Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I looked on the shiny new glass… if only my life could be repaired so easily.

(‘Scent’ Excerpt Chapter 3)

12th September 2084

I survived…somehow I managed to pull through the transition into a new Werewolf.

The first night I changed, I broke my bedroom window and I tried to eat a townsperson but I was stopped by Declan. The second night I changed, I was locked inside my bathroom, unable to phase thanks to the DYSTAR with Dad sitting with me. On the third night I changed, again I was locked inside my bathroom, unable to phase with Grandfather sitting with me.

I slept all day as I writhed in agony thanks to the bloodlust, all night. During the day I had Mum, Gran, Great Grandma and even Aunt Danika to tend to me. The women fussed about as they took away my torn clothes to be mended and they tried to feed me the meals they had prepared. But I wasn’t hungry and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Then during the night I had Dad, Grandfather, Grandpa and Uncle Julian to tend to me in their roles as jailors. They kept me locked inside the bathroom so I couldn’t escape and try to make a run for Alma again. As either Dad or Grandfather sat with me, I heard the whispering of Grandpa and Uncle Julian on the other side of the door.

This was the worst experience of my entire life. It was even worse then the first day I got my period when I was 14 years old. It happened during a game of soccer with Derik and the other boys when Rachel and Mandy waved me off the field so they could whisper that a red patch was beginning to form on the back of my shorts. That day I thought I would die of embarrassment, as Mandy calmly tied her jumper around my waist then she and Rachel walked me home. However that day now paled in comparison, when I rued the facts of life for being a female human? These days I rued being the first female Lokoti Werewolf.

Yet somehow I survived, although I thought I would die from the pain the murderous bloodlust brought upon for not indulging its dangerous craving. But I didn’t die, instead I carried on. Albeit, a broken bathroom mirror, a broken bedroom window and three sets of torn clothes later; I survived the change into my new existence.

Last night, I went over to my repaired window after I had showered and changed in my PJ’s for bed. I examined the handiwork of my father and Uncle Ian as I admired their skill. The new glass was perfectly cut and installed. I sighed wistfully as I looked on the shiny new glass… if only my life could be repaired so easily.

I didn’t want this because I was scared of who I now was. The pack along with my Werewolf relations were right there and willing to train me. The pack felt proud, even if they were apprehensive that I was the new Lokoti Werewolf.

I was the first female Lokoti Werewolf just as I was the Last Circulator. Boy, what a contradiction! I’m both the first and last…oh no, that’s not complicating my life at all, is it?

Just as I took a step back from the window to pull the curtains closed, I saw something. Or, I think I saw something… Hang on a minute, what is that?

My eyes squinted and I think my Werewolf-vision must have kicked in, when I could suddenly see clearer into the dark woods. I spotted a pair of glowing green eyes, watching me from the forest. Uncle Quinn, one of the Lokoti Werewolves had glowing emerald green eyes but these glowing green eyes were a different kind of green. They looked brighter and burned more fiercely, hungrily even. They were Declan’s European Werewolf eyes, I knew it.

He was watching me from the woods, via my bedroom window but why was he spying on me? Was Declan guarding me somehow, to make sure I didn’t make another run for the townspeople in Alma? Why was he here? But as my heart began to pound, I started to think differently…

I remembered his kiss three nights ago, when he stopped me on the border. I felt warm and a little giddy, as I recalled the heat which was generated between us…that was until his huge jaws clamped down on a nerve in my neck. Declan knocked me out cold, to carry me back home. Bastard! I bet he probably enjoyed rendering me unconscious even more than the kissing part!

As my way of saying ‘get lost!’, I whipped the curtains closed before I climbed into bed and switched off my lamp.

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