Thursday, November 14, 2013

“Wake up, B! You’re carrying another European Werewolf inside of you."

  (Small Fry Chapter 2)

No matter how angry we were with each other, it didn’t interrupt our centuries old pattern of sleep.  Last night in bed, we lay on our sides, facing in opposite directions.  However, in our unconscious state, we inevitably came together with me curling up in his strong embrace. 

Thanks to his supernaturally hot body temperature, we never used an electric blanket, nor was the central heating left on overnight.  Winter evenings in Alaska could drop to -52°C and last night the fall temperature plunged past zero.  It made my nose ache from the cold, so subconsciously I dove my face into his hot chest, to warm up.

I was in such a comfortable sleep, tucked into my mate that when he suddenly sat upright, it startled me.

“Hmm?”  I stirred.  He sat still with his eyes wide, whilst staring at the end of the bed.   “Declan, what is it?”

“We’re about to have company.” He said stiffly.

“Huh?” I sat upright.  “Was that a call from the pack?  Are we about to fight something?”

Dazedly, I looked at the clock in the dim light of the morning, to see it was 7.23 AM.

“No, Caesar’s coming over with Forrest, Tyson and Ki.”  He reported, having received the message telepathically from our First.

“Oh… hang on, what?”  I had trouble processing, since I was still half asleep.  “But why?”

“Why do you think?”  He sneered.  “You think they’re bringing us breakfast in bed?  It’s about this baby business.”

“Oh.” I watched him climb out of bed and start to dress, by pulling on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt.  “But why is Caesar coming over so early, to talk about the baby?”

“Because he wanted to make sure he was the first to give us a Baby Shower present.”  He said sarcastically.  “Wake up, B!  You’re carrying another European Werewolf inside of you.  Why do you think Caesar is coming here as First of the pack, bringing your Riverclaw relations with him?”

“I don’t know!”

“He, Forrest and Tyson, have the same concerns as I did yesterday.”  He said sourly, as he sat down to pull on a pair of socks then shoes. 

“But what’s it to them?” I asked in annoyance.  “What, is the whole pack going to get involved with this pregnancy?!”

“I wouldn’t be surprised, I think everyone knows.”

“What?!” I squawked.  “But isn’t that a breach of privacy?!”

Declan turned to give me an incredulous look, “What, are you going to sue our Medicine Man for misconduct?”

“How about I maul him instead?” I growled out.

“You maul someone?  Now that IS funny.” He stood up and left the bedroom.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?”  I threw off the bedcovers, before storming around the bedroom to dress.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

“A baby Werewolf will probably move around a lot more than a human baby.”

  (Small Fry Chapter 2)


My mate looked on unimpressed, “Mr. Baker?”

“It’s my latest name in the academic circuit.”  I shrugged it off.

He asked grumpily, “And how old are you for this latest trip around fantasyland?”

“In my early forties.” I answered.  “So getting 'knocked up' won’t look too unusual.”

He reopened my laptop to look on my schedule again, when I snapped it shut once more.

“Quit it!”  He said in annoyance.  “I need to see how busy you’re gonna be in the next couple of months.”


“This isn’t a normal pregnancy B, this baby is going to drain you!  Can you imagine what it's going to be like when you venture off tribal lands?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” I fired up.

“A baby Werewolf will probably move around a lot more than a human baby.  You could be standing there on a podium, doing one of your lectures when all of a sudden your stomach goes all wibbly-wobbly.  Your audience is gonna think you’re giving birth to an alien!”

I growled in frustration at his continued negativity, before I rolled onto my back to stare up at the ceiling. 

Declan continued studying my schedule, as if he were making mental notes.  His newly youthful face was a mask of consternation, as his bright blue eyes were wide.  I could almost see the cogs turning in his brain, as he was planning for the future.

“I don’t think you should speak at the University in Cairo.”  He spoke again.

“Oh yeah and why is that?”

“Because it’s in January and it’s gonna be 40°C in Egypt that time of year.  I’m a European Werewolf, which means I’m hot blooded and you've seen how excessive heat makes me go nuts.  With the half breed inside you, it’s gonna create problems.”

“Ever heard of air conditioning, Declan?  They’ve had this nifty invention since the 20th Century.”  I said sarcastically.  “Besides, I’ve never had problems with heat and I doubt I’m gonna start now.”