Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I spotted his glowing green Werewolf eyes as he sat in his hiding spot in the woods.

(‘Scent’ Excerpt Chapter 6)

It was late in the afternoon when Grant drove me home. As he parked his jeep in my driveway, I noticed the other trucks and vehicles had gone, indicating that my ‘wedding planners’ had left. My husband-to-be turned off his engine before he turned in his seat to look on longingly.

“Try not to worry so much.” He spoke softly as put his hand over mine. “Everything will fall into place, you’ll see.”

“Hmm.” I stared thoughtfully out his windscreen.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to our future together. I think it could be fun.” He gave a wink.

I sighed weary with emotion, “thanks Grant.”

“Thanks for what?”

“Thanks for being the optimist in all of this.” I turned to give him a small smile. “Thanks for the house too.”

“Anytime.” He said humorously. “I just hope I haven’t spoiled you so when your birthday rolls around, you’re not expecting anymore large pieces of real estate.”

I laughed out my return, “you mean it was a one time thing?”

He laughed back, “for the moment anyways.”

We both turned quiet as his hand didn’t want to let go of mine and he was staring again.

“What?” I wondered.

“You’re the only girl in the tribe with dark blue eyes, you know that?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Your mother, your grandmother and your grandfather have blue eyes but not dark blue eyes like yours.” His voice turned husky as he caressed the top of my hand with his thumb.


Then he leaned forwards to kiss me softly on the lips and whilst he was sitting closer, I overheard him breathe in deeply.

“Good bye B, for the moment.” He sighed like he didn’t want to see me go.

“Bye Grant.”

I opened the door and climbed out to walk up my veranda steps. I threw him a wave before I disappeared inside. He didn’t start his jeep again until he saw me go through my front door. As I closed the door behind, I heard him begin to reverse out.

My parents came out of the kitchen where they had started to prepare dinner.

“Hi B.” Dad looked on hopefully. “Did you have a good afternoon with Grant?”

“Um yeah, it was OK.” I said as I turned towards the stairs.

“What did you think of the house?” Mum enquired.

“It’s OK.”

“Well, did you like it? Can you imagine yourself living there?” She stopped at the bottom of the stairs to watch me climb up.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“What did you and Grant talk about?” He queried.

“Typical newlywed stuff.” I called as I disappeared down the hallway.

Mum and Dad exchanged confused glances but they thought it best to leave it at that before they returned to the kitchen.

I walked into my bedroom and shut my door behind. Then whilst leaning on the wood, I slid down to the floor and sat like that, with my back against the door. I don’t believe it…I’m actually engaged to be married! Then the double-whammy is that the groom isn’t such a bad guy, nor is he a bad kisser.

Frickin’ hell, my Werewolf pheromones just keep on snow-balling…picking up reluctant or willing volunteers along the way. How did the male Lokoti Werewolves cope with their attractiveness before they took mates? I guess their egos expanded as they enjoyed the attention from the opposite sex, but it was going to take me a little while longer to get used to.

It started off with Derik; then the boys at Ben’s party flirted with me; then Declan holds my hand before he kisses me and then I do something else with him. Now this afternoon I kissed my fiancé, the man that the tribe set me up to marry because of this Werewolf business.

I felt like a tennis ball, being hit back and forth across the net in a game of doubles. Derik, Declan and now Grant were holding the rackets. But as the Sabre’s stood on one side of the net, Grant Elm played as a one-man team on his own. I rubbed my face hard with the palms of my hands as I tried to take control of my raging Werewolf hormones.

As my room changed colours with the oncoming sunset, I tried to stop myself comparing scents; maple syrup or a herb garden, which did I prefer? Whilst the lighting in my room changed from pink to purple, I tried to make sense of my racing heart.

“Stop it B!” I growled out, angry with myself. “Just stop it!”

I decided to get my mind off you-know-who by having a shower before dinner. However as I walked over to the window to close my curtains to undress? In the purple dusk, I spotted his glowing green Werewolf eyes as he sat in his hiding spot in the woods.

This time I paused as I stared back, unsure of what to do. Usually I would close my curtains on him, but today I didn’t. Today Declan did something different. Instead of me closing my curtains dismissively, I saw his eyes move away as he turned around to disappear amongst the trees. I sensed that he bolted off down the hill, probably back home.

Oh, I guess Declan knows and I don’t think he was happy about my news either.

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