Thursday, April 8, 2010

Circulate Series Outline

~ Book One: Circulate ~

Elisha Baker learns something new about herself when she attends the haunted international boarding school, Hamilton’s College.

~ Book Two: Circulating ~

Elisha and her friends graduate from Hamilton’s and the Circulate; to begin University and SSIT – Supernatural Scientific Investigative Team.

~ Book Three: Circulation ~

Armed with degrees, Elisha and her friends continue with SSIT. However adult life isn’t as straightforward as they imagined, especially when an investigation into past lives interferes with a present romance.

~ Book Four: Progeny ~

Alexandrina and twin brother Bastian, grew up without a mother and a distant father. But it’s to Jarrod’s chagrin that his daughter mirrors his late wife, with the fact that she too is a Circulator.

~ Book Five: Ardor & Redolence ~

Arabella joins her grandmother on a SSIT case and meets Emanuel Riverclaw. Eventually they marry and create twins Julian and Jessica; a son who will become a Lokoti Werewolf like his father and a daughter who is a Circulator like her mother.

~ Book Six: Scent ~

At first the Last Circulator can’t stand the tribe’s most dangerous Werewolf, then Bianca and Declan’s fiery arguments turn into something else.

~ Book Seven: Sororate ~

Claws come out in the marriage of the tribe’s first female Lokoti Werewolf and the world’s last European Werewolf; who spend their tumultuous years together traveling the world and through time.

~ Book Eight: Small Fry ~

Declan swore he wouldn’t create anymore European Werewolves like himself, so his wife’s new condition has his already hot blood boiling.

~ Book Nine: Alma ~

The new girl in Alma High School called Mali Roanne, suspects there’s more than meets the eye with her Lokoti friends.

~ Book Ten: Heterogeneous ~

In a space age, the different breeds of Werewolves are confined to Earth because of the influence of its one moon. But there’s no such holds on the separate species of Vampires or even Human/ Animal Shape Shifters.

~ Book Eleven: Cohesion ~

Parents become grandparents when their children marry and procreate; with all of the different elements of the supernatural combining into one unusual family.

~ Book Twelve: Full Circle ~

The end is nigh, with answers as to why the futuristic Circulate technology never advanced past the 25th Century; because humankind doesn’t.


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