didn’t see us as a threat, so we were allowed.

“Come on, B.”  My husband gently pulled me away.

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